Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finally he had the guts

Finally he asked me: He asked me for a ménage à trois with another girl than Leandra. First he asked for Doris but I convinced him to take Jessica. I stopped fucking him and immediately called her. I takes her less than an hour to come over to the flat. For a girl preparing for a new fuck this is pretty good. And she was well prepared. Showered, shaved, dressed, parfumed, and really hot. I opened the door and was immediately pressed against the next wall and was warned by her: "Hey bitch, you fucked my boyfriend now for several years. Today I will have my revenge on your boyfriend." She entered the room and immediately walked over to my bed and climbed him. I dropped my robe and followed her. She arrested his hands and asked: "I think Josephine never told you: She asked me to seduce you a few weeks ago. But you resisted. Soon you will know that this was the biggest mistake you have ever done." I slipped up her leg and start to do a little petting on her. She let him pull her dress above her head and showed us her superb semi-cupped breast. "So Dog, I have heard you are good doing it from behind."

It was not a threesome. It was a heavy fuck. I have seen her seldom in that kind of arousal. She moaned, she screamed, and fucked him dry. They did not stop for a minute. He had five or six orgasms and when she stopped after three hours because of her soar pussy, we kissed a little bit. "He is so fucking good. Ride him is so fantastic. He is so small." He took my shoulder and pushed me away and asked her: "I am small." She was giggling. "No honey, you are just smaller than Aron. And let me say you: Aron is too big. No girl is able to ride him, most girl have pain fucking him but you are so perfect."
Nothing to add here.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Everyone who searches porn in the web knows about downblouse. Imagine me bent over and you can look down my cleavage and you can see my nipples. Downtrousers is similiar but not that common. I searched the term in google but just found nothing. It is the same view except that you do not watch between the breast and the top but between the pubic region and the trousers. There is no accident in that but when you have friends like I have there is no problem for that.
A month ago, Aron started with it, and whenever I have worn a jeans or trousers in any kind they pulled me over to them by slipping a hand behind my waistband into my slip. It is kind of intimate and I like it. They touch me anywhere so they could do this as well.
Why I am writing this: Today on a party a guy was chatting with me and I was pulled away by Aron that way. I rejected and fighting him a little bit so the guy had a long time to peek into the opening gap. I waited for him to look into my face before I submitted to Aron and literaly flew over to him.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Doris will leave us

I missed another thing. Doris made an application for an elite university in America. We all knew that she is a pro in her studies and her work but no one, including her, expected that she will get a place as a graduate student at such an university. She will leave us at begin of April, works two months for her sponser and then starts her summer term. When it works well she will return in one and a half year. But I do not expect this. Secretely she was in Frankfurt a few weeks ago, obtaining the visa stuff, and today she received her passport with a valid visa.

I talked with Cerapho today. He is not very happy about that. She is a very serious girlfriend for him but he also knew, that this timeframe will break their relationship. Doris has changed a lot in the past year. She went from this girl the next door type into this "business woman with sexual attraction" type. Cerapho never "betrayed" her and she did so as well. She has learned a lot from the openess Nikki and I are living. If this is good ... we will see.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fucking outside

As I have commited before: I love to be fucked outside. And this month the temperature began to be good for it. In the winter I was fucked outside three or four time by Cerapho but now I have convinced Raphael to do me outside.
It was late in the night in a subway station. We hide behind some escalator while we waited for a subway. He pressed me against the wall and fucked me with his - luckily big enaugh - equipment below my skirt. It did not take long but it was fantastic. He was scared like hell and afterwards it was pretty complicated - for him. Putting his still erect penis back into the trousers. Big dicks have some disadvanteges.
Later in the subway I lifted my skirt several times but then I had to stop because of some friends who stepped into the subway car.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Tangabüglerin. My new nickname by Raphael. Translated word by word it is thong-ironer. Lucy Liu's nickname in Charlie's Angels II. I am not able to find an english translation. Anyway, I am not iron my thongs. But sometimes I wear just a thong during my iron sessions.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

When the truth hit him

This morning is difficult. It was hard to him to accept the answer of his own Question: "Do you fuck other guys?" I am an honest girl. It took him half an hour to accept this. I took a bath in the meantime until he entered the tub. "So you fuck nearly every guy who hit on you?" "Sometimes" was the answer. It was difficult. "And you fuck guys on a regulary base." "The guys and girls from the clique. Yes." "So you are not my exclusive girlfriend." First time I heard about that term in real world. "I am you girlfriend, you are just not my only fuck." "You do not consider this as the same." "No. ... Raphael, you are my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend. We love each other, our sex is fantastic - trust me I know what I am talking about -, and our relationship starts on a good term." He noded but was totally shocked: "It is difficult Josephine." "Come on, do not tell me, your fuck with Leandra yesterday was not hot and you would repeat it at any time." He went red. He thought I did not know. "And the other fucks with her? She is an awesome fuck. Like the other girls. ... Yes, all the girls. ... Yes, both of the lesbians, yes, the small cute one, yes the black one. You can have them all. Alone, with me, in groups, whatever. Just express your opinion. Most of your ideas will become true." He laid himself back and was considering something. I left the tub and a few minutes later he followed me and said to me, that it is okay.

