Sunday, December 30, 2007

The orgy

It was good to have an orgy again. It was fucking necessary. I woke up after lunch and after a short breakfast I started preparing for the fest. First I took a long bath and get myself of for the first time. Till six o’clock I got myself washed, cleaned, polished and clothed. Hard enough, but I was able to stay constantly aroused.
Anyway, at six … the party started. We have been 12. There have been Aron, Cerapho, Adam, Raphael and four other guys with condom constraint. On the female side there have been Nikki, Nadja, Leandra and Me. It was a dream ratio. 2:1. Perfect. You just can just stand up and take another one who is ready for flight. There are less rules: No oral, No denials, no unprotected sex with the new guys. They all laid around in our living room. On the couch, near the pool, on a seat or on the floor, everywhere was a man. The couch was a big flesh party. You just had to rise your leg and another penis was in you. I had beautiful 12 intercourses.
There is a funny photo of me after I had fucked Aron, Cerapho and Adam. My pussy was overflowing when Raphael took me.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Weekend = Orgy time

I have not you told so far. Leandra, one of my flat mate has started to organize a orgy a month ago. And tomorrow it is the big come together. I am excited. I loved our orgies that much but recently we have not organized any parties any more. Since Aron is gone, that topic is more or less also gone. I do not like that but matter of fact it is that way.

Good thing: It will be a big party with many people. I so much anticapte tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now it is official: I am rated NC-17

Hey guys, funny thing: I found a web page which checks blogs for "conformity" with the MPAA rules. Wow. I am rated NC-17. See for more.

So kids, stay out. Hey, stay out. Leave me alone. Keep distance. No you are not allowed to read that I am sexual active. I said stop reading ;-).

What an bullshit. The tool is based on keywords (should write less about sex but flowers). I think every German and even U.S. news page will be rated NC-17 by that. Anyway. I love the MPAA rating system. A girl walking half naked through the screen: NC-17. A knight killing thousands of Orks: PG-13 but only because there are these sexy elbs. What a bullshit. (Wow i should rethink the word bullshit). Most movies with graphical sex are rated "ab 16" in Germany (above 16 years). A woman running naked through the screen is properly "ab 12".

Personally I would rate my blog "ab 16". For two reasons: It is definitely not suitable for kids - especially girls - below 16. My style of life is too extreme and was full of extreme circumstances that a normal young teenage girl should read it. Older girls above 16 should know what they do. And secondly: There is no violence in it. So "ab 18" would be too harsh.

Oh, there is a third reason: A young teenager should not read my English. Would only result in bad tests.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas & Best Sex Ever

My present for my dear boyfriend was a clitoris piercing this year. And a three week torture of myself when i have not let anything near my pussy. I have even rarely masturbated. But it was worth it. When he took me it was the best sex ever. I was in delirium when he started licking me. Oh my god. And then when i rode his dick ... oh my god. The triangle from behind the clit, the ring rubbing on him and his cock in me. That was awsome. I hope it stay that way.

Why the ring: Because i loved the idea of being very sensitive down there. I always have been and now it is so much better. The piercer said my clit is perfect for it and some friends talked me into. And then there is the promise of my boyfriend that i got serious jewelery down there. I am not that much in jewelery ... but a little diamant down there ..... mmmmh.

And I orgasmed so often, so unexpected, so intensive and that ... often. It is incredible. Last week i wore one of my ultra-tight jeans. It worked very well. I could easily do my stuff and if I am in mood ... what shall i say: Walking is enough.

Friday, December 21, 2007


I have ordered all presents and it looks good. Christmas is ready to come ;-).

Some asked me, why I have not posted for three weeks: Mmmh ... I only servce my dear boyfriend oral right now (reason comes soon) and I am further occupied by shopping christmas presents. So no special sex stuff the last weeks.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

This weeks sexual rollup

This week was a bit crazy regarding sex. I hat lot and interesting sex.

It started last monday when Adam entered me from behind in the kitchen while I did not know that he was at the flat nor that he is approaching me. I had my daily quicky with Cerapho, then the lengthly fuck with Adam and then a round on Raphael when he came home.
On Tuesday I was taken directly in front and directly after work from Raphael. Nice frame I would say. Later the night we had a foursome with Leandra and Cerapho.
On Wednesday it looked like that nothing happened but at 23:00 I got a SMS that my dear boyfriend brings home two of his friends for a little group action. I had to take rounds on them to get rid of their sperm. It took me till three in the night.
On Thursday just after I left Cerapho I got a call that he organized a suprise partner exchange. It was a quite good action but again it takes me too long into the night. He was 42 and she was 23 but molly ... crazy couple ... but sex was cool with both of them.
On friday night after playing SecondLife I turned towards the city and get laid by a guy I met in a lounge. Later the same night I fucked his flat mate. We met at the kitchen where I stood naked drinking some orange juice. I later returned to the sleeping first guy.
On saturday afternoon I was searching in the pedestrian area for a lay and found a girl. She was looking that long on me that I knew that she is bi. We spent the night together.
This morning I went to Adam and Eve and had some fun with them. Later I played SecondLife again and now it is late in the night and the week is over ;-).

