Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another sunny day

Today I fucked my brain out ... once again. Raphael did me all morning. After lunch and Raphael goodbye, Cerapho came and gave me a fuck outside on my roofdeck. I lost count over everything and when we came back to a semi normal state we have been burned and our genitals were sore by the action. I lost count how often I cummed.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bikini Nipple Slip

Today I was at a lake with a prudish fellow student of mine. It was funny. First she made comment that I forgot any bathclothes and than she had a nipple slip. For nearly half an hour because I did not told her. Cerapho joined us later and he told her about her nipple while he gave me a massage. He is a guy who is doing such stuff. On the other hand he also convinced her to drop her top later.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Spit or swallow

I think we talked about it before but I have to answer this old question: Yes I swallow ... like you all know. When I spit I do not do it to get rid of the stuff but of nasty reasons. Have you ever considered Vodka Sperm? Or sharing some cum (I only could hope that you have seen someone in real ... it is that sexy)? Or ... no I do not extend this sentence.

When I have done my first blowjobs I did not swallow but after a year this changed. First they forced me to do so, and then I did it by my own. I am now 25 and started sucking with eleven years. I swallow now more years than I did not.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hot & Leandra

I met Leandra at a lake after the lectures. I met her with 25 others of her class. It was interesting. This girl is famous by now. In the group are 12 girls. I think, they are the beauntiful ones, than about 15 guys, and Leandra. It was that obvious that the girls are hating her. She laid between the guys, wearing nothing else than a skimpy string bottom. Only one other girl with a flat chest showed of her tits. I started a little provocation and stripped first and searched buttnaked my bottom deep in my handback. Anyway. Leandra is now pretty self-conscious. A year ago, when she was 16 the girls surely dominated her but now she could be the queen. A queen without any female friends. In her age, I still dreamed of Mr. Perfect. Today we are both using our bodies as weapons. First I thought it is because of finding Mr. Right but now I know it is because of two reasons: Satisfying myself and access what I want. But with seventeen I was not that sure about myself. Leandra instead had none of that restriction in her early age.

She told me that afternoon about an accident in her school. A boy about 12 years pulled her skirt down to her knees and exposed her shaved pussy to the world. Quite a few boys saw her pussy that day in clearity. But she did not care about that because it is just a rumor and she is still about a kind of female nerd. Have I ever told you that she is a Star Trek Fan?

Anyway, we had a lot of fun.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Francesco ... paid me off

Does anybody remember Francesco. The fashion guy. My sugar daddy. My second ONS. One of my early fuckers. I have not heard anything from him since November 2004 and our holiday. It does not matter for me. 2005 was the year of Mariane and the only time I missed him was when she told me that she slept with many guys from this industry.

What happened? He called me today during a lecture. I immediately went to his hotel and met with him and two other girls (models). Francesco was cool with me, but the girls treated me like shit. I was no match to this beauties and their clothes. I was in my university clothes and sweat was all over me. Francesco was luckily aware of that and whispered me, that they behaviour will change when I drop clothes. And he was right. I first draw nude and they have been silenced. Francesco made me compliments and he was right. In the last two years my body changed. It went overall pretty hard (thanks to my sport and fucks without end) and therefore my ass and my tits have a much better profile than before. And my fucking capabilities went straight to heaven. At least he told me that.

It was fun. Two hours of sex (w/o the girls). But afterwards he told me that this is his goodbye tour and he quits his job in a few months and from that day on he will stop travelling in the world. Anyway. He dropped me a lettercase and said, that this is for me and I should open it later.

Now is later and next to my laptop is money. This motherfucker paid me off. He wrote that I was one of his best (in the last years ;-)) and I should use the money to study another year or have some fun with it. For a girl which spent less than 20 days with him this is an incredible paycheck. Incredible. I do not know how I am currently feeling about the fact that he paid me. God I take the money but ...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

It is Raphael

After a long week of phone sex it went clear that I missed Raphael's dick. He fucked me at early saturday morning and the rest of the weekend I was a lady with a free mind. I was free. Hell week is beyond me. Luckily he will stay with me till next sunday.

