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An orgy again

I am post-coital. Yesterday we had once again a nice group sex session. All the flat mates (Cerapho, Leandra, Nikki, Nadja, Raphael) and Frank joined the orgy. When I woke up this morning I lay between Cerapho and Leandra while my dear boyfriend was with Frank in the Lesbians bed. Raphael was far more happy with what happened last night then last time. There was no jealousy any more in his eyes when I fuck others. Pretty happy about that. I still miss my black meat in moments like that but the orgy was okay without them.



Last night my boyfriend organized with Cerapho an orgy !!!!!! On next saturday (30th) it will happen. Our last orgy is months ago. So far, all flat members will be with us, we are currently asking Aron and Jessica to visit us (let us pray), and I have to call Frank if he joins us again. This is so exciting.

Pre Christmas Horror

The yearly pre chirstmas horror begins again. Hopefully I am once again successful with shopping all the stuff before December 23th. Today I bought stuff for my sisters and my parents. Parfums for the boys and dessous for the girls. My mom and dad will get a photo of Raphael and me (never been that far with a guy ... puuh).

I am still thinking about a present for my boyfriend. This is really difficult ... once again. But it is our first common christmas ... so dessous for us are an option.

When you have an idea for a present ... write me ;-)

SecondLife Software

Yesterday I sold my first SecondLife computer program. Sounds not so easy. That's the way it is. Like in real life.

But I have a much bigger project in background ... but I tell u when it is out.

From my private life I have to say: I am pissed. My dear boyfriend is away during the weeks, Cerapho is somehow busy with the university, and the girls ... nearly never saw them. None of the three. We are all pretty alone right now. Eating together is the only thing we do together. As I learn for my final exams right now I am pretty busy besides my job so for more excitement there is currently no big room. Hope it will get better after the exams in next spring. (With all the love in the spring this will happen !!)

Check my SecondLife avatar

That's me again ... nearly my real life view ... with some fine differences ...

Just Online Sex ;-)

Today I blog about Online Sex. Did you ever had? You should try it. This is one of my friends in SecondLife. I fucked him already several times and this is an result of our latest encounter. The black haired girl is Josephine Link - me in SecondLife. As Raphael is currently very bussy in flying many miles in the world I am lonely and therefore I play SL. Just for fun.

Anyway, real life is pretty boring. I am learning for my final exams and university lectures are on a low level. On the weekends I have spare time and even now on a friday night I am sitting here and writing.

I will continue posting about SL sex. Love it.

Raphael is intolerable

Last sunday my dear boyfriend was intolerable. I played SecondLife in the morning like so often the last weekends. As long as he is not awake that is always pretty funny. He laying beside me and me chatting with other guys about everything. Then he usually wakes up and gives me a great time and I try to continue my conversation. Anyway. Last sunday he took over the conversation while arresting me below him. Unfortunately he is a big man and I was neither able nor willing to took over control. I was not even able to read what he wrotes.


Second Life

A month again I started a career as an avatar in SecondLife. SecondLife is a non-violent MMORPG where u play an avatar through its life. It is a girl MMORPG. Sound ridicolous but it is not: In this game you can maintain your avatar, shop clothes for the avatar, redress it, and form it by your wish. Bigger or smaller boobs, slim or fat belly: You can just change it. Second thing is that SecondLife is more or less a huge chat program. You can talk to everyone around the world. I have met many people in there. It is like chatting all the day. I was never the chat type but now ... now I like it. And there is a last thing which is pretty cool: You can have fun. Or to be clear: You can fuck.

Anyway, todays entry is dedicated to a guy and now friend I met in there: Niels from Denmark. We made quickly friendship and I am pretty happy to have him in there. But there are many other I not mention today.


Long time gone

Okay ... I have not written for a long time but there are reasons. I worked during September, started to learn at the begin of October, and started SecondLife at the same time. A short resume:
I visited Aron and Jessica at the weekend of September 16./17. in Vienna. Jessica had a lot of time for me. She is currently furnishing their rooms. We had a lot of fun. Aron was working whole the weekend but he brought us to some fine places in Vienna's center.
Working was hard. I had lot of extra work in a big project so I was pretty exhausted. I visited the Oktoberfest on September 27th and made friendship with an Aussie.
The weekend from October 1st till October 3rd was pretty awsome because I was alone with Raphael and we had some fun.
The week afterwards I was off and then the university started up again.
One thing to finish up the whole thing: I started SecondLife. What a time killer.