I must have been dirsty

A friend of mine told me today that an average male ejaculates between 2 and 6ml of sperm per shot. Never thought about volume. I started some calculating. I have start keeping the sperm with me ... orally swallowed or vaginal ... since i am 13 years old. So when I have sex one time every day in the last 13 years that are 4745 intercourses. My young years have quite a lower rate but my recent boyfriends and lovers quite a higher rate. As my usual intercourse behavior is suck-swallow-ride-ride includes 3 shots that are 14235 male orgasms. As most of my partners I really often fuck, have unprotected sex with me (recently Raphael, Cerapho and Adam) I think only a small amount of ejaculations ... maybe 2 or 3 thousand (;-)) are kept back by a condom. Let us assume I swallow the third ... the 4745 number ... i have drunk 23 liters of pure male sperm. Okay, maybe a bit high, because my sex surely has a bigger share so and not everyone ejaculates the 5ml (on capability and in the second/third shot) I used for calc ... let us think about 5 liters. Still far too much to think about it. I am sure I would puke if I drink more than 100ml. Including the sperm in the condoms and in my pussy we are at 69 (what a magic number) liters of sperm. What a crazy calc for this weekend.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Reversed Week

This week was kind of others. My dear boyfriend was with me during the week and is gone on the weekend. He has not said much why but I was happy anyway. We had a good time this week. On Thursday we had a partner exchange he organized for me. That was fun. The have been a nice couple. I favored him instead of her (she was a bit molly) and he was quite good in bed matters.
Regarding bed matters. Yesterday, after finishing playing with the computer I went out and was laid by a guy and later by his friend in their common flat. This afternoon I will get another lay. Do not know whom but I have to use my free weekend ;-).

Regarding the last blog entry: I got some mails which claim that this is bullshit etc. You all may be right, but that is what I got. Not more, not less. I could not ensure that the person behind that SL avantar is female or not. That is something I really hate on SecondLife.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some girl from SL posted me today a story about what I pushed her into

A few weeks ago I chatted with each other in SecondLife. And I told her about the geeks I work with and how I love being with them (non-sexually). She asked and I committed that I fuck geeks which are not these perfect well-trained sunny guy type (which everyone except I would fuck). Most girl do not even consider these guys ... but they miss half of all guys by that concept. Anyway, she was hardly to be convinced and I told her that she should try if she is open enough ... That is the result I got by mail:
Hello Josephine,
You asked me to post my story, so here it goes.

A couple of weeks ago, i went to the mall after work. I had been working all day, and I felt I needed a good fuck. Since a heard once that geeks can be amazingly good in bed,I posted myself in front of the computer store. I was looking for a really nerdy guy.

A few minutes later, some geek, you know the type : pale, wearing glasses, not the least sence of good fassion,... came out of the store and I decided to follow him.On the parking, just when he was about to get in his car, I stood in front of him, and flashed my boobs. The guy was so upset, the bag he was holding fell on the ground. I went towards him, pushed myself against him, took his hand and put it under my skirt.Was he surprised when he found out I wasn't wearing any panties.Just the thought of throwing myself at him got me all wet, and he must have felt it too. He was looking at me in a way like : Are you serious? I said to the guy, that I would give him a treat, if he would just give me a ride to my place.
The guy took me to my place allright. On the way to my place, I started to rub myself. The poor geek almost hit another car when I started moaning. I decided to give him some rest, since I didn't want to be in a car crash.

At my place, I gave the guy a lap dance, and I could feel it had an effect on him. Next thing I knew, we were fucking like wild animals, and boy, did he know how to drive me insane. I think we went at it for about 2 hours. Little did I know a geek had such stamina. Afther the sex, I needed almost half an hour to gain back strength.


After the sex, I made him pay me a dinner, and I promised him more dates like this, if he would find some new moves. Can you imagine? This must have been the best sex I had in years, and I still wanted to make him believe he was an average guy.

We had some more dates allright, and it was fun. Maybe I'll write another one of the dates down, but now, thinking about the last few geeks I fucked, i need to get out, look for a nerd. And I would like to thank the woman who advised me to have sex with geeks more often, because she was absolutely right. Nerds can be amazing in bed.

Hot kisses,
Lilmiss xxx

That's it. I never thought she would do it that ... explicit. Anyway ... it is SecondLife. So believe or not believe it, I just can agree that sex with geeks is okay and girls should do it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a description for my dilema

I just read a very nice comparence of my problems with my bf and the sex with other guys.
Making love with [her boyfriend] was like a pleasant climb up a familiar hill, where, if she was lucky, she might be rewarded with a lovely sunset. Making love with [another guy] was like being run over by a locomotive. Several times.

And if not my partner has not had this beautiful cock it would exactly describe our problem and I would leave him. But he has his cock and I get my sunsets. Lovely but I prefer the locomotive.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting used to it

I was taken today by surprise. I stand there with my ipod in my ears and heard nothing while reading a book on the kitchen table. The first thing I felt was his hands ripping down my pants and the second thing was his dick penetrating me. And it does not even felt uncomfortable. I was not wet, not horny or prepared in any way. My legs were closed like my pussy lips and his monster was quite deep in me. Very rare feeling.

