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Adventure in the alpes

Last week Raphael invited me to visit a friend and his family ahead of the bavarian alpes in a region called Oberallgäu. What he forgot to mention was the fact that this family is managing a hotel in a real small village. To mention is also that this countryside of bavarian is strictly conservative region and a liberal kid like me is morally not acceptable.

It was a kind of reunion with three other couples and two solo guys so it was like: What have you done the last five years and so on. It was a weekend full of private fun. Raphael was untouchable in two ways for these guys: Firstly, he was the former nerd of this group and therefore unworthy for the girls or for any kind of friendship action, but today he is untouchable because of me: I am proud to announce that I am the hottest chick around. It was funny because we both knew it. He laid back and had surely some thoughts how stupid assholes these guys are while I did everything to make the scenery even hottier.

On friday night after the first introduction, the host showed us the rooms. We shared a holiday flat with another couple so we shared the bathroom and had two rooms next to each other. So I was loud just to show them that we are more than just close friends. I did not scream that much but the bed was as old as my dead grandma. In the morning when both of them have finished their stay in the bathroom I urged Raphael to let the door open, so that it was impossible to overview my naked glory in the bed. And it worked.

On saturday we made a little trip around the village which took some time. It was boring and Raphael ignored me when I tried to seduce him into the forrest and have a quicky with him. On the other hand it was to cold to have some real fun. We returned to the hotel in the late afternoon and we had some spare (and for our part: sex) time. And I am pretty sure, that we had an voyeur. Atop of us below the roof there have been noises. And noises in an (what I expect) empty roof are suspicious. And I know: There are holes in these old old houses and the boys of the family surely know them. And in this family are three adult sons and four teenager boys (and one girl).

Saturday night was full of alcohol. I had to promise not to think about a threesome (not even with the 16 year old daughter of the house). But I kept my promise and we laughed a lot.
In the night was a little accident: I had to empty my bladder so I entered the bath undressed like I have been. Someone tried to open the door (I NATURALLY locked it before .... In that environment) but did not keep trying. I left the bathroom and fell - pissed like I have been - into the hands of our room-neighbour. I laughed but he was shocked about my nakedness. I entedred my room without saying something very useful and during that his eyes nearly exploded. I was a little curious but then I understood: It was not my ass but Raphaels property: "Never played any sports with him?" I asked him closing the door. "He never showered with us. We expected it was shyness." I went into cruel mode: "Perhaps he has been afraid of you and your friends. Goodnight, I have to use that tool now." I slammed the door and Raphael woke up ;-).

Sunday morning was quiet except of the church bells less than hundred meters of our rooms. We had a short interlude before lunch and after that we dismissed ourselves into our trip home.

I write this lines on my new mobile. It is a PDA Mobile combination and an keyboard as a slide on the left side. A perfect girl tool. If you are in bags because you need to carry them. No problem because I droped my MP3 player, my old cell, my address book, and the calendar for that tool. Very cool tool. A little bit ugly because it is pretty big in any dimension but in everything else it is fantastic. Hey what do you expect: I am still not a girly type but a student of a computer science.


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