To the future: Hope I will post more often but it is pretty difficult as this is my last term and I haft to…


Remember the soccer bet. We are even now. I met him early in the night in a munich club and sucked him off before the dance floor even filled up. Later the night my dear boyfriend arrived - I have to pick him up at the door because the doorkeeper had a little problem with him - and I introduced them. It was kind of fun for Raphael and me to see this guy going red in his face. Anyway, we danced for three or four hours and, but when he left I followed him, giving Raphael a goodbye kiss. He knew it would be fantastic to have me in the early morning hours.
Anyway, I fetched him up in the street and convinced him to take me home. Luckily, his girlfriend was in Brazil so it was pretty easy to get him the way. I stripped and gave him a little show. We had some fun playing with each other before I sucked him dry. He made me compliments that night. It was fantastic. He even asked me why I am with Raphael. I answered him but reduced it to a language he understood: The size question.

I miss Aron

Having Aron around me was always a save feeling. There was not a single assault on me when he was with me. He silenced strong guys with a look, kicked the asses of the loosers who tried to touch us, and took care that we stayed together.

Anyway, I miss him.

Jogging Group

I am in a jogging group. Four girls, six boys, and a lot of fun. I joined them immediately after Lanzarote. And somehow a little bit weired. They all know each other by nothing else than jogging. They are doing this now for half a year and they are pretty sure about themselves. They are all in shape, have nice racks, and they are beautiful to watch during running but they are all married (not to each other). And they are not prude at all. Two weeks ago the female locker room (we use a school gym to prepare for it) was locked so we used theirs. When we came back I thought it would be difficult cause of the shower. But like I told before: They are not very prude.
Two of the girls made a headstart and went nude within seconds. Beyond the shower it was a little bit weired ... I mean ... Showering after sport is something total different than doing it at home with/ahead/near/or around some guys you either had/will/want to have sex with. They are all in their 30s and a small cutie like I am …

Aron and Jessica are gone

Aron is gone. And Jessica as well. As I told before: Aron was something special for me. Always. He was the first guy I was really lusting for after my splittup with Frank in 2002. I still remember very well his penis inside me in this toilet stall. The first contact with real size but also these feeling of total wrongness about what we did. Luckily we broke the act soon enaugh. Anyway. Most of the time Jessica was really cool about us two, and she even gave me a goodbye present in form of a partner trade for last night.

It was a hard goodbye. They started their moving van at 9am (he left me around 6am) and we all had to say bye. The whole flat was on their feets and afterwards all of us have been a little bit upset.

Compliments and Troubles

Compliments and Troubles are often near to each other. I got the compliment from a fellow worker when I walked up the stairs of our office building today. He complimented my ass and my legs but then he mentioned my slip. When I bent over to catch a pencil he saw more of my hip and the thong than necessary. He told me that it is a little bit upsetting to catch a view of such a transparent little thing long before he can see his girlfriend again.

ASO - Advanced Schoolgirl Outfit

You all know a Schoolgirl outfit. I am a student and when I want to look like a schoolgirl that is not the problem, but a schoolgirl outfit is too lame. Schoolgirl Outfit means innocence. AOS means hot and fuckable. The components:
Ultra short pleated skirt (this is very important .. just enaugh to cover the ass)Backless, bellyfree, sleaveless top (no bikini ... to cheap)Legs and pussy have to be shavedThat is it. Nothing more. You are AOS disqualified whe you are wearing anything below. Flip Flops are good shoes for this outfit but not so well seen at clubs. I think stilletos are somehow unsuitable. My tits and my ass are both big enaugh and the skirt is difficult enaugh to handle.Why I describe you my AOS: Because it is my freetime outfit till Aron left us. Last night I gave him, Jessica, and some other guys a perfect view below the skirt for about 4 or 5 stations in the subway. He fucked me later in his bed, me still wearing everything. It is a cool fucking outfit.Now I have to go t…

Bad news

Jessica and Aron are leaving us. Aron is ordered to Vienna by his company. And Jessica is following him. This is not very funny. Aron was important for me. He was my big brother. He always cared about me. Cry out loud.

First Katsu and Ayaka, then Doris, and now Aron and Jessica. Damn. A year ago we have been many, now we are few. Who is left: Nikki, Nadja, Leandra, Cerapho, and Raphael. Not so many. Perhaps Frank is another one.

That is live. And live is a bitch.


Beginning with August 6th and ending with August 13th Raphael invited me for a one week trip to Lanzarote. It was a little bit crazy because he just told me to keep this week open before the first day. God I loved it.