When I reconsider the explaination is easy. I get used to it. Whenever my pants are taken down by somebody my pussy opens quite some bit. It works quite automatically similar to my pussy muscles during sex.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Short Skirts

Lately I often posted about short skirts. I love them. But today I saw an incredible cheap sight. A girl, maybe 19, wore a short flat mini skirt (not a pleated one), then the naked legs, and from the knee down boots. It was a cheap sight. Wearing high boots, wool stockings and a short skirt ... looks cool. But your naked white skin? When you do that, you should wear stillettos. That is the right way. That also has to fit you but it makes things clear: Hey, I wear a short skirt for you, I want you to see my legs which are perfect from top till down, and my shoes are worth some hundreds euros (or look that way ... after all they are boys).

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pantieless Day ... Again

Yesterday I had to keep a promise: Wear a short skirt and no panties. I love short skirts and I love doing it pantyless on stillettos. On the way to work i lifted my skirt twice. I enjoyed it that much. Work was quickly over. I am too used to be bottomless. Anyway. When I went home I found Cerapho, Nikki, and Leandra in front of the TV. Lazy people. I posed in front of the TV (which is pretty difficult. Nikki made too much money recently) and lifted my skirt. And then I asked in the niciest sound i could manage: "Can anybody please fuck me."
It was fun. I fucked Cerapho right between them when they continued to see their stupid series.

The skirt was still on ;-). When Cerapho is not reading this blog currently, i think he has no idea about my piercing.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post Award

Written by an inspiration: The best reader with the most comments will get an award. The award will be bi-monthly (January, March, May, ...) and will be rewarded by naked picture of mine.

I love it

The triangle is fun. Today I was naked below my skirt. At work. I am pretty used to go commando but with that piercing it is a new thrill right now. It was a good time.

My boyfriend also told me that he will pay me a piercing with a diamant head if i do a clitoris piercing. Love that idea.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


What shall I say: It works. I have not had any intercourse during the week ... but yesterday I had sex with Raphael .... OMG. It is really a huge turn-on. It is not like I thought ... like ... hey i have this, it looks cool, it is dirty. It is not a mind thing. It is a thing which is behind your citoris. It is a difference like if you fuck with a small or a big dick. Or like with or without condom. Maybe it is even more.
Anyway, it is a really cool turn-on.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I was at a piercing shop today. Had a really lengthly discussion about a clitoris piercing with that guy. I have heard so many good things recently ... and escpecially got some recommendations from my friends that I seriously think about it. And what the piercer said really kicked me: He is a experienced genital piercer and from the second I showed him my pussy he was excited. I am well suited for a clitoris ring (yeah) and for a triangle. I was not so sure about the triangle piercing ... but he explained me. God .... I need that piercing. From behind the clit !!!! Has to be a fantastic feeling. He made an appointment without even asking me. Tomorrow morning ;-). I asked him for doing it instantly but he denied. He said: I have to think about it. At least a night.

A night.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Doing favors

I do not know why I do this. Pia asked me to join her for another club night. Or better a bar evening. Nothing special happened except that my exhibtionistic parts went through with me. I wore again a little dress but this time there have been consequences. Sure he got some glimpses of my tits but the real fun started as I managed my legs in this deep armchair. In his sweet french he asked if I was naked below. What a fun. I knew so far french from my ex-gf but I let Pia translate. What I did after that surprised him, Pia and even me. I showed him my pussy by uncrossing my legs. And not enough: I kept them uncrossed for a minute just for him and the three other guys who sat behind him. Just for fun I did it a second time when the waitress took another order. Not for her but him again.

The funny thing is: I was not even horny. I was not wet at all (which I am always when I am horny).

Monday, November 05, 2007

My Lingerie rule

Have I ever told you my Lingerie rule? No ... simple: If you are one night stand and you want a second fuck another day: Do not forget some little lingerie for the lady. The guys know my measures and when the string just not fit, there are enough girls in this house. One will fit. Anyway, yesterday night I had this three guys and me party which was organised by an ex-ONS (currently there is nothing better than a new cock ... a feeling which came up from time to time for me). But I do not want to tell you about the sex, but the g-string. It was the fucking smallest g-string I have ever seen. The triangle is that small that just the inner lips and the clit are covered. It is not even long enough to end at the pubis. My clitoral hood is visible. Incredible. I mean ... just strings ... you do not see the fabric from above. But it is a fun slip ... you make two steps and the strings do not cover anything anymore. Anyway, I have so many by now. I had to bind the bras and string compinations together as I hardly found the string to the bra if I seperated them.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pia again

Yesterday late in the evening Pia called me. She asked me to join her for a date with a customer of her. I gulped first but she said, it is volunteerly and I just may check it out. The customer - a wealthy chinese - want to go to a famous Munich club with three or four girls. So she was calling some friends of her for the clubbing part not for the late night action. I said yes.

Friday night. I chatted with Raphael if I can go partying alone and he said yes (he was with Nadja and Nikki in front of the TV).

It was cool. We met at a bar. It was funny. She was alone with him (not ugly looking .. may be 45) when I came. She introduced me of one of her clubbing girls and we chatted a bit. Very polite guy. An hour later we had been four very beautiful girls (oh ... sorry... three and me) and the guy. As he paid everything we have been a real show in this bar. We chatted, we ate, we drank, we laughed about everything I do when I am with my friends. It was pretty normal. Except that we have been five very little dressed girls around an elder chinese guy and spoke a mix of German and English.

