Friday, May 26, 2006


Today is "Vatertag". It is a german public holiday and in concurency to the mother day on this day the fathers are honored. Or the men in general. Raphael got the full menu. Starting with his morning blowjob, breakfast, good morning fuck, massage, and a backback full of man stuff (mainly beer). He came home late and get a nice good night kiss (there was not enaugh power for anything else). I went out in the afternoon having some fun with Nikki. I made myself a present to men: A see through top (transparent white) with a wide cleavage and my tightest jeans I have in my locker. And stilletos. I really enjoyed the views on my breasts and my nipples.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Aron's birthday party

A year ago at his birthday party Aron made this rule that every single is leaving the party with another single. This year he continued this tradition with another game. Everyone who wants to participate was noted on a sheet and lottery took place every half an hour. He invited about sixty people with about 25 who participated. 7 girls and 18 boys. The rule is simple: Get elected and be fucked by the other elected one. I won the lottery trice one time before midnight and my strip for Aron and the other two when I requested to have two tries ;-). Raphael was cool with the action but it was not my day. Bad luck with the lottery. But the first was okay.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Raphael at my parents

Today I introduced Raphael to my parents. He talked with my mother a few times over the line but today he participated at Kathrins birthday lunch. He made a good presentation. But he would not perform that well when they knew. Last weekend during the party I used my parents bedroom with Raphael. I had to exchange the sheets.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Kathrin's birthday

The weather is still shitty outside and I hate it. We had two or three good weeks in March and April but you can forget May so far. Anyway. I just hate it. Let's talk about my lovely sister Kathrin and her party.

Kathrin is my youngest sister and will go 18 in a few days. She is a really cute girl (like all of us). But she is as well the youngest sister of us. And therefore her mental state is different ;-). Two years ago we argued about sexual partners. Her opinion has not changed in this time. She still things, that a girl should have as less as possible partners (at least in public). She is still with her first boyfriend. He is cute but not extraordinary and for me he is a looser. I mean she is totally in command and she told me, that she has betrayed him with 5 guys. And she always did it far away from Starnberg. She had a one-night-stand last year with a guy at Berlin and two years ago she fucked two guys at Mallorca. She did not tell me about the other three. She sometimes called me a whore when we talk about my sexual life, but for me she is the whore. A cheating whore.

It was the first time for me I enjoyed a party of her. My parents left the house and flew to Hamburg for a musical so she organized a big party. Surely about 50 people and all of them in her age. For my sisters and brothers, their associates, and me it was like a flashback in a good old time. Boys and girls flirting all the time, kissing, giggling, searching a room, fucking behind close doors, and finally a deflowered girl. It was very late and we all had drunken far too much so I end up with a couple who was admiring me. He told me, that when he was 13 I was his dreamgirl. He told me everything about my bikini I wore at that time I farely remember. And the girl told me that I was an idol for her and a lot of other young girls. Crazy. We joked around and when Raphael pulled me up (about 3 o'clock in the morning) I invited them into our room (if they open enaugh for that). But they were not.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Doris birthday

We gave Doris a call today. It is her birthday. She cried a lot because we thought of her but she also told us, that she has found some friends at work and she is happy with her move.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Booty call

Let me adjust something to booty calls: I did them and I will do them. But I am far more selective. Earlier I fucked everyone who gave me a call but now I have one night stands for two years and there a seldom days where I do not get a call. Most of them I drop within a minute. I sometimes accept calls which I know by name and their preferences. I had to learn that most One Night Stands are good for a night but not for a second. So acceptable booty calls are old boyfriends - more or less just Frank - and a list of about ten boys and girls. Unfortunately, these ten do not call me regulary. So I end up with a lot of loosers in my line and ten fuckers who call me about once a month and when all problems, partners, time troubles, and non-fucks are cleaned out there is one booty call a month, sometimes less.

