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Remember the soccer bet. We are even now. I met him early in the night in a munich club and sucked him off before the dance floor even filled up. Later the night my dear boyfriend arrived - I have to pick him up at the door because the doorkeeper had a little problem with him - and I introduced them. It was kind of fun for Raphael and me to see this guy going red in his face. Anyway, we danced for three or four hours and, but when he left I followed him, giving Raphael a goodbye kiss. He knew it would be fantastic to have me in the early morning hours.
Anyway, I fetched him up in the street and convinced him to take me home. Luckily, his girlfriend was in Brazil so it was pretty easy to get him the way. I stripped and gave him a little show. We had some fun playing with each other before I sucked him dry. He made me compliments that night. It was fantastic. He even asked me why I am with Raphael. I answered him but reduced it to a language he understood: The size question.

I miss Aron

Having Aron around me was always a save feeling. There was not a single assault on me when he was with me. He silenced strong guys with a look, kicked the asses of the loosers who tried to touch us, and took care that we stayed together.

Anyway, I miss him.