At the club we had fun. We have been on the list (would not be a problem anyway) but Pia managed anything. From a VIP table till the first drinks and so on. Very excellent. The doorkeeper knew Pia and said something like: "Hey Pia sweetheart, one, two, three, four, ... oh Hey Josephine?" And that late questionmark was huge. And with that I knew: There is a difference if you go clubbing as/with an escort or not. He picked me aside (I knew him very well ... he likes me) and asked: Changed biz? At that I was a bit scared and he saw it. But he was cool: "Hey it is okay honey. Just want to know. Makes no different to me if you get some bucks for it or not."

Party went fine from that point on. I did nothing sexual to him. I flirted with him and another girl in our group and I kissed her not him. The only thing he got from me was an occasional peek view into my cleavage (I wore a pretty loose thing). At three at the night we kissed him and Pia goodbye and they left. We took a seat and one girl pulled out her bag and said: "To the money girls." Pia had left us a payment for the night efforts! We just earned 200€ each for being there. I cannot believe that. It was this rare feeling when you knew you have crossed a border. I mean, I have expected that I get some money. Not that much but some. I got paid for being female. On the one hand a ugly feeling on the other: I have not done anything I would not have done to a stranger anyway.

Two of the girls left and I was alone with the girl I kissed before. We continued our party alone and picked up two guys later the night. It was a good group. Liked it. The two guys even tried on each other.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A challenge goes wrong ... and an escort

Remember the challenge of sunday. What shall I say: I failed. But I have done something totally insane instead. After the blog entry I showered, shaved, put some slight makeup, and dressed myself for such an event: A little dress, stilletos, and a very small handbag with some condoms and 50 Euros. My plan was: Get into a hotel and pick up a quality geek. Okay, I started and take the subway to my favourite hotel bar in Munich. No geek there. But I did not want to go back into the cold so I planned to drink something. But before I could order, a guy who sat on the bar two seats left on me offered me a drink. Gotscha ;-). I love this bar.
It was late in the night when I left his hotel room. I thought of returning to my apartment but this time I was interrupted. Right in front of me at a door a young couple ... she was obviously not very poor ... where kissing and playing each other while they tried to open the door. I just want to pass them when I got that eye contact to her. It said: "Help me with him. We need another girl." Really. I thought that ... and was right. He pressed her in the room and I followed them as silently as possible. I closed the door while I saw them undressing and her expression that I did exactly right. I dropped my Jacket and followed them in front of the bed where I knocked the floor twice with the heel of my stilettos. He got the shock of his life when I dropped my dress and followed them nude.
The next morning I left them after a shower. I recognized her. She was a second row actress. Not famous but well-booked I think. Anyway, I went down to the lobby and had a coffee. I often do this the day after such a hotel thing. And there I met Pia. I was just taking my first sip of coffee when I saw this youg female kissing an fifty year old goodbye. He left the hotel and she was checking her handbag. When she looked up she made eye contact with me. We smiled at each other and she gave me a curious look. But instead of leaving she came over. She sat next to me, we said hi, and before I know she asked how my guy was. I was honest and we chatted about the night and she came with the question: "And, was the check okay". I nearly dropped out of my seat. She was obviously an escort. Not a whore ... she had a lengthly date before she went down on him but an escort. It was a bit scary and she got it very fast. She apologized and wanted to go but I hold her back. Remember: I was already asked for escorting long ago. I wanted to know more.
And I got more. We went together for lunch and in the afternoon she invited me to her place. She was impressed when she asked me to go naked. We had some fun that afternoon but soon enough she had another "date" and we had to split. I think I will hear more of her soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A little challenge

I met somebody in SecondLife. And we challenged each other: She does not wear underwear for her real life date and will afterwards get a cock into her. For me the challange is: Fuck a geek in real life.

2 Hours from now ... this will be succeeded.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday Night Group

I went out alone last friday. I made quick friendship with three American girls and started to party the night with them. One was an asiatic girl with a round face but great tits, the other was a normal white suburban girl and a high latina girl. She was really hot and I tried to get in her pants. And I succeeded in that ... it was easy ... her hand was below my skirt touching my wet pussy before I could attack her ;-). But right at that moment these two other girls brought a Canadian with them. We danced a bit ... and went to their hotel room.

I cannot tell you anything what happened that night ... I started to fuck the Canadian (i am his first European ;-)) . And then the great licking started .... cannot recall.

In the morning I woke up and shared a shower with that Latina. We both steal us away and I introduced her to Raphael. What a threesome

Monday, October 22, 2007

World is better today

So far as I see all the fucking sources i found stopped distributing the stuff. Hope that this is the end. Thinking about legal steps against this asshole.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sex tape out of house

What shall I say. I am angry. My ex-girlfriend Mariane just informed me that a near half hour sex tape of us both leaked into the internet. Her former fucker (and dad of her born child) has given it to friends for some bucks. And now it is in the internet. Just donwloaded it. It is me.