Another fun

A few nights ago I made a bet with a fellow student of mine. She is a real small cutie. I think she is on high of my tits. On her knees she is perfect for a blowjob. Anyway, this girl lost her virginity to a guy five years ago and she is still together with him. I knew him from my childhood. He is pretty small. No not in body size. We discussed about penisis but she does not trust me that he has indeed a small penis. I am sorry about her. She has seen penises on the internet but she thought they are all somehow porn style and therefore not compareable. So I made a bet with her at a party a few weeks ago. If I show her a dick who is 3cm (about an inch) longer than her boyfriends (about 12cm) she would have sex with him. If I cannot show her till end of the month I would be hers and perhaps even her boyfriends.
Anyway, I invited her over to our place for a chat. I have kissed her lately and pretty much knew, that she is bisexual. So we ended up fondling each other in the living room. She…

Another sunny day

Today I fucked my brain out ... once again. Raphael did me all morning. After lunch and Raphael goodbye, Cerapho came and gave me a fuck outside on my roofdeck. I lost count over everything and when we came back to a semi normal state we have been burned and our genitals were sore by the action. I lost count how often I cummed.

Bikini Nipple Slip

Today I was at a lake with a prudish fellow student of mine. It was funny. First she made comment that I forgot any bathclothes and than she had a nipple slip. For nearly half an hour because I did not told her. Cerapho joined us later and he told her about her nipple while he gave me a massage. He is a guy who is doing such stuff. On the other hand he also convinced her to drop her top later.

Spit or swallow

I think we talked about it before but I have to answer this old question: Yes I swallow ... like you all know. When I spit I do not do it to get rid of the stuff but of nasty reasons. Have you ever considered Vodka Sperm? Or sharing some cum (I only could hope that you have seen someone in real ... it is that sexy)? Or ... no I do not extend this sentence.

When I have done my first blowjobs I did not swallow but after a year this changed. First they forced me to do so, and then I did it by my own. I am now 25 and started sucking with eleven years. I swallow now more years than I did not.

Hot & Leandra

I met Leandra at a lake after the lectures. I met her with 25 others of her class. It was interesting. This girl is famous by now. In the group are 12 girls. I think, they are the beauntiful ones, than about 15 guys, and Leandra. It was that obvious that the girls are hating her. She laid between the guys, wearing nothing else than a skimpy string bottom. Only one other girl with a flat chest showed of her tits. I started a little provocation and stripped first and searched buttnaked my bottom deep in my handback. Anyway. Leandra is now pretty self-conscious. A year ago, when she was 16 the girls surely dominated her but now she could be the queen. A queen without any female friends. In her age, I still dreamed of Mr. Perfect. Today we are both using our bodies as weapons. First I thought it is because of finding Mr. Right but now I know it is because of two reasons: Satisfying myself and access what I want. But with seventeen I was not that sure about myself. Leandra instead had none…

Francesco ... paid me off

Does anybody remember Francesco. The fashion guy. My sugar daddy. My second ONS. One of my early fuckers. I have not heard anything from him since November 2004 and our holiday. It does not matter for me. 2005 was the year of Mariane and the only time I missed him was when she told me that she slept with many guys from this industry.

What happened? He called me today during a lecture. I immediately went to his hotel and met with him and two other girls (models). Francesco was cool with me, but the girls treated me like shit. I was no match to this beauties and their clothes. I was in my university clothes and sweat was all over me. Francesco was luckily aware of that and whispered me, that they behaviour will change when I drop clothes. And he was right. I first draw nude and they have been silenced. Francesco made me compliments and he was right. In the last two years my body changed. It went overall pretty hard (thanks to my sport and fucks without end) and therefore my ass and my ti…

It is Raphael

After a long week of phone sex it went clear that I missed Raphael's dick. He fucked me at early saturday morning and the rest of the weekend I was a lady with a free mind. I was free. Hell week is beyond me. Luckily he will stay with me till next sunday.

It is not the cock size

I tried it. I thought Cerapho is too small (he is pretty normal but I am that used to Raphael) so I tried Aron. Aron is very busy currently and I was busy with Raphael so our last common fuck was the last orgy. At begin of April. Incredible. As long as Raphael is present there was no demand for him. He is big enaugh for my small tool. Anyway, I orgasmned but now a few hours later I am horny again. And he really did it to me. I think I was never that loud in his appartment but the position was great. I laid sideways, bent my legs to one side and he fucked my small tightend pussy. Aron made jokes about my inner lips wrapped around his penis.

The result: Big cocks does not matter.