Friday, July 14, 2006

It is not the cock size

I tried it. I thought Cerapho is too small (he is pretty normal but I am that used to Raphael) so I tried Aron. Aron is very busy currently and I was busy with Raphael so our last common fuck was the last orgy. At begin of April. Incredible. As long as Raphael is present there was no demand for him. He is big enaugh for my small tool. Anyway, I orgasmned but now a few hours later I am horny again. And he really did it to me. I think I was never that loud in his appartment but the position was great. I laid sideways, bent my legs to one side and he fucked my small tightend pussy. Aron made jokes about my inner lips wrapped around his penis.

The result: Big cocks does not matter.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Damn days

I had a fight with Leandra today. She was complaining about her sex life. I understand her. Cerpaho is currently my lover and not hers. She misunderstood Ceraphos priorities. He currently sleeps in my bed, has his breakfast with me, and shares my freetime with me. Since my ovulation started he had sex with me four or five times a day. It is the fourth day without satisfaction for me. I have orgasms, great orgasms but no release. He is even licking me but there is no release. I is so damn hot and I am really horny. Really horny. I am hacking these lines in post orgasmic sweat with a "fucked up" Cerapho near to me. This brave man is sleeping. At least the next five minutes ;-)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bitch in heat

My ovulation kicked in. Arrrgggh. And it is summer, it is damn hot, and the damn girls show off their tits. Raphael is on a damn conference, Aron is not available and Cerapho buttfucked and vaginally fucked me this morning. I am currently in the university wearing nothing than a small dress with a huge cleavage and a pair of stilletos. It was never that difficult not to fuck anybody. Really difficult. It is well known that I fuck around but I still avoid to get physical with my fellows.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Soccer world cup: Last game .. for germany

Figo. Why. The third place and the party afterwards was fantastic. A nice game, a huge party, and an orgy of four (+Leandra and Cerapho) was a nice finish for a fantastic month. And due to Figo I have another opportunity to humiliate my fellow student. Since the masturbation session every time he saw me he went red. It was not a problem for him to talk about my blowjob on him but remembering me masturbating is somehow too dirty for him. I tried to seduce him on friday but he denied everything and his face went pale. I do not believe that I will serve him his last two blowjobs.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

University lecture blowjob

I met my Mr. Soccer Bet in the university today. I was somehow excited and wanted to play a little bit with him. I joined him today during a lecture and whispered into his ears. I could see how his member grew. He answered a very silent yes and the deal was perfect: A masturbating girl against a blowjob. Not a fair price, there are easier ways to see my pussy. I opened my skirt, slid a little bit down, and started to masturbate. It was easy. No one in sight (of my pussy), a loud crowd, and two really horny eyes. I had a light orgasm shortly after. After it was over I bent a leg over his lap and whispered some dirty sentences in his ears and the moment I touched his crotch he cummed into his jeans.

Cry out loud ... World Cup Update

To make it short: Germany is out and I am not happy about that. But on the other hand: Italy beat us in the last seconds. And England and Brasil are out as well. So no lay for my fellow student but instead two more blowjob. I lost the bet but he did as well. A few blowjobs more are nothing in my life.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Yesterday night I met my fellow student again who bet against me. He forgot nearly everything. Except of the best blowjob in his life, a second later the night, and a third one he not exactly remember. I was sober but I do not remember at all about the third one. But I did not told him about that detail.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Argentinia .... is out .. for another blowjob

The gauchos lost. Today was the night of the nights. The first real test for our team. I watched the games with some fellow students. It was a lot of fun. The only downside was the goal against germany and another blowjob for an asshole. As he was part of my fellows I immediately served him in the toilets. Afterwards he grabbed my pussy below my white skirt and for that he received a kick between his balls. Unfortunately, I had to inspect him later the night.