It is far worsier than the shit with the USB stick recently. There was strong hope that I find it ... but this time ... it is too late. I have informed all sources I found that I insist on removing it ... but I think it is too late.
God damn.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adam and Eve again

The whole weekend and yesterday night I spent with Adam and Eve. And Raphael. Eve loves him. I do not know what is exactly about him but he is able to impress a girl in seconds. And when he got his first fuck she is lost.And Eve is lost to him. I even talked with Adam about it. She is so heavy interested in him that I think about stopping this whole partner exchange. I mean I crave for his cock but she is pretty insane after being with him. I mean they flirted while i had my time on Adam. They goddamn talked in the living room. When we stood up we found them fucking in the kitchen where he fucked her while she prepared sandwiches for us. I do not complain. When Raphaels or Adams dick is in me I am the happiest girl ever but that is dangerous for her I think.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sometimes ...

My long-time readers know that I answer booty calls from many people. Some I know better, some I do not. Recently - to be exact on last Wednesday - I accepted one and we met for a blowjob. So he picked me up and I gave him head at the back of his car. He was moaning and saying: Go ahead baby, good, well, fine, blablabla. And then he said something like that:
Baby you are so good but I would be much better if your tongue would be pierced.
And he said that in a voice that he is real disappointed and that it is my fault that my tongue is not pierced for his blowjob. While he is may be right that a tongue piercing is giving it some spice I have to say: That is my choice and he should not complain. I mean .. being honest: Is it not enough to get a free blowjob for no reward (Hey a condom bj is sometimes just no fun)?

Anyway, I ended it after this sentence. I got kicked out of the car and had to walk back. Just no fun. Took me half an hour to reach a suburban train. Not for myself: Kick him out of my contact book and avoid any further sexual stuff with him.

And for you: Pay respect to your booty calls.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Last week

Was hot!!!! I had sex outside the apartment every day. On Monday and Wednesday I had ONSs ;-). Monday was cool, Wednesday was a poor performance ... but anyway. On Monday I also met Adam who was also a real cool fuck. On Tuesday I had a threesome with Adam and Eve (still smile about my fake names for them), still the best feeling at the moment.

Yesterday night I met somebody in SL (i still do it from time to time) .... Tamara Antfarm ... an Amsterdam girl. I like her. I challanged her with an idea of Leandra (she wrote into the Spice It Up Portal). I am really excited if she do it in real life. She also mentioned a thing which inspired me this morning (I already have been at my parents home): Fuck a stranger in the train with your thoughts. Make sure he get it. I did this in the suburban train ... wow ... what a success. He did not got an hardon but i am sure he exactly knew what I was thinking.

Anyway, Have fun.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Adam's Foreskin

Short Introduction: After I met the guy and the girl a third and a fourth time I gave you two names: Adam and Eve ;-).

On Sunday Eve came over and Raphael had a lot of fun with her. I left them alone and enjoyed their moaning. We all wanted Raphael to fuck her alone before we start a full partner exchange or a foursome. When they stopped - we could all hear it - I went back in my room and saw her glowing smile.

On monday night i visited them on their appartment and we had a long threesome again. Eve was late so Adam and I played ahead. I have a very nice impression of his cock: Shaved, long, thick, brown, full of veins, and the largest and nastied foreskin I have ever seen. And I have seen quite some. When he is flaccid (which is longer and thicker than most of the cocks I had) his foreskin is about a 2cm longer than his penis head. And that makes him very unnatural when he is hanging between his legs. And when he is errected the foreskin is still half over his penis' head. I have not seen his foreskin the first two times because the condom was quickly over it. But now I am amazed.

We have agreed to make a AIDS test to get rid of the condoms as soon as possible. When Raphael is find with Adam this will be lot of fun.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I did it again

He called me yesterday night at 2am. The guy I fucked recently. He told his girlfriend and she was that excited ... that she insisted to see me. Well i went there again, got my pussy filled up, and played with a really beautiful girl. She was pretty open and told me a lot. They are in an open relationship like I am in and they have been a couple since they have been 15. With 19 they invited their first other persons in their bed and with 22 they declared their relationship as open. And now they are 23.

I was shocked by one thing: They are together for 8 years ... and she is not able to totally take him in her pussy. She was kneeling on him during the ride to keep her pussy away from his shaft. I only do this for Aron when I am not in mood or he did not take care. She told me his size ... 21cm ... which is just a bit longer than Raphael.

The sex was awsome. Pushed his dick front and back in my pussy and having this beautiful girl kissing me was breathtaking.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Size matters

I have blogged a time ago that size does not matter. I changed my mind. Size matters. I had a one-night-stand this week which was well equipped. It was funny because the first thing I checked during dancing was his dick. I pressed myself against him and I knew I would go the full way.

Later I was riding him in his room and had this descent view on a public park through the window in his bedroom. We cooled a bit down and I sat on him with his cock fully engorged in me. I mean his big fat cock. I really enjoyed the feeling. I enjoyed being filled up till the upper most end. His big hands at my tits and his cock shoved totally in me. And me looking out of the windows thinking why I always said I also love small cocks.

The only small cock who really satisfied me was Katsu. And he was special. I always considered Cerapho as usual ... but his 18cm are not usual. On the other hand: I always cummed even on the smallest ones. Okay oral is no fun with small sizes.