Damn days

I had a fight with Leandra today. She was complaining about her sex life. I understand her. Cerpaho is currently my lover and not hers. She misunderstood Ceraphos priorities. He currently sleeps in my bed, has his breakfast with me, and shares my freetime with me. Since my ovulation started he had sex with me four or five times a day. It is the fourth day without satisfaction for me. I have orgasms, great orgasms but no release. He is even licking me but there is no release. I is so damn hot and I am really horny. Really horny. I am hacking these lines in post orgasmic sweat with a "fucked up" Cerapho near to me. This brave man is sleeping. At least the next five minutes ;-)

Bitch in heat

My ovulation kicked in. Arrrgggh. And it is summer, it is damn hot, and the damn girls show off their tits. Raphael is on a damn conference, Aron is not available and Cerapho buttfucked and vaginally fucked me this morning. I am currently in the university wearing nothing than a small dress with a huge cleavage and a pair of stilletos. It was never that difficult not to fuck anybody. Really difficult. It is well known that I fuck around but I still avoid to get physical with my fellows.

Soccer world cup: Last game .. for germany

Figo. Why. The third place and the party afterwards was fantastic. A nice game, a huge party, and an orgy of four (+Leandra and Cerapho) was a nice finish for a fantastic month. And due to Figo I have another opportunity to humiliate my fellow student. Since the masturbation session every time he saw me he went red. It was not a problem for him to talk about my blowjob on him but remembering me masturbating is somehow too dirty for him. I tried to seduce him on friday but he denied everything and his face went pale. I do not believe that I will serve him his last two blowjobs.

University lecture blowjob

I met my Mr. Soccer Bet in the university today. I was somehow excited and wanted to play a little bit with him. I joined him today during a lecture and whispered into his ears. I could see how his member grew. He answered a very silent yes and the deal was perfect: A masturbating girl against a blowjob. Not a fair price, there are easier ways to see my pussy. I opened my skirt, slid a little bit down, and started to masturbate. It was easy. No one in sight (of my pussy), a loud crowd, and two really horny eyes. I had a light orgasm shortly after. After it was over I bent a leg over his lap and whispered some dirty sentences in his ears and the moment I touched his crotch he cummed into his jeans.

Cry out loud ... World Cup Update

To make it short: Germany is out and I am not happy about that. But on the other hand: Italy beat us in the last seconds. And England and Brasil are out as well. So no lay for my fellow student but instead two more blowjob. I lost the bet but he did as well. A few blowjobs more are nothing in my life.


Yesterday night I met my fellow student again who bet against me. He forgot nearly everything. Except of the best blowjob in his life, a second later the night, and a third one he not exactly remember. I was sober but I do not remember at all about the third one. But I did not told him about that detail.

Argentinia .... is out .. for another blowjob

The gauchos lost. Today was the night of the nights. The first real test for our team. I watched the games with some fellow students. It was a lot of fun. The only downside was the goal against germany and another blowjob for an asshole. As he was part of my fellows I immediately served him in the toilets. Afterwards he grabbed my pussy below my white skirt and for that he received a kick between his balls. Unfortunately, I had to inspect him later the night.


Today was one of these days you can hate. I was in the center of the english garden when this fucking rainfall started and did not stop. I first took a position below a tree but after a time I walked home through the rain. Unfortunately, I was not dressed for that kind of weather. I wore pretty thin and white thing. So I ended up with a transparent top and a drenched skirt which was kind of semi transparent. And guess how much underwear I wore these days. I was lucky that I am baby nacked between my legs.

Germany ... world cup winner

Today is another fantastic day for the german soccer. We are in the quarter final and killed sweden on the way. Everything went fine. No goals against us and ... anyway. I watched the game with Raphael, doing a reverse cowgirl position in my bed. It was funny because during the second term I think he fucked me without interruption. Anyway, afterwards we headed towards the near Leopold Street in central Munich and joined the big party. God that was crazy. But we went home quickly. My dear boyfriend will go 28 in twenty minutes.

Dominik is 28

My older brother Dominik went 28 today. He organized a small party for some of his friends (about 15 people) and the family. It was pretty boring but I was happy. I invited Mom and Dad to a lunch with me and Raphael. I hope they will get used to him. So far they have not met very often.

Soccer party ... interrupted

Flat sharing is sometimes difficult. We are pretty open in this flat so I do not border with clothing if I pickup a cold drink. Tonight I fell asleep outside in the sun and woke up at 10pm when it went chilly. Anyway, I woke up, was pretty confused by the sun, and headed forward to the kitchen, because I really needed something to drink. I even passed the running soccer game I forgot (I as the great fan .. ;-)). What I missed else where the five guys around Cerapho ahead of the tv. When I came back with my yoghurt drink they went loud and I nearly dropped my drink. Damn. I went red and flew back into my room. When I came back with a shirt and a slip they were asking Cerapho about us. It was funny between this horny geeks.

Leandra ...

These days are pretty sunny. I love it. Summer is here. Leandra and I are hanging out pretty much lately. We both like it to show of ours body and therefore the lakes are our locations. I for my part have my summer color (a really slight brown) but she is still in her tanning phase.