Why I wrote this? After a pretty looser yesterday, I am happy to have a workable booty call online. I will fuck him tonight. Firstly I fucked him a year ago on April 1st. He was awsome but I told him it was the worst fuck I ever did. For April 1st fool. In the end we laughed a lot and from that day we have been together all three month or so.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Raphael is on business trip

Raphael is on a business trip to somewhere for two weeks so I am alone. Yesterday night I spent with Cerapho. We did it for hours. Now it is about 11 pm and I am really sure that tonight I will have a one night stand. I dressed up so far and I am waiting for a friend to pick me up.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Secret places

Nikki visited her secret place this weekend and she was shocked about the change. A family member of a farmer in the nearby village is currently building a large house at the lake. Nikki was not that depressed like we thought. Clearly she was not happy about it but the lake is no longer really important for her. Since her grandmas dead and her sudden resposibility for this flat and her other properties she grew up rapidly.

So the lake is gone. Last year I have been there just a few times. No problem for me neither. I like my Feringasee so I will not miss this lake very much.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Adventure in the alpes

Last week Raphael invited me to visit a friend and his family ahead of the bavarian alpes in a region called Oberallgäu. What he forgot to mention was the fact that this family is managing a hotel in a real small village. To mention is also that this countryside of bavarian is strictly conservative region and a liberal kid like me is morally not acceptable.

It was a kind of reunion with three other couples and two solo guys so it was like: What have you done the last five years and so on. It was a weekend full of private fun. Raphael was untouchable in two ways for these guys: Firstly, he was the former nerd of this group and therefore unworthy for the girls or for any kind of friendship action, but today he is untouchable because of me: I am proud to announce that I am the hottest chick around. It was funny because we both knew it. He laid back and had surely some thoughts how stupid assholes these guys are while I did everything to make the scenery even hottier.

On friday night after the first introduction, the host showed us the rooms. We shared a holiday flat with another couple so we shared the bathroom and had two rooms next to each other. So I was loud just to show them that we are more than just close friends. I did not scream that much but the bed was as old as my dead grandma. In the morning when both of them have finished their stay in the bathroom I urged Raphael to let the door open, so that it was impossible to overview my naked glory in the bed. And it worked.

On saturday we made a little trip around the village which took some time. It was boring and Raphael ignored me when I tried to seduce him into the forrest and have a quicky with him. On the other hand it was to cold to have some real fun. We returned to the hotel in the late afternoon and we had some spare (and for our part: sex) time. And I am pretty sure, that we had an voyeur. Atop of us below the roof there have been noises. And noises in an (what I expect) empty roof are suspicious. And I know: There are holes in these old old houses and the boys of the family surely know them. And in this family are three adult sons and four teenager boys (and one girl).

Saturday night was full of alcohol. I had to promise not to think about a threesome (not even with the 16 year old daughter of the house). But I kept my promise and we laughed a lot.
In the night was a little accident: I had to empty my bladder so I entered the bath undressed like I have been. Someone tried to open the door (I NATURALLY locked it before .... In that environment) but did not keep trying. I left the bathroom and fell - pissed like I have been - into the hands of our room-neighbour. I laughed but he was shocked about my nakedness. I entedred my room without saying something very useful and during that his eyes nearly exploded. I was a little curious but then I understood: It was not my ass but Raphaels property: "Never played any sports with him?" I asked him closing the door. "He never showered with us. We expected it was shyness." I went into cruel mode: "Perhaps he has been afraid of you and your friends. Goodnight, I have to use that tool now." I slammed the door and Raphael woke up ;-).

Sunday morning was quiet except of the church bells less than hundred meters of our rooms. We had a short interlude before lunch and after that we dismissed ourselves into our trip home.

I write this lines on my new mobile. It is a PDA Mobile combination and an keyboard as a slide on the left side. A perfect girl tool. If you are in bags because you need to carry them. No problem because I droped my MP3 player, my old cell, my address book, and the calendar for that tool. Very cool tool. A little bit ugly because it is pretty big in any dimension but in everything else it is fantastic. Hey what do you expect: I am still not a girly type but a student of a computer science.