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Check my SecondLife avatar

That's me again ... nearly my real life view ... with some fine differences ...

Just Online Sex ;-)

Today I blog about Online Sex. Did you ever had? You should try it. This is one of my friends in SecondLife. I fucked him already several times and this is an result of our latest encounter. The black haired girl is Josephine Link - me in SecondLife. As Raphael is currently very bussy in flying many miles in the world I am lonely and therefore I play SL. Just for fun. Anyway, real life is pretty boring. I am learning for my final exams and university lectures are on a low level. On the weekends I have spare time and even now on a friday night I am sitting here and writing. I will continue posting about SL sex. Love it.

Raphael is intolerable

Last sunday my dear boyfriend was intolerable. I played SecondLife in the morning like so often the last weekends. As long as he is not awake that is always pretty funny. He laying beside me and me chatting with other guys about everything. Then he usually wakes up and gives me a great time and I try to continue my conversation. Anyway. Last sunday he took over the conversation while arresting me below him. Unfortunately he is a big man and I was neither able nor willing to took over control. I was not even able to read what he wrotes. Intolerable.

Second Life

A month again I started a career as an avatar in SecondLife. SecondLife is a non-violent MMORPG where u play an avatar through its life. It is a girl MMORPG. Sound ridicolous but it is not: In this game you can maintain your avatar, shop clothes for the avatar, redress it, and form it by your wish. Bigger or smaller boobs, slim or fat belly: You can just change it. Second thing is that SecondLife is more or less a huge chat program. You can talk to everyone around the world. I have met many people in there. It is like chatting all the day. I was never the chat type but now ... now I like it. And there is a last thing which is pretty cool: You can have fun. Or to be clear: You can fuck. Anyway, todays entry is dedicated to a guy and now friend I met in there: Niels from Denmark. We made quickly friendship and I am pretty happy to have him in there. But there are many other I not mention today. kisses