Last summer I met Leandra for the first time. Now she is our bitch. Cerapho and Leandra are now sharing Doris former room but they are not a couple so far. Cerapho is not able to love anybody currently. He still misses Doris. Leandra on the other hand ... I think she is waiting. And in the meantime she is fine-tuning herself on Cerapho. She is optimizing her fucking capabilities on her own for half a year now and she is doing well. Aron and Raphael are fully convinced of her ;-). Unlike me she totally dislike one-night-stands so she is fucking only the guys who fucked her before except of Martin. Which is in my eyes not the perfect way to improve your sex life. With most of your ONS I make my own show but s…

Sexual soccer

I am a convinced fan of the german soccer team. And because of that I made a bet with a brasilian: A blowjob per goal against the german team and a lay if brasil will win the world cup. On the other hand: His girlfriend alone with me and Raphael if Germany will win the cup. I know that she wanted Raphael for months but she is catholic.

Risky. And today was not a good start for the bet. 4:2. Two blowjob for this freak. Anyway. At least we had some sun these days.


Tonight we had our first Barbeque in this year. We planned this day for three weeks but today was pretty rainy for hours. So we thought, we will cancel it. Nikki wanted to manage that so I left back in my room.
First I worked for hours till late in the afternoon but then Raphael came home and we started one of our late sex sessions. I bought him a cockring a few weeks ago and so his monster is really hard and that for hours. During that session I can have dozens of orgasms while Raphael still stand his first shot. Unfortunately, he and the other guys complaining about pain in the penis afterwards so it is for special days only. Today was one of these special days. But after a hour Nikki disturbed us: The party was starting. We totally forgot the weather: It was rainless and warm outside. We opened his ring and I sucked him off.
When we joined the party after our showers but it was pretty obvious that we just fucked. They nearly forgot the meat over the discussion how much fucked my smil…


Today is "Vatertag". It is a german public holiday and in concurency to the mother day on this day the fathers are honored. Or the men in general. Raphael got the full menu. Starting with his morning blowjob, breakfast, good morning fuck, massage, and a backback full of man stuff (mainly beer). He came home late and get a nice good night kiss (there was not enaugh power for anything else). I went out in the afternoon having some fun with Nikki. I made myself a present to men: A see through top (transparent white) with a wide cleavage and my tightest jeans I have in my locker. And stilletos. I really enjoyed the views on my breasts and my nipples.

Aron's birthday party

A year ago at his birthday party Aron made this rule that every single is leaving the party with another single. This year he continued this tradition with another game. Everyone who wants to participate was noted on a sheet and lottery took place every half an hour. He invited about sixty people with about 25 who participated. 7 girls and 18 boys. The rule is simple: Get elected and be fucked by the other elected one. I won the lottery trice one time before midnight and my strip for Aron and the other two when I requested to have two tries ;-). Raphael was cool with the action but it was not my day. Bad luck with the lottery. But the first was okay.

Raphael at my parents

Today I introduced Raphael to my parents. He talked with my mother a few times over the line but today he participated at Kathrins birthday lunch. He made a good presentation. But he would not perform that well when they knew. Last weekend during the party I used my parents bedroom with Raphael. I had to exchange the sheets.

Kathrin's birthday

The weather is still shitty outside and I hate it. We had two or three good weeks in March and April but you can forget May so far. Anyway. I just hate it. Let's talk about my lovely sister Kathrin and her party.

Kathrin is my youngest sister and will go 18 in a few days. She is a really cute girl (like all of us). But she is as well the youngest sister of us. And therefore her mental state is different ;-). Two years ago we argued about sexual partners. Her opinion has not changed in this time. She still things, that a girl should have as less as possible partners (at least in public). She is still with her first boyfriend. He is cute but not extraordinary and for me he is a looser. I mean she is totally in command and she told me, that she has betrayed him with 5 guys. And she always did it far away from Starnberg. She had a one-night-stand last year with a guy at Berlin and two years ago she fucked two guys at Mallorca. She did not tell me about the other three. She sometimes ca…

Doris birthday

We gave Doris a call today. It is her birthday. She cried a lot because we thought of her but she also told us, that she has found some friends at work and she is happy with her move.

Booty call

Let me adjust something to booty calls: I did them and I will do them. But I am far more selective. Earlier I fucked everyone who gave me a call but now I have one night stands for two years and there a seldom days where I do not get a call. Most of them I drop within a minute. I sometimes accept calls which I know by name and their preferences. I had to learn that most One Night Stands are good for a night but not for a second. So acceptable booty calls are old boyfriends - more or less just Frank - and a list of about ten boys and girls. Unfortunately, these ten do not call me regulary. So I end up with a lot of loosers in my line and ten fuckers who call me about once a month and when all problems, partners, time troubles, and non-fucks are cleaned out there is one booty call a month, sometimes less.

