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Welcome home .... bitch

Okay, what shall I say: Leandra is back. After just one-and-half month of isolation from the clique she came back home. Martin fucked me mid of January in my deepest post Mariane depression and told me that he did not like to see her fucking around (his penis was deep in my pussy at that time) and that he will keep her away from us. Then he cummed and we have not seen him again. Today, Leandra was at our door. She was beaten up by him after she told him that she was attracted by another boy. It was difficult to keep Aron back when he visited us later that night. It was Ceraphos cool mind which kept us back. He is smart ... and dastard. As she left her parents within the last month she asked us to let her sleep in the appartment at least as long as her face is such red.

I talked with Leandra later and she apologized and asked me if we can continue my game with her. I love that idea.

It did not work

Funny, really funny. Jessica and myself tried everything to seduce him to fuck us both. He told me, that she is hot and he like the black body color, he made her compliments, she had heavy body contact and even made some undoubtable expressions and sentences. But he did not get it. In the end I was in his bed and we had fun till 9 am in the morning. And Jessica, she was at home. In the morning ... or better the early afternoon we had breakfast. He asked me about her. It was funny. He could not express himself regarding the fact that she is hot. Not really. But I end this stupidy by one of my infamous sentences: You could have fucked her if you had asked her. Then it was silent around him for a few minutes.

I do not know .. how to manage

It is about 9pm. It is the second entry today. I spent the late afternoon in my bed with Cerapho. I thought all the time that this is wrong but I cannot deny myself. I love these different forms of sex. Having sex with an intimate friend, having sex with a stranger's dick or a group, having girls, or just fucking a loved man. Being a bisexual girl solved a lot of these questions till today, as my girlfriends themselves could not keep their panties on their bodies. Having a boyfriend complicates my life. Calling himself something else than my boyfriend is simply wrong. I will do anything to reach that state. So I have a problem. And a plan. He is just a man, and which man can deny a second girl in his bed. So I talked with Jessica and Aron and tonight I will introduce him to Jessica ... by accident.

Jessica just stepped out of the shower. It is time.

He is back ... he is back

Finally we fucked again. Three days of waiting and telephone sex then he returned to Munich. I waited for him at his door and when he saw me he took me on the floor of his living room. I have not been fucked for months like that. He was dominant. Very dominant. And I like it. It is fantastic to do it that way. It is intolerable how familar he is with my body. I have seen so many guys cumming when they saw my naked body. It was our second time together and he take me like Cerapho. Just that he is bigger and far more aggressive.

It is saturday morning and I am back home. It was difficult to climb the stairs but ... anyway ... I am in love


I am in love. ... Yesterday I searched for a one-night-stand but this time I ended up with a guy which was ... okay. Not abnormal.He ... let us call him Raphael ... did not disappoint me. He was well equipped. He is not Aron but he has his thickness and he has at least 19cm despite he is circumcized. A penis on a body I dream for. He is a little bit higher than I am with heels. He is as trained as Katsu was, every centimeter at his body is muscle meat. And the hell, what I saw of his ass ... I love this body. And the sex: Wow. When he took me doggy style it was too much for me. For a guy who fucked me the first time he stands an incredible time.

I left him early in the morning (damn I have to work) and wrote my mobile number across his breast. He called me during the day in my office. I was red like a tomato when he told me that he really enjoyed our last night and hoped that I enjoyed it as well. We met later in a cafe and he told me a little of his life. He is a 28 years old engineer…

Lesbian couple

Yesterday I visited - what shall I say - a club for girls. Just for girls. I searched for another homosexual experience and I got one. Or better two. A couple made their strike on me and we ended in a small room. I loved these young girls. They have been a couple beginning from a tender age of thirteen. Only the elder has fucked a guy when she was twelve but she never loved a guy. I am 25 (is this illegal ???), I have sex now for 12 years, I gave head now for 14 years, my only loves have been girls in the last three years. But I still cannot live without a dick.

Anyway. Poor amateurs.

Cerapho got angry with me

Cerapho was very angry with me today. I begged him for sex and he said okay. But he got angry when he saw my pussy. I have not shaven my pussy for one and a half month now and Cerapho did not like it. I said him that I will not shave my pussy but he was other opinion. We had a fight in my bed and I ended up in a position where I was unable to move and he controlled both of my legs, my body, and one of my hands. And then he shaved me. First I disturbed him with the other hand but after an itch at my pubic area I stopped that. It was fun and I honestly promised him to shave myself in future. Regulary. Like before. Smooth like a baby. Word by Word I had to promise.
God. Afterwards he licked me.

Nikki's birthday

Second blog entry today. Today is Nikki's birthday. She wanted another harem fuck (lot of girls, idle boys) but she did not get it. It was my revenge for introducing my dad to my bathroom. Anyway, we had a long pool party (not orgy) and made heavy use of our alcohol.