What shall I say: I like the idea to fuck big ones. Really. I love the anticipation for, and then the fillup of my pussy. Anyway ... big cock rocks ;-)

Monday, September 10, 2007

USB Stick is back

My photo usb stick is back. I am so happy. I have lost it in Cerapho's and Leandra's room when I had been with them in a threesome two weeks ago. Leandra was very interested in the pictures so they took their time to inspect them. Cerapho told me that she was so focused on the pictures of my lovers before I met Leandra that Cerapho missed the last years. I had to laugh. That girl is so comperative.

I am so happy that I have lost the stick in their room. So fucking happy ;-) But I will punish Cerapho for teasing me for a whole week.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I have a problem

I have a real serious problem: I have lost my USB stick. My photo USB stick. My secret naked photo USB stick. It is not the loss of my nude photo collection - I still have my hard disk with them - but the content. I mean I have hardly worked to keep them together and not leak them too much in the world and in addition some of the stuff I do on the pictures is not right legal.

I am really scared. My question to you: Have you seen a little red usb stick, 4 GB in size? I have carried the stick a week in my favourite handbag, it could be everywhere in Munich.

Finder's prize: I will fuck you, I will suck you, I will do anything you want.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Who is the girl at Spice it Up???

I was asked that question three times now: Here the answer: It is my former girlfriend Mariane at our holiday trip in Croatia. We have been in a tub when I shot this photo. And guess what she did afterwards with her wet finger ;-).

See more at

Sex Championship

I liked Ricardo's new request and so I urged my friends to do a sex challenge yesterday evening. We took his categories
  • Massage
  • Handjob
  • Oral
  • Woman-on-top
  • Freestyle

We skipped titfucking as it is not very common among us. The guys do not like it that much. Anyway, I started with Cerapho with massage, gave my bf the handjob, gave oral to Cerapho, rode my bf, and did the freestyle action on Cerapho. To the points .... let me say: I have never done a handjob. Leandra was really good and better than me in massage, handjob, and even oral. She gave a really impressive show. For riding we both received nine of ten but in the freestyle section I was the extreme winner. Ten to six for me. In the end I miss one point to Leandra. And she is the winner.

Hope I get equally good ideas ;-)


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spice it Up

I am just working on a new fun project. All the free SL time give me a lot of energy back ;-).

Spice it Up is the extension of my recent Contest blog entry. I talked with Leandra and some other girls two days ago about it and the result was this: Leandra and me will setup a web platform for challenges like these. Only women are allowed.

Got and it is pink. Check it out:

Girls, get registered and have fun

Contest Feedback

I have already done three of the requests
  • elithien's Bending Over
  • the anonymous request for a deep inside in my cleavage (including my nipples ... it was really easy)
  • elithien's request for white shirt in the rain. This was difficult as I tried it very often but the rain never falls on these days with a white transparent shirt. But on last Thursday if finally went fine. I wore a tight top and a jeans and the top was quite transparent. I walked across the Ludwig Street ;-).

Next is the bikini-no-right-knoted trick of elithien ... I really liked that idea.

I dropped anonymous request for not-wearing-panties-for-a-whole-week ... for a day with a skirt okay ... for a day with a jeans ... okay ... but a week ... disgusting.

Ricardo's request are also a little self-centric ;-) ... The lottery idea is quite nice and if you are not from the internet .. maybe I would even do it ... but ... no. Uploading a picture? I have two pics of your interest which I currently allow myself to share. They are presents to my loyal fans. Not for everyone ;-). Keep on my blog and you will get them ... one day.

Your Josephine

Landing Stripe

Todays topic: Pubic Haircuts. As for the one who do not know: I am black haired. On my head as well as between my legs. Luckily I have just a small hairy area on my pubis which is not extending out of my bikini zone by nature. But for years now I totally shave it for the sake of my boyfriends. They just like it. And for me it is common practice. When I shave my legs I shave them as well but I also shave it totally smooth every morning in the shower. But Raphael lately fucked a girl which had a landing stripe. So he asked me to shave a landing stripe for him.

This afternoon he got his grown - long - landing stripe when he was back from this week's business trip. We had a really hot fuck because of that. Anyway, the today's fun was: Later I picked a low-rider jeans ... and guess ... yes the landing strip was too long. I showed it to Raphael and he laughed loudly. I went to the bathroom took my shaver walked in front of him and showed him what I do with hair at the wrong places. For that I got another fuck.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am SecondLife dead

As of today I am no longer in SecondLife. It was lately a bit too time consuming. It was fun over nearly 11 months but now it is over. At least for now.

Dear SecondLife people who know me: Do we have open tasks together? Send me a mail or a comment in this blog entry ... We finish our business. For the ones who miss me: Check out my first life tab: A little surprise for the males and lesbians ;-).

