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Let us talk about Nikki

I have not written about Nikki very much lately (in terms of years). Nikki changed a lot. When I met her she was a labile and nervous teenager with an unusual sex behavior (to talk simple). After the great loss of her loved grandma and the heritage she had received she has begun to change. She had her 18 birthday a month before the funeral. In the four years from that day, she got adult and is now a manager of her furtune. She has drop her skater dress style and wears clothes like every (slightly punky or skater) girl. She got another nice piercing (a lip piercing) and let her hair grew a bit longer. She is - more or less - a straight lesbian right now and I think the only dicks which she can stand right now are Ceraphos and Raphaels.
Her relationship with Nadja was stronger then ever. They paired very well and if not Nadja get a mmh-i-cannot-get-a-child-with-her panic they will be a pair for their lifes.
Regarding the job, Nikki was very successful. She joined the facility management group of the houses she owned as a representative and worked very hard to make her job. I have to say, that it was not necessary that she works for her company but she did. She liked to do something. As far as I could see she made a lot of money with the real estate she owns.

Why I wrote about Nikki? She caught me last thursday with my russian one-night-stand.


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Today I have to tell you two stories about my add and one about my piercings.

Maybe some of you remember. I earned once money with my ass. Literally! I did a modelling job with focus on my ass. On Friday the photographer called again and asked if I am still in business. But I declined. Modelling is a nice ego trip but too much work for too less income.
The second story with my ass happened on Monday. As it was a public holiday a group of friends and me went to the alps for a hike. On the way back the train was crowded and we had six places for seven people. I told the two single guys to let me sit in between or on their lap. It was funny and we made some fun about it. When you remember the last girl you had no sex with sitting on your lap. I told them that I do not care as long as they do not expect something. It was fun.

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