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Jogging Group

I am in a jogging group. Four girls, six boys, and a lot of fun. I joined them immediately after Lanzarote. And somehow a little bit weired. They all know each other by nothing else than jogging. They are doing this now for half a year and they are pretty sure about themselves. They are all in shape, have nice racks, and they are beautiful to watch during running but they are all married (not to each other). And they are not prude at all. Two weeks ago the female locker room (we use a school gym to prepare for it) was locked so we used theirs. When we came back I thought it would be difficult cause of the shower. But like I told before: They are not very prude. Two of the girls made a headstart and went nude within seconds. Beyond the shower it was a little bit weired ... I mean ... Showering after sport is something total different than doing it at home with/ahead/near/or around some guys you either had/will/want to have sex with. They are all in their 30s and a small cutie like I am

Aron and Jessica are gone

Aron is gone. And Jessica as well. As I told before: Aron was something special for me. Always. He was the first guy I was really lusting for after my splittup with Frank in 2002. I still remember very well his penis inside me in this toilet stall. The first contact with real size but also these feeling of total wrongness about what we did. Luckily we broke the act soon enaugh. Anyway. Most of the time Jessica was really cool about us two, and she even gave me a goodbye present in form of a partner trade for last night. It was a hard goodbye. They started their moving van at 9am (he left me around 6am) and we all had to say bye. The whole flat was on their feets and afterwards all of us have been a little bit upset.

Compliments and Troubles

Compliments and Troubles are often near to each other. I got the compliment from a fellow worker when I walked up the stairs of our office building today. He complimented my ass and my legs but then he mentioned my slip. When I bent over to catch a pencil he saw more of my hip and the thong than necessary. He told me that it is a little bit upsetting to catch a view of such a transparent little thing long before he can see his girlfriend again.

ASO - Advanced Schoolgirl Outfit

You all know a Schoolgirl outfit. I am a student and when I want to look like a schoolgirl that is not the problem, but a schoolgirl outfit is too lame. Schoolgirl Outfit means innocence. AOS means hot and fuckable. The components: Ultra short pleated skirt (this is very important .. just enaugh to cover the ass) Backless, bellyfree, sleaveless top (no bikini ... to cheap) Legs and pussy have to be shaved That is it. Nothing more. You are AOS disqualified whe you are wearing anything below. Flip Flops are good shoes for this outfit but not so well seen at clubs. I think stilletos are somehow unsuitable. My tits and my ass are both big enaugh and the skirt is difficult enaugh to handle. Why I describe you my AOS: Because it is my freetime outfit till Aron left us. Last night I gave him, Jessica, and some other guys a perfect view below the skirt for about 4 or 5 stations in the subway. He fucked me later in his bed, me still wearing everything. It is a cool fucking outfit. Now I have to

Bad news

Jessica and Aron are leaving us. Aron is ordered to Vienna by his company. And Jessica is following him. This is not very funny. Aron was important for me. He was my big brother. He always cared about me. Cry out loud. First Katsu and Ayaka, then Doris, and now Aron and Jessica. Damn. A year ago we have been many, now we are few. Who is left: Nikki, Nadja, Leandra, Cerapho, and Raphael. Not so many. Perhaps Frank is another one. That is live. And live is a bitch.


Beginning with August 6th and ending with August 13th Raphael invited me for a one week trip to Lanzarote. It was a little bit crazy because he just told me to keep this week open before the first day. God I loved it.

Another fun

A few nights ago I made a bet with a fellow student of mine. She is a real small cutie. I think she is on high of my tits. On her knees she is perfect for a blowjob. Anyway, this girl lost her virginity to a guy five years ago and she is still together with him. I knew him from my childhood. He is pretty small. No not in body size. We discussed about penisis but she does not trust me that he has indeed a small penis. I am sorry about her. She has seen penises on the internet but she thought they are all somehow porn style and therefore not compareable. So I made a bet with her at a party a few weeks ago. If I show her a dick who is 3cm (about an inch) longer than her boyfriends (about 12cm) she would have sex with him. If I cannot show her till end of the month I would be hers and perhaps even her boyfriends. Anyway, I invited her over to our place for a chat. I have kissed her lately and pretty much knew, that she is bisexual. So we ended up fondling each other in the living room. She