Have fun in there ;-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Escort Service... no not SL

Yesterday night I watched "Finale" in the TV. An film about the last soccer world-cup here in Germany. A young 21yo time-to-time escort is struggling with her life and the summer of 2006. Remembered me a lot about this time. Anyway, it remembered me another thing: In August 2003 I was asked if I would like to join an escort service here in Munich. I slapped the guy who asked me that and luckily I knew the door keeper. Now I have to commit: Perhaps I should have tried it. But in 2003 I was not the sex hungry bitch I am now.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Elithien's request

I remembered elithiens request to press my ass into a stranger. Yesterday used - like so many days - a crowded subway train. I stand next to a young man ... early twenties ... when I urgently had to check something in my university bag on the floor. I bend over and made sure that my ass hit the target. I worked in my bag for half a minute before I stood up. He did not apologize but I turned aroud and let him check out my cleavage. I said in the niciest voice: "I am sorry. Hope you did not mind." He nearly whispered: "No" At that point the luck was with me: He said something and the subway stopped and I fell into him. I smiled again, and said: "It was even quite nice." I stepped back and the show was over.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


It is summer and I am horny. Yesterday night I talked with my boyfriend about an idea I have now for weeks. I am writing in this blog about the stuff I do. Now I want to invite you to suggest me what I shall do and have some sexual oriented fun. I want ideas from you, how I can spice up my life.

For example
  • Wear a transparent briefs next time when you go swimming (I wil).
  • Have sex with your bf in a subway cab (I will).
  • Go naked into a police station (I won't).
  • Tell a priest that you are naked below the skirt (I will).
  • Do a double anal entry (mmmh ... let us see)

Things like that. You have Raphael (my bf), Cerapho, Leandra, and me for your ideas. I am keen on your requests ;-).


Thursday, June 28, 2007


I do not know what has driven me today. I was on a short stop at my parents today .. together with Cerapho. We had an hour drive with the suburban and subway in munich. We were kissing and petting all the fucking ride to Starnberg. I was never that explicit in a public train. He had a fucking hand below my clothes the whole time. I fucked him outdoors and later in the shower. My parents pretty much knew it. Silly me.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Beach Party

My older brother had his birthday party yesterday night. He went 29 this year and had a beach party. It was a party full of rich people kids which I usually hate. He partied at a private beach of the starnberg lake and about 40 people where there. Two things happend you will like: I wore a bikini and had a really long nipple slip. An old friend of Dominik told me that he liked the views for at least half an hour. I just smiled. I had nipple slips before and I have no problems with myself for that. Later the night I had sex with a Spanish and American foreign student. They sandwiched me and did me for hours. It was really enjoyable. I escaped them after the first round but later they caught me again and we continued on that little boat. In the early morning hours I spent my last orgasm on this spanish guy. He was pretty crazy but I loved his hairy chest. Normally I love them unhaired but can you imagine a shaved Spainish guy? I cannot.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Let us talk about Nikki

I have not written about Nikki very much lately (in terms of years). Nikki changed a lot. When I met her she was a labile and nervous teenager with an unusual sex behavior (to talk simple). After the great loss of her loved grandma and the heritage she had received she has begun to change. She had her 18 birthday a month before the funeral. In the four years from that day, she got adult and is now a manager of her furtune. She has drop her skater dress style and wears clothes like every (slightly punky or skater) girl. She got another nice piercing (a lip piercing) and let her hair grew a bit longer. She is - more or less - a straight lesbian right now and I think the only dicks which she can stand right now are Ceraphos and Raphaels.
Her relationship with Nadja was stronger then ever. They paired very well and if not Nadja get a mmh-i-cannot-get-a-child-with-her panic they will be a pair for their lifes.
Regarding the job, Nikki was very successful. She joined the facility management group of the houses she owned as a representative and worked very hard to make her job. I have to say, that it was not necessary that she works for her company but she did. She liked to do something. As far as I could see she made a lot of money with the real estate she owns.

Why I wrote about Nikki? She caught me last thursday with my russian one-night-stand.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

One little thing

On monday ... i was horny. At I had to learn in the library which was unfortunately very hot. I think the climate control was failing but ... anyway I was dressed pretty lightly but it was still too hot. It was about three in the afternoon when I cannot stand it anymore and I gave the guy which sat next to me on the table (he was really cute ... a ongoing lawyer) a condom and whispered in his ears if he want to fuck me.

He did.

Friday, June 01, 2007

What about my last months sex life

It started with a hot partner exchange with a couple Raphael brought from the city he work right now. Raphael flirted and fucked the girl while she just met the guy. Just two weeks after she left Raphael she came back. With her boyfriend. And that last weekend in April I had to pay back what Raphael did to the girl. Raphael showed them Munich and as soon as they came back we fucked. Crazy Weekend. On May 3rd, I had a one-night-stand with a young girl. I was her first girl. On May 14th and 15th I was with a man who had his last fuck 8 years before. He was a cool fuck. On May 17th was Christ Rising (a public holiday) .. or in general fathers day. I gave Raphael (who came home for that) a sweet morning before he left me for partying with the boys. On the weekend of 19th to 20th I was in Vienna and met my old fuck buddy Aron to gave him his annual birthday lapdance. As usual he gave a nice party with a hot atmosphere. On Thursday 24th, I spent a night with the girls (Nikki and Nadja). The day after that I had another one-night-stand in the hours just before my boyfriend came back home. The last week nothing much happened. Today is June 1st. What a crazy May.
Do not misjudge me: I just had fun.

