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Last week

Was hot!!!! I had sex outside the apartment every day. On Monday and Wednesday I had ONSs ;-). Monday was cool, Wednesday was a poor performance ... but anyway. On Monday I also met Adam who was also a real cool fuck. On Tuesday I had a threesome with Adam and Eve (still smile about my fake names for them), still the best feeling at the moment.

Yesterday night I met somebody in SL (i still do it from time to time) .... Tamara Antfarm ... an Amsterdam girl. I like her. I challanged her with an idea of Leandra (she wrote into the Spice It Up Portal). I am really excited if she do it in real life. She also mentioned a thing which inspired me this morning (I already have been at my parents home): Fuck a stranger in the train with your thoughts. Make sure he get it. I did this in the suburban train ... wow ... what a success. He did not got an hardon but i am sure he exactly knew what I was thinking.

Anyway, Have fun.

Adam's Foreskin

Short Introduction: After I met the guy and the girl a third and a fourth time I gave you two names: Adam and Eve ;-).

On Sunday Eve came over and Raphael had a lot of fun with her. I left them alone and enjoyed their moaning. We all wanted Raphael to fuck her alone before we start a full partner exchange or a foursome. When they stopped - we could all hear it - I went back in my room and saw her glowing smile.

On monday night i visited them on their appartment and we had a long threesome again. Eve was late so Adam and I played ahead. I have a very nice impression of his cock: Shaved, long, thick, brown, full of veins, and the largest and nastied foreskin I have ever seen. And I have seen quite some. When he is flaccid (which is longer and thicker than most of the cocks I had) his foreskin is about a 2cm longer than his penis head. And that makes him very unnatural when he is hanging between his legs. And when he is errected the foreskin is still half over his penis' head. I have n…

I did it again

He called me yesterday night at 2am. The guy I fucked recently. He told his girlfriend and she was that excited ... that she insisted to see me. Well i went there again, got my pussy filled up, and played with a really beautiful girl. She was pretty open and told me a lot. They are in an open relationship like I am in and they have been a couple since they have been 15. With 19 they invited their first other persons in their bed and with 22 they declared their relationship as open. And now they are 23.

I was shocked by one thing: They are together for 8 years ... and she is not able to totally take him in her pussy. She was kneeling on him during the ride to keep her pussy away from his shaft. I only do this for Aron when I am not in mood or he did not take care. She told me his size ... 21cm ... which is just a bit longer than Raphael.

The sex was awsome. Pushed his dick front and back in my pussy and having this beautiful girl kissing me was breathtaking.

Size matters

I have blogged a time ago that size does not matter. I changed my mind. Size matters. I had a one-night-stand this week which was well equipped. It was funny because the first thing I checked during dancing was his dick. I pressed myself against him and I knew I would go the full way.

Later I was riding him in his room and had this descent view on a public park through the window in his bedroom. We cooled a bit down and I sat on him with his cock fully engorged in me. I mean his big fat cock. I really enjoyed the feeling. I enjoyed being filled up till the upper most end. His big hands at my tits and his cock shoved totally in me. And me looking out of the windows thinking why I always said I also love small cocks.

The only small cock who really satisfied me was Katsu. And he was special. I always considered Cerapho as usual ... but his 18cm are not usual. On the other hand: I always cummed even on the smallest ones. Okay oral is no fun with small sizes.

What shall I say: I like the idea…

USB Stick is back

My photo usb stick is back. I am so happy. I have lost it in Cerapho's and Leandra's room when I had been with them in a threesome two weeks ago. Leandra was very interested in the pictures so they took their time to inspect them. Cerapho told me that she was so focused on the pictures of my lovers before I met Leandra that Cerapho missed the last years. I had to laugh. That girl is so comperative.

I am so happy that I have lost the stick in their room. So fucking happy ;-) But I will punish Cerapho for teasing me for a whole week.

I have a problem

I have a real serious problem: I have lost my USB stick. My photo USB stick. My secret naked photo USB stick. It is not the loss of my nude photo collection - I still have my hard disk with them - but the content. I mean I have hardly worked to keep them together and not leak them too much in the world and in addition some of the stuff I do on the pictures is not right legal.

I am really scared. My question to you: Have you seen a little red usb stick, 4 GB in size? I have carried the stick a week in my favourite handbag, it could be everywhere in Munich.

Finder's prize: I will fuck you, I will suck you, I will do anything you want.

Sex Championship

I liked Ricardo's new request and so I urged my friends to do a sex challenge yesterday evening. We took his categories
MassageHandjobOralWoman-on-topFreestyleWe skipped titfucking as it is not very common among us. The guys do not like it that much. Anyway, I started with Cerapho with massage, gave my bf the handjob, gave oral to Cerapho, rode my bf, and did the freestyle action on Cerapho. To the points .... let me say: I have never done a handjob. Leandra was really good and better than me in massage, handjob, and even oral. She gave a really impressive show. For riding we both received nine of ten but in the freestyle section I was the extreme winner. Ten to six for me. In the end I miss one point to Leandra. And she is the winner.Hope I get equally good ideas ;-)Josephine