Why I wrote this? After a pretty looser yesterday, I am happy to have a workable booty call online. I will fuck him tonight. Firstly I fucked him a year ago on April 1st. He was awsome …

Raphael is on business trip

Raphael is on a business trip to somewhere for two weeks so I am alone. Yesterday night I spent with Cerapho. We did it for hours. Now it is about 11 pm and I am really sure that tonight I will have a one night stand. I dressed up so far and I am waiting for a friend to pick me up.

Secret places

Nikki visited her secret place this weekend and she was shocked about the change. A family member of a farmer in the nearby village is currently building a large house at the lake. Nikki was not that depressed like we thought. Clearly she was not happy about it but the lake is no longer really important for her. Since her grandmas dead and her sudden resposibility for this flat and her other properties she grew up rapidly.

So the lake is gone. Last year I have been there just a few times. No problem for me neither. I like my Feringasee so I will not miss this lake very much.

Adventure in the alpes

Last week Raphael invited me to visit a friend and his family ahead of the bavarian alpes in a region called Oberallgäu. What he forgot to mention was the fact that this family is managing a hotel in a real small village. To mention is also that this countryside of bavarian is strictly conservative region and a liberal kid like me is morally not acceptable.

It was a kind of reunion with three other couples and two solo guys so it was like: What have you done the last five years and so on. It was a weekend full of private fun. Raphael was untouchable in two ways for these guys: Firstly, he was the former nerd of this group and therefore unworthy for the girls or for any kind of friendship action, but today he is untouchable because of me: I am proud to announce that I am the hottest chick around. It was funny because we both knew it. He laid back and had surely some thoughts how stupid assholes these guys are while I did everything to make the scenery even hottier.

On friday night after …

Raphael betrayed me ...

and I am so glad. He fucked the Ph.D. six times in the last two weeks. Nothing important for me. She wanted him to drop me so he told me. But I told him that he shall continue to use condoms and fuck her. When he claimed that she will leave him if he is not claiming that he dropped me, I start laughing. I told him to enforce sex if she is denying it to him.

This girl is crazy ... or I am. No I am not.

Disco Upskirt

I normally do not write about such simple stuff. Not wearing a slip is so normal for me that I am pretty used to guys (or girls) looking up my skirt if I am dancing on a higher level. Raphael himself has seen me three or four times before we have been introduced. I really like it and this is part of my life style. To show of myself is very important for me. I am sure there are several dozen pictures of upskirts starring my lovely pussy.
Today was different. We have been late, I have been to hot, I fucked him in/on his car for an hour immediately before we entered the club. A guy shot a photo not 15 minutes after we have been in. His photo surely not only contained pink pixels but also some white. I do not like the idea of my freshly fucked pussy on somebodies mobile. I have no problem with the dozen hardcore tapes and hundreds of pictures of me in sexual activity but when somebody shot a picture below my skirt I want to be fresh and beautiful and not heavily fucked.

ménage à trois

Having a boyfriend is a really good thing. Especially if he has old fellow students. Yesterday was a party. The only female fellow student (not a girlfriend) there had a Ph.D. in physics and was a hottie. Between hotties like us we made quick friendship. We had a lot of fun together and she introduced me to most of the people there but most of the time we laughed about something or anything. Late in the night we talked about Raphael. She was shocked when I told her about his length. She considered him once but he was to much nerd four years ago. From that point on there was no way for her not looking at his crotch. We left the party together and I convinced her to follow us to his appartment. She tried to resist at the door but there was no way out. In the living room I ordered Raphael to drop his pants and show her his properties. Raphael first denied this but her eyes demanded it. He dropped it and her eyes went wide. He stripped his shirt as well and when he settled himself in the …

Sunbathing & Great day

I met Cerapho today in the stairs but he is clearly depressed. We talked a little bit and then we went to my roof-deck where I pushed him into the shower and undressed myself. I laid myself on my sunlounger and went into a dreamy state because The sun was really hot and I masturbated a little bit. I was interrupted by something cold on my lips. Something cold which was shoved into my mouth a second later. Cerapho is the only guy who can do this to me without me rejecting him. He gently fucked my face for a few minutes but then it was incomfortable for him and I ended up laying between his legs and sucking him.