Yesterday night was an experience. I was recommended to a swinger couple. I wanted to say no, but she was too cute. Both in their mid thirties they have traided sex partners for about 10 years. They had a lot of girls between them and now I had a good time. A really good time. I have never had a more experied couple.
Later I told them about my clique and our sexual relationships. I talked them in a dreamy state. They have been amazed and told me, that we are very lucky that this is working.
And the hell, we are lucky


I read my last blog entry. Wow. Bad english. But your english would be the same if you were having a tool between your legs which was heavily working on your clit. LAYAspot is a cool tool. I used it yesterday in the bathtub. I always used my hand on my pussy during a bath but having a tool below the surface is nice. I love the difference.

Yesterday happened another thing: My father visited me. It was funny. I was still in the tub when he entered. Nikki called me from my room door and guided him into the room. He was shocked when he realized that I was in the bathroom and especially in the tub. I pleased Nikki to leave us (she was smiling like a litte bitch ... she is). I was not sure about my nakedeness. But when my dad turned around and wanted to leave with a red face I immediately knew what to say: "Dad, come over here. I am just your naked daughter". He answered: "I do not know". I laughed and pressed my tits through the surface: "Do not be silly. Sit down&q…

New love balls

I opened my birthday presents. Cerapho urged me to do that. I was in such a bad mood that it was impossible to open them at that time. Luckily I did so. I would have thrown away the present of Cerapho and Aron immediately. They bought me sex toys. They replaced my love balls and bought me a vibrator. I once said the sentence: "A girl without a vib is no girl." That is still right but I have to commit, I am not a fan of dildos or vibs. For girls I have a double sided dildo and a harness but as a solo girl I am not very active with toys. There have been always enaugh cocks and I have great fun using my fingers. I have not used my dildo for about a year and my vib is surely unused since mid November. The only sex toy I really enjoyed have been the love balls. But to the present: They bought me two Funfactory tools: Smartballs and the so-called LAYAspot. I loved the Smartballs. They are much bigger than my old ones but it only take seconds to insert them. The LAYAspot is a clito…

Goodbye Katsu, Goodbye Ayaka

During January I missed a lot. Katsu and Ayaka our both Japanese cuties will leave the country to go back home. Ayaka found a great job opportunity in Tokyo and so they will leave us. I will not miss Katsu (he is talented but hey not the biggest) but Ayakas tender body.

She is still very shy and was never very interested in our orgies, but when Katsu or anybody else asked her for sex she immediately obeyed.
She told me once that Katsu is not able to give her an orgasm with his dick. She is as tight as I am but I always cummed several times when he fucked me. For me he is an orgasm garantee but not for her. She never told me but she prefered us girl instead of the guys in terms of sex. Surely she enjoyed their dicks (due to our tightness they are all big to us) but I have seen her cumming due to Arons dick and due to Nadja tongue in a close distance. On the other hand she was so shy about the topic lesbian love.

Katsu had a great time on Jessica, Nadja, and myself (Nikki and Doris have no…

Joel brithday party and our after party party

Joel had his gay birthday party yesterday. I was horny during the party. Damn horny. I stayed long and had a lot of fun with the guys. The four other girls found each other and left the party and I was left. I talked with some of them and in the end I was so cheap that I said sentences like that: Hey, look at me I have a hole more than he has. I ended up with five of them. Five. I was picked as a fun addon on their orgy. It was far more successful then last year. I was a peace of meat as well but in difference they really enjoyed me. I was in best form. One of them denied sex to me, but in the end I orally satisfied him. When I looked up after his orgasm they all watched us in disbelief how hard he came. I asked somesomething like "what's up" and gave him a second blow.
This morning I wake up between five very well trained perfect guys. I stood up and laid myself in an armchair, start to play with myself, and continue to watch the show. A perfect view. When I cummed (with…

A proplem with my libido

24 hours. No, about 28 hours. It is horrible. I was at work when the itch came. 10 o'clock in the morning. I masturbated in the restrooms. No way out. In late afternoon I had a very bitchy mood. I gave Cerapho a call and he met me immediately after the work in the flat. He teased me about an hour before he fucked me. Unnecessary cruelty.


Cerapho fucked me today. No question, it was necessary. Three days in my bed and I am a horny bitch. Cerapho came after Doris left the flat. He entered my bed with the reason for warming me up. I do not know how he made it but he masturbated me to an orgasmn. Afterwards he jumped me and we fucked for hours. I cannot stand 3 weeks. Incredible. Anyway. I had a headache this morning ... gone, I was cold this morning ... gone, I was depressed this morning ... gone. Lucky girl. Next time I have a flu, I talk to Cerapho earlier.