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It is summer and I am horny. Yesterday night I talked with my boyfriend about an idea I have now for weeks. I am writing in this blog about the stuff I do. Now I want to invite you to suggest me what I shall do and have some sexual oriented fun. I want ideas from you, how I can spice up my life.

For example
Wear a transparent briefs next time when you go swimming (I wil).Have sex with your bf in a subway cab (I will).Go naked into a police station (I won't).Tell a priest that you are naked below the skirt (I will).Do a double anal entry (mmmh ... let us see)Things like that. You have Raphael (my bf), Cerapho, Leandra, and me for your ideas. I am keen on your requests ;-).kisses


I do not know what has driven me today. I was on a short stop at my parents today .. together with Cerapho. We had an hour drive with the suburban and subway in munich. We were kissing and petting all the fucking ride to Starnberg. I was never that explicit in a public train. He had a fucking hand below my clothes the whole time. I fucked him outdoors and later in the shower. My parents pretty much knew it. Silly me.

Beach Party

My older brother had his birthday party yesterday night. He went 29 this year and had a beach party. It was a party full of rich people kids which I usually hate. He partied at a private beach of the starnberg lake and about 40 people where there. Two things happend you will like: I wore a bikini and had a really long nipple slip. An old friend of Dominik told me that he liked the views for at least half an hour. I just smiled. I had nipple slips before and I have no problems with myself for that. Later the night I had sex with a Spanish and American foreign student. They sandwiched me and did me for hours. It was really enjoyable. I escaped them after the first round but later they caught me again and we continued on that little boat. In the early morning hours I spent my last orgasm on this spanish guy. He was pretty crazy but I loved his hairy chest. Normally I love them unhaired but can you imagine a shaved Spainish guy? I cannot.

Let us talk about Nikki

I have not written about Nikki very much lately (in terms of years). Nikki changed a lot. When I met her she was a labile and nervous teenager with an unusual sex behavior (to talk simple). After the great loss of her loved grandma and the heritage she had received she has begun to change. She had her 18 birthday a month before the funeral. In the four years from that day, she got adult and is now a manager of her furtune. She has drop her skater dress style and wears clothes like every (slightly punky or skater) girl. She got another nice piercing (a lip piercing) and let her hair grew a bit longer. She is - more or less - a straight lesbian right now and I think the only dicks which she can stand right now are Ceraphos and Raphaels.
Her relationship with Nadja was stronger then ever. They paired very well and if not Nadja get a mmh-i-cannot-get-a-child-with-her panic they will be a pair for their lifes.
Regarding the job, Nikki was very successful. She joined the facility management g…

One little thing

On monday ... i was horny. At I had to learn in the library which was unfortunately very hot. I think the climate control was failing but ... anyway I was dressed pretty lightly but it was still too hot. It was about three in the afternoon when I cannot stand it anymore and I gave the guy which sat next to me on the table (he was really cute ... a ongoing lawyer) a condom and whispered in his ears if he want to fuck me.

He did.

What about my last months sex life

It started with a hot partner exchange with a couple Raphael brought from the city he work right now. Raphael flirted and fucked the girl while she just met the guy. Just two weeks after she left Raphael she came back. With her boyfriend. And that last weekend in April I had to pay back what Raphael did to the girl. Raphael showed them Munich and as soon as they came back we fucked. Crazy Weekend. On May 3rd, I had a one-night-stand with a young girl. I was her first girl. On May 14th and 15th I was with a man who had his last fuck 8 years before. He was a cool fuck. On May 17th was Christ Rising (a public holiday) .. or in general fathers day. I gave Raphael (who came home for that) a sweet morning before he left me for partying with the boys. On the weekend of 19th to 20th I was in Vienna and met my old fuck buddy Aron to gave him his annual birthday lapdance. As usual he gave a nice party with a hot atmosphere. On Thursday 24th, I spent a night with the girls (Nikki and Nadja). The…

One month w/o blog entry

I am sorry my dear reader, I have not blogged for some time. Unfortunately, I was busy doing university and job stuff. I had some time in SecondLife and was pretty happy to life my life with Raphael. Nothing new should I say.Later I will write a blog about the sexual part of my last month.