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Woke up

Puh ... this exam stress is going to be history. In this small week I already had three one night stands. Two on monday and one yesterday night. It was really good sex. I had a time earlier that year where a one night stand was not on my favourite thing todo list but now it is back on the list. Perhaps my love to Raphael was too strong or my demand for sex was just periodic lower. Anyway. My big love Raphael will be home this weekend again and it will be a big weekend.

Bikini Summer just started here in Munich

Yesterday I got a new package from the lovely WickedWeasel company. Three new parts: A new bikini "457 Microminimus Bottom Matt / 312 Tri Top Matt" in white, a nice short "491 Surf Shorts Matt" in limegreen, and the "540 Beach Pants" in black. I wore the bikini today below a low rider jeans and a tube top. Got complements about the style w/o them knowing how small the thing really is.

My exams are over ... in a few days I will wake up.