He left me an hour later still unfucked so I masturbated and finally cummed. I feel asleep and woke up by a dick which was shoved between my closed legs. Raphael hit my spot right away and even entered me so I slightly lifted my ass and allowed him to fill me up. It was awsome. He laid himself on my back and slided his hands between the lounger and my tits. He was rough and hard,…

Goodbye Doris

Doris left us today. She took her flight from the airport. I was crying. I missed her the second she entered the lane in the airport. Katsu and Ayaka have been friends. Fuck friends. Doris was one of my oldest university friends. I met her the day I moved in at Joel's apartment and she is still a friend of mine. I relied on her. She was so steady in her personality other than the rest of us. She was cooking, managing the apartment community, being a relief to us all, and most important a really good friend. She broke up with Cerapho last night. They had a goodbye fuck that sounded awesome. She pleased me to take care of Cerapho. Take care of him? Sexual? No problem. In everything else? How can you help your best friend when his love left him. No way.

Leandra Bitch

I have to leave for work now but just an update: Leandra is still fucking. I talked with Frank during his breakfast and was astonished. She fucked the lesbians and him during the whole night. I tried to offer him a quicky in my business suit but he declined. Funny.

Goodbye bang

Today we had an orgy again. A goodbye orgy. Jessica organized it and we have been complete. Jessica with Aron, Doris with Cerapho, Nikki with Nadja, I and Raphael, Leandra and Frank. It was the first time that Leandra was unleashed and that Raphael participated. Raphael was somehow shy at first but when Nadja pushed me of him and herself atop of him he started to like it. Nadja told me before, that she need to know what quality I currently fuck. Later Raphael saw me atop of Frank - he knew that Frank is my ex - and like always with him it was special. It was non-aggressive and very intimate. I cummed really quickly. When I opened my eyes and Raphael was looking straight at me. Jealousy. Damn. I stopped it and cared about Doris clit for a few fucks - in her special night.

Jessicas birthday party

Jessica had her birthday party tonight. She invited five girls and our clique into our apartment and let the party started. It was fun. First the usual party stuff and when it went later she insisted on a lap dance for her and Aron and I happily agreed. The invited girl looked pretty astonished but accepted it so far. The party went on and I found Aron and Doris fucking in my whirlpool. I joined them and had my time riding Aron in the pool. I just finished him, when Doris - who left the pool - came back with Jessica, two of the girls, and Cerapho. As Cerapho stripped of his clouthes one of the girl did it as well and followed him into the pool. The other girl followed after Jessica began to strip. Later the lesbians, the remaining girls, and Raphael found us and entered the pool as well. It was crowded. 12 people in a pool designed for not more than four. There was flesh everywhere. One of the girls always demanded that no one touch nobody else. No way. I sat on Raphael lap, his dick …

Grabbed ... in my own bed

Raphael had his fun with me tonight. I woke up in the middle of the night because he moved his body. First I thought he will fuck me in a spoons position but he waited some minutes and then he started to touch me. I was silent and did not move and let him believe that I was asleep. First he touched my tits, playing a little bit with my nipples. He always tried to be as gentle as possible. It was funny because he checked them without thinking about me. He weight them, he formed them, checked them, measured them and so on. He played with them. And my nipples went hard. He stopped but after a few minutes he continued. It was so intimate that I went wet. Wet, like the dream he thought I must had. I moaned and opened my legs. And what happened next was increadible intimate. He accessed my pussy and start to play with her. I never thought that my inner lips are so interesting to a guy. Okay they are big but hey ...

Finally he had the guts

Finally he asked me: He asked me for a ménage à trois with another girl than Leandra. First he asked for Doris but I convinced him to take Jessica. I stopped fucking him and immediately called her. I takes her less than an hour to come over to the flat. For a girl preparing for a new fuck this is pretty good. And she was well prepared. Showered, shaved, dressed, parfumed, and really hot. I opened the door and was immediately pressed against the next wall and was warned by her: "Hey bitch, you fucked my boyfriend now for several years. Today I will have my revenge on your boyfriend." She entered the room and immediately walked over to my bed and climbed him. I dropped my robe and followed her. She arrested his hands and asked: "I think Josephine never told you: She asked me to seduce you a few weeks ago. But you resisted. Soon you will know that this was the biggest mistake you have ever done." I slipped up her leg and start to do a little petting on her. She let hi…


Everyone who searches porn in the web knows about downblouse. Imagine me bent over and you can look down my cleavage and you can see my nipples. Downtrousers is similiar but not that common. I searched the term in google but just found nothing. It is the same view except that you do not watch between the breast and the top but between the pubic region and the trousers. There is no accident in that but when you have friends like I have there is no problem for that.
A month ago, Aron started with it, and whenever I have worn a jeans or trousers in any kind they pulled me over to them by slipping a hand behind my waistband into my slip. It is kind of intimate and I like it. They touch me anywhere so they could do this as well.
Why I am writing this: Today on a party a guy was chatting with me and I was pulled away by Aron that way. I rejected and fighting him a little bit so the guy had a long time to peek into the opening gap. I waited for him to look into my face before I submitted to Ar…

Doris will leave us

I missed another thing. Doris made an application for an elite university in America. We all knew that she is a pro in her studies and her work but no one, including her, expected that she will get a place as a graduate student at such an university. She will leave us at begin of April, works two months for her sponser and then starts her summer term. When it works well she will return in one and a half year. But I do not expect this. Secretely she was in Frankfurt a few weeks ago, obtaining the visa stuff, and today she received her passport with a valid visa.

