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Raphael betrayed me ...

and I am so glad. He fucked the Ph.D. six times in the last two weeks. Nothing important for me. She wanted him to drop me so he told me. But I told him that he shall continue to use condoms and fuck her. When he claimed that she will leave him if he is not claiming that he dropped me, I start laughing. I told him to enforce sex if she is denying it to him. This girl is crazy ... or I am. No I am not.

Disco Upskirt

I normally do not write about such simple stuff. Not wearing a slip is so normal for me that I am pretty used to guys (or girls) looking up my skirt if I am dancing on a higher level. Raphael himself has seen me three or four times before we have been introduced. I really like it and this is part of my life style. To show of myself is very important for me. I am sure there are several dozen pictures of upskirts starring my lovely pussy. Today was different. We have been late, I have been to hot, I fucked him in/on his car for an hour immediately before we entered the club. A guy shot a photo not 15 minutes after we have been in. His photo surely not only contained pink pixels but also some white. I do not like the idea of my freshly fucked pussy on somebodies mobile. I have no problem with the dozen hardcore tapes and hundreds of pictures of me in sexual activity but when somebody shot a picture below my skirt I want to be fresh and beautiful and not heavily fucked.

ménage à trois

Having a boyfriend is a really good thing. Especially if he has old fellow students. Yesterday was a party. The only female fellow student (not a girlfriend) there had a Ph.D. in physics and was a hottie. Between hotties like us we made quick friendship. We had a lot of fun together and she introduced me to most of the people there but most of the time we laughed about something or anything. Late in the night we talked about Raphael. She was shocked when I told her about his length. She considered him once but he was to much nerd four years ago. From that point on there was no way for her not looking at his crotch. We left the party together and I convinced her to follow us to his appartment. She tried to resist at the door but there was no way out. In the living room I ordered Raphael to drop his pants and show her his properties. Raphael first denied this but her eyes demanded it. He dropped it and her eyes went wide. He stripped his shirt as well and when he settled himself in the c

Sunbathing & Great day

I met Cerapho today in the stairs but he is clearly depressed. We talked a little bit and then we went to my roof-deck where I pushed him into the shower and undressed myself. I laid myself on my sunlounger and went into a dreamy state because The sun was really hot and I masturbated a little bit. I was interrupted by something cold on my lips. Something cold which was shoved into my mouth a second later. Cerapho is the only guy who can do this to me without me rejecting him. He gently fucked my face for a few minutes but then it was incomfortable for him and I ended up laying between his legs and sucking him. He left me an hour later still unfucked so I masturbated and finally cummed. I feel asleep and woke up by a dick which was shoved between my closed legs. Raphael hit my spot right away and even entered me so I slightly lifted my ass and allowed him to fill me up. It was awsome. He laid himself on my back and slided his hands between the lounger and my tits. He was rough and hard

Goodbye Doris

Doris left us today. She took her flight from the airport. I was crying. I missed her the second she entered the lane in the airport. Katsu and Ayaka have been friends. Fuck friends. Doris was one of my oldest university friends. I met her the day I moved in at Joel's apartment and she is still a friend of mine. I relied on her. She was so steady in her personality other than the rest of us. She was cooking, managing the apartment community, being a relief to us all, and most important a really good friend. She broke up with Cerapho last night. They had a goodbye fuck that sounded awesome. She pleased me to take care of Cerapho. Take care of him? Sexual? No problem. In everything else? How can you help your best friend when his love left him. No way.

Leandra Bitch

I have to leave for work now but just an update: Leandra is still fucking. I talked with Frank during his breakfast and was astonished. She fucked the lesbians and him during the whole night. I tried to offer him a quicky in my business suit but he declined. Funny.

Goodbye bang

Today we had an orgy again. A goodbye orgy. Jessica organized it and we have been complete. Jessica with Aron, Doris with Cerapho, Nikki with Nadja, I and Raphael, Leandra and Frank. It was the first time that Leandra was unleashed and that Raphael participated. Raphael was somehow shy at first but when Nadja pushed me of him and herself atop of him he started to like it. Nadja told me before, that she need to know what quality I currently fuck. Later Raphael saw me atop of Frank - he knew that Frank is my ex - and like always with him it was special. It was non-aggressive and very intimate. I cummed really quickly. When I opened my eyes and Raphael was looking straight at me. Jealousy. Damn. I stopped it and cared about Doris clit for a few fucks - in her special night.

Jessicas birthday party

Jessica had her birthday party tonight. She invited five girls and our clique into our apartment and let the party started. It was fun. First the usual party stuff and when it went later she insisted on a lap dance for her and Aron and I happily agreed. The invited girl looked pretty astonished but accepted it so far. The party went on and I found Aron and Doris fucking in my whirlpool. I joined them and had my time riding Aron in the pool. I just finished him, when Doris - who left the pool - came back with Jessica, two of the girls, and Cerapho. As Cerapho stripped of his clouthes one of the girl did it as well and followed him into the pool. The other girl followed after Jessica began to strip. Later the lesbians, the remaining girls, and Raphael found us and entered the pool as well. It was crowded. 12 people in a pool designed for not more than four. There was flesh everywhere. One of the girls always demanded that no one touch nobody else. No way. I sat on Raphael lap, his dick s

Grabbed ... in my own bed

Raphael had his fun with me tonight. I woke up in the middle of the night because he moved his body. First I thought he will fuck me in a spoons position but he waited some minutes and then he started to touch me. I was silent and did not move and let him believe that I was asleep. First he touched my tits, playing a little bit with my nipples. He always tried to be as gentle as possible. It was funny because he checked them without thinking about me. He weight them, he formed them, checked them, measured them and so on. He played with them. And my nipples went hard. He stopped but after a few minutes he continued. It was so intimate that I went wet. Wet, like the dream he thought I must had. I moaned and opened my legs. And what happened next was increadible intimate. He accessed my pussy and start to play with her. I never thought that my inner lips are so interesting to a guy. Okay they are big but hey ...