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Today was one of these days you can hate. I was in the center of the english garden when this fucking rainfall started and did not stop. I first took a position below a tree but after a time I walked home through the rain. Unfortunately, I was not dressed for that kind of weather. I wore pretty thin and white thing. So I ended up with a transparent top and a drenched skirt which was kind of semi transparent. And guess how much underwear I wore these days. I was lucky that I am baby nacked between my legs.

Germany ... world cup winner

Today is another fantastic day for the german soccer. We are in the quarter final and killed sweden on the way. Everything went fine. No goals against us and ... anyway. I watched the game with Raphael, doing a reverse cowgirl position in my bed. It was funny because during the second term I think he fucked me without interruption. Anyway, afterwards we headed towards the near Leopold Street in central Munich and joined the big party. God that was crazy. But we went home quickly. My dear boyfriend will go 28 in twenty minutes.

Dominik is 28

My older brother Dominik went 28 today. He organized a small party for some of his friends (about 15 people) and the family. It was pretty boring but I was happy. I invited Mom and Dad to a lunch with me and Raphael. I hope they will get used to him. So far they have not met very often.

Soccer party ... interrupted

Flat sharing is sometimes difficult. We are pretty open in this flat so I do not border with clothing if I pickup a cold drink. Tonight I fell asleep outside in the sun and woke up at 10pm when it went chilly. Anyway, I woke up, was pretty confused by the sun, and headed forward to the kitchen, because I really needed something to drink. I even passed the running soccer game I forgot (I as the great fan .. ;-)). What I missed else where the five guys around Cerapho ahead of the tv. When I came back with my yoghurt drink they went loud and I nearly dropped my drink. Damn. I went red and flew back into my room. When I came back with a shirt and a slip they were asking Cerapho about us. It was funny between this horny geeks.

Leandra ...

These days are pretty sunny. I love it. Summer is here. Leandra and I are hanging out pretty much lately. We both like it to show of ours body and therefore the lakes are our locations. I for my part have my summer color (a really slight brown) but she is still in her tanning phase. Last summer I met Leandra for the first time. Now she is our bitch. Cerapho and Leandra are now sharing Doris former room but they are not a couple so far. Cerapho is not able to love anybody currently. He still misses Doris. Leandra on the other hand ... I think she is waiting. And in the meantime she is fine-tuning herself on Cerapho. She is optimizing her fucking capabilities on her own for half a year now and she is doing well. Aron and Raphael are fully convinced of her ;-). Unlike me she totally dislike one-night-stands so she is fucking only the guys who fucked her before except of Martin. Which is in my eyes not the perfect way to improve your sex life. With most of your ONS I make my own show but

Sexual soccer

I am a convinced fan of the german soccer team. And because of that I made a bet with a brasilian: A blowjob per goal against the german team and a lay if brasil will win the world cup. On the other hand: His girlfriend alone with me and Raphael if Germany will win the cup. I know that she wanted Raphael for months but she is catholic. Risky. And today was not a good start for the bet. 4:2. Two blowjob for this freak. Anyway. At least we had some sun these days.


Tonight we had our first Barbeque in this year. We planned this day for three weeks but today was pretty rainy for hours. So we thought, we will cancel it. Nikki wanted to manage that so I left back in my room. First I worked for hours till late in the afternoon but then Raphael came home and we started one of our late sex sessions. I bought him a cockring a few weeks ago and so his monster is really hard and that for hours. During that session I can have dozens of orgasms while Raphael still stand his first shot. Unfortunately, he and the other guys complaining about pain in the penis afterwards so it is for special days only. Today was one of these special days. But after a hour Nikki disturbed us: The party was starting. We totally forgot the weather: It was rainless and warm outside. We opened his ring and I sucked him off. When we joined the party after our showers but it was pretty obvious that we just fucked. They nearly forgot the meat over the discussion how much fucked my smi