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Escort Service... no not SL

Yesterday night I watched "Finale" in the TV. An film about the last soccer world-cup here in Germany. A young 21yo time-to-time escort is struggling with her life and the summer of 2006. Remembered me a lot about this time. Anyway, it remembered me another thing: In August 2003 I was asked if I would like to join an escort service here in Munich. I slapped the guy who asked me that and luckily I knew the door keeper. Now I have to commit: Perhaps I should have tried it. But in 2003 I was not the sex hungry bitch I am now.

Elithien's request

I remembered elithiens request to press my ass into a stranger. Yesterday used - like so many days - a crowded subway train. I stand next to a young man ... early twenties ... when I urgently had to check something in my university bag on the floor. I bend over and made sure that my ass hit the target. I worked in my bag for half a minute before I stood up. He did not apologize but I turned aroud and let him check out my cleavage. I said in the niciest voice: "I am sorry. Hope you did not mind." He nearly whispered: "No" At that point the luck was with me: He said something and the subway stopped and I fell into him. I smiled again, and said: "It was even quite nice." I stepped back and the show was over.