It is okay. Let us see how he will take it with the time.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Save fuck with Raphael

Today we had our first sex without a condom. Fantastic. Much better. We take this HIV topic very serious. I still do not understand why there are still people outside who do it the risky way. Having sex with a new guy the first time is one thing, do it unprotected is stupid.

When I pinned our HIV test to our Aids board he was slightly confused. Then I pointed to the entry of Leandras new test and I think he began to understood.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Currently in Munich there are big advertisment for a lingerie brand called Sloggi. A string beneath a hipster. Cerapho bought it for me and immediately fucked me afterwards. Luckily Doris was not in the mood to wear it. Now I have a new set of lingerie.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Body preferencies

Let us talk about nude bodies. About my preferences. Start with the male gender. What shall I say: It is difficult. I like hard bodies but I do not need muscles. I do not need big penises. I need a guy who can use his meat. The only advance of big penises is when they are flacid. I like the touch of a flacid one. Sexual I have to admit: I fucked with big ones, I fucked with small ones, I fucked with the 95% size, and the result is this: I prefer Ceraphos medium size instead of Arons big meat. Why: Cerapho is better in fucking and Aron is sometimes just too big. Where is Raphael: Between it. He is a little bigger than Cerapho but as thick as Aron. The fucking skills are far away from Cerapho but he is far more aggressive.

Continue with the female gender and why I am writing this today: I love virgin bodies. I do not like piercings, I do not like tattoos, and I do not like bruises (Leandras body is my reason to write). I often thought about a piercing here and there but always it ends with my wish to have an unmodified body. I love shaved bodies, I love hard not to big tits, and I love a slender form. I love all that at my own body and expect this from other girls. What I expect sexual: Do not be shy with your body. Be Nikki not Doris.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Easier than I thought

In the night I did some bad things: I forced Raphael to let me blow him in the living room, near the pool and then, after he cummed I took the sperm and shared it with the sleeping Leandra. She had big eyes when she woke up by my kiss. Raphael was looking at us, like he had never seen somebody doing that ... perhaps he has never had. ;-) Now he had.

This morning was funny. Leandra my darling is currently using my shower because every other shower in the house is normally occupied by two person. Anyway. She knocked this wonderful saturday morning at my door and I just cried "Come in". I was a cowgirl at that time. She was suprised, he was red. I lend myself back and looked into her eyes: "Go on, take your shower." In this moment he cummed.
Whe she came back after her shower I told her to stop. And I saw in her face that she understood. I left the bed leaving him back alone stepping behind her. I asked him: "Do you want to see her naked?" He nodded. She nodded. It was funny. I stripped her and then immediately took her clitoris. "See this piercing. A real clit piercing. No hood, it is the clitoris." I pushed her on the bed. "Take her. Touch her. Everywhere." I joined them in the bed. He was afraid (... of me ...) but she behave like I want it: Like a passive toy. It took five minutes for him to get used to this nude toy. "Leandra, give him a massage." She did it. When she finished with his breast meat I said to her: "Take a condom and take it over his penis. I am horny now" She did it. But he cummed the first time. The second time he had an hardon like I have not seen for months. I went towards the door: "Fuck him Leandra." I went into the kitchen, took a glass of orange juice, drank it, and returned to my room." Leandra was no longer atop. She was fucked from behind.

It was nasty. They are still fucking while I use my laptop to enter that lines. It did not take long for him to do nasty things in my presence. That is good.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Raphael you are complicated. Today I invited him over night. He was so impressed by our flat. But he also had questions. And I was not ready to answer him every question. One was difficult: The board with the aids test. Of nearly a dozen people. But I took the override button ... a blowjob ... and moved fast forward ... sex ... to get rid of that thoughts. And he was impressed by Leandras beauty. Who would not.

Anyway... he is leaving the shower and soon I will be fucked by him ... again.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A new aids test for an old girl

My first task to Leandra: Make an aids test. No one here trusts Martin any more. Btw. he tried to contact her but you should not talk to Aron as somebody who has just beaten up your girlfriend.