One month w/o blog entry

I am sorry my dear reader, I have not blogged for some time. Unfortunately, I was busy doing university and job stuff. I had some time in SecondLife and was pretty happy to life my life with Raphael. Nothing new should I say. Later I will write a blog about the sexual part of my last month.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Woke up

Puh ... this exam stress is going to be history. In this small week I already had three one night stands. Two on monday and one yesterday night. It was really good sex. I had a time earlier that year where a one night stand was not on my favourite thing todo list but now it is back on the list. Perhaps my love to Raphael was too strong or my demand for sex was just periodic lower. Anyway. My big love Raphael will be home this weekend again and it will be a big weekend.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bikini Summer just started here in Munich

Yesterday I got a new package from the lovely WickedWeasel company. Three new parts: A new bikini "457 Microminimus Bottom Matt / 312 Tri Top Matt" in white, a nice short "491 Surf Shorts Matt" in limegreen, and the "540 Beach Pants" in black. I wore the bikini today below a low rider jeans and a tube top. Got complements about the style w/o them knowing how small the thing really is.

My exams are over ... in a few days I will wake up.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hihi ... people know me

It is funny. People know me. Yesterday I was at a private party here in Munich. It was a "change t-shirt party". Nice concept. You go there with a shirt and you change with everyone you speak. The party maker .. a friend of mine .. invited her friends and a lot of people so we were about 40 and that on a monday. And everyone changed shirts. Normally, I am not on such parties .. but the theme was funny enough. The funny thing is: She know why she invited me and urged me to come (in my learning phase) .... because I came with a T-Shirt with a topic like "Fuck me" ... and oops ... I forgot my bra.

And the amazing thing was: I was not the only girl who forgot her bra.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Being busy

Like I mentioned before ... I am currently finishing my studies. So sorry... no entries. A lot happened but I will tell you later.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Licking a virgin girl

I had a Menage a trois with one of the sauna fuck from day before yesterday and his lovely girlfriend last night. We have seen each other before on a party so she immediately said yes. She was a lesbian virgin .. so first we had our fun and let him watch before he joined us.

It was a nice fuck .. but nothing to serious.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

SecondLife brings Twins together

I have a twin. We found each other in SecondLife. We chatted 30 minutes and we knew that we are identical. We have the same sexual orientation, sexual habits (even oral), and she is highly active like I am. She is from Pennsylvenia near Philadelphia. How I like that. I will report more ....

Another topic: A guy from last night called me. He and his girlfriend want to know me better. Like you slid into things.

Private Sauna Night

Tonight I made dreams come true. I was invited to a fellow students home. He was one of this rich kids but still nice guys. Anyway, we watched a flick, ate chunk food, and drunk some alcohol. Later a friend of the host asked jokely that we should go to the sauna in the cellar. Have I told you that I love sauna. Ten minutes later, two girls and seven guys all wrapped in towels sat in the small home sauna. And the topics got more intimate and more and more sexual. And then one asked: "Josephine, I heard from a fellow student that you are bisexual. He has seen you kissing a girl." I laughed ... rumors about me are circling for about four semesters now. "The answer is yes." "You are kidding." I smiled. And then they demanded me to kiss the other girl. I knew her from a common project but she was very shy then. But yesterday she just smiled. I asked her if she ever have done a real kiss to a girl and she denied that. More fun for me. I started to kiss her seductively and soon we had a small tongue fight. I pushed her on her back and climbed atop her and it was getting hot. My towel also lost his grip and my tits went bare within a few seconds. We broke the kiss a small eternity later. "Does anybody wants to see me licking her?", I asked and one even managed to say yes. The girl was not very okay with that, but another kissed stopped that and I opened her towel before she could do anything. It was difficult because the sauna was very small and we first had to arrange our bodies so that she could lie down and I can lick her. And suddenly I was given a lecture about cunniculus which the girl enjoyed very much. She tried to avoid the orgasm but ... no not possible. When I looked up I just saw a lot of lust watching us both. How this story ends: Me fucking five of the six guys and the girl fucking the host (a nice - not yet - couple).

The next morning - also know as this morning - I woke up and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later the host arrived and saw me flexing over the handwash checking my hair. He wanted to fuck me but no condom in the room so I gave him a blowjob below the shower. One for one I woke them up with a kiss and left them.

What a night.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lot of Things

First, I had a One Night Stand on Friday Night. He was lame, his flat was hot. Ridiculous you say? I say: That is the way it is. I fucked him and except of my own efforts I think nothing else participated for my orgasm.

Then there is SecondLife. First I opened a group for high quality nude avatar images. A good skin, a nice background, the right light. Happens in very rare moments but it happens. I participated on a BDSM workshop for a unworthy girl (it was fun to watch ..). Okay, and then I had again an escort today. He was cute, the sex was fun, and the job was done excellent in any matters. Love it.

Unfortunately, Raphael is not here that weekend, so I can concentrate on my final oral exams. Not far away.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shit happens .... I always say

My dear old ex-boyfriend Frank had a computer hardcrash. Harddisk destroyed and all data lost. That was two months ago. I talked with him lately and he revealed another stupid fact of it: All his digital photos were lost as well. Including some really private ones featuring me. This poor guy. Haha. Shit happens ;-).

Wisdom of the day: Make backups ... even of your girlfriends pussy.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Got nice compliments

I am chatting with Zaphodd Sion right now. Another SecondLife buddy. He made a nice comment about this blog ...
[14:41] Zaphodd Sion: I like how you drop little things in there like when you first had sex, without really talking about it
[14:41] Zaphodd Sion: creates more curiosity
Love that.