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Spice it Up

I am just working on a new fun project. All the free SL time give me a lot of energy back ;-).

Spice it Up is the extension of my recent Contest blog entry. I talked with Leandra and some other girls two days ago about it and the result was this: Leandra and me will setup a web platform for challenges like these. Only women are allowed.

Got and it is pink. Check it out:

Girls, get registered and have fun

Contest Feedback

I have already done three of the requests
elithien's Bending Overthe anonymous request for a deep inside in my cleavage (including my nipples ... it was really easy)elithien's request for white shirt in the rain. This was difficult as I tried it very often but the rain never falls on these days with a white transparent shirt. But on last Thursday if finally went fine. I wore a tight top and a jeans and the top was quite transparent. I walked across the Ludwig Street ;-).Next is the bikini-no-right-knoted trick of elithien ... I really liked that idea.I dropped anonymous request for not-wearing-panties-for-a-whole-week ... for a day with a skirt okay ... for a day with a jeans ... okay ... but a week ... disgusting.Ricardo's request are also a little self-centric ;-) ... The lottery idea is quite nice and if you are not from the internet .. maybe I would even do it ... but ... no. Uploading a picture? I have two pics of your interest which I currently allow myself to share. …

Landing Stripe

Todays topic: Pubic Haircuts. As for the one who do not know: I am black haired. On my head as well as between my legs. Luckily I have just a small hairy area on my pubis which is not extending out of my bikini zone by nature. But for years now I totally shave it for the sake of my boyfriends. They just like it. And for me it is common practice. When I shave my legs I shave them as well but I also shave it totally smooth every morning in the shower. But Raphael lately fucked a girl which had a landing stripe. So he asked me to shave a landing stripe for him.

This afternoon he got his grown - long - landing stripe when he was back from this week's business trip. We had a really hot fuck because of that. Anyway, the today's fun was: Later I picked a low-rider jeans ... and guess ... yes the landing strip was too long. I showed it to Raphael and he laughed loudly. I went to the bathroom took my shaver walked in front of him and showed him what I do with hair at the wrong places. F…

I am SecondLife dead

As of today I am no longer in SecondLife. It was lately a bit too time consuming. It was fun over nearly 11 months but now it is over. At least for now.

Dear SecondLife people who know me: Do we have open tasks together? Send me a mail or a comment in this blog entry ... We finish our business. For the ones who miss me: Check out my first life tab: A little surprise for the males and lesbians ;-).

Have fun in there ;-)