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Long time gone

Okay ... I have not written for a long time but there are reasons. I worked during September, started to learn at the begin of October, and started SecondLife at the same time. A short resume:
I visited Aron and Jessica at the weekend of September 16./17. in Vienna. Jessica had a lot of time for me. She is currently furnishing their rooms. We had a lot of fun. Aron was working whole the weekend but he brought us to some fine places in Vienna's center.
Working was hard. I had lot of extra work in a big project so I was pretty exhausted. I visited the Oktoberfest on September 27th and made friendship with an Aussie.
The weekend from October 1st till October 3rd was pretty awsome because I was alone with Raphael and we had some fun.
The week afterwards I was off and then the university started up again.
One thing to finish up the whole thing: I started SecondLife. What a time killer.

To the future: Hope I will post more often but it is pretty difficult as this is my last term and I haft to…