I talked with Cerapho today. He is not very happy about that. She is a very serious girlfriend for him but he also knew, that this timeframe will break their relationship. Doris has changed a lot in the past year. She went from this girl the next door type into this "business woman with sexual attraction" type. Cerapho never "betrayed" her and she did so as well. She has learned a lot from the openess Nikki a…

Fucking outside

As I have commited before: I love to be fucked outside. And this month the temperature began to be good for it. In the winter I was fucked outside three or four time by Cerapho but now I have convinced Raphael to do me outside.
It was late in the night in a subway station. We hide behind some escalator while we waited for a subway. He pressed me against the wall and fucked me with his - luckily big enaugh - equipment below my skirt. It did not take long but it was fantastic. He was scared like hell and afterwards it was pretty complicated - for him. Putting his still erect penis back into the trousers. Big dicks have some disadvanteges.
Later in the subway I lifted my skirt several times but then I had to stop because of some friends who stepped into the subway car.


Tangabüglerin. My new nickname by Raphael. Translated word by word it is thong-ironer. Lucy Liu's nickname in Charlie's Angels II. I am not able to find an english translation. Anyway, I am not iron my thongs. But sometimes I wear just a thong during my iron sessions.

When the truth hit him

This morning is difficult. It was hard to him to accept the answer of his own Question: "Do you fuck other guys?" I am an honest girl. It took him half an hour to accept this. I took a bath in the meantime until he entered the tub. "So you fuck nearly every guy who hit on you?" "Sometimes" was the answer. It was difficult. "And you fuck guys on a regulary base." "The guys and girls from the clique. Yes." "So you are not my exclusive girlfriend." First time I heard about that term in real world. "I am you girlfriend, you are just not my only fuck." "You do not consider this as the same." "No. ... Raphael, you are my boyfriend and I am your girlfriend. We love each other, our sex is fantastic - trust me I know what I am talking about -, and our relationship starts on a good term." He noded but was totally shocked: "It is difficult Josephine." "Come on, do not tell me, your fuck with …

Save fuck with Raphael

Today we had our first sex without a condom. Fantastic. Much better. We take this HIV topic very serious. I still do not understand why there are still people outside who do it the risky way. Having sex with a new guy the first time is one thing, do it unprotected is stupid.

When I pinned our HIV test to our Aids board he was slightly confused. Then I pointed to the entry of Leandras new test and I think he began to understood.


Currently in Munich there are big advertisment for a lingerie brand called Sloggi. A string beneath a hipster. Cerapho bought it for me and immediately fucked me afterwards. Luckily Doris was not in the mood to wear it. Now I have a new set of lingerie.

Body preferencies

Let us talk about nude bodies. About my preferences. Start with the male gender. What shall I say: It is difficult. I like hard bodies but I do not need muscles. I do not need big penises. I need a guy who can use his meat. The only advance of big penises is when they are flacid. I like the touch of a flacid one. Sexual I have to admit: I fucked with big ones, I fucked with small ones, I fucked with the 95% size, and the result is this: I prefer Ceraphos medium size instead of Arons big meat. Why: Cerapho is better in fucking and Aron is sometimes just too big. Where is Raphael: Between it. He is a little bigger than Cerapho but as thick as Aron. The fucking skills are far away from Cerapho but he is far more aggressive.

Continue with the female gender and why I am writing this today: I love virgin bodies. I do not like piercings, I do not like tattoos, and I do not like bruises (Leandras body is my reason to write). I often thought about a piercing here and there but always it ends wi…

Easier than I thought

In the night I did some bad things: I forced Raphael to let me blow him in the living room, near the pool and then, after he cummed I took the sperm and shared it with the sleeping Leandra. She had big eyes when she woke up by my kiss. Raphael was looking at us, like he had never seen somebody doing that ... perhaps he has never had. ;-) Now he had.

This morning was funny. Leandra my darling is currently using my shower because every other shower in the house is normally occupied by two person. Anyway. She knocked this wonderful saturday morning at my door and I just cried "Come in". I was a cowgirl at that time. She was suprised, he was red. I lend myself back and looked into her eyes: "Go on, take your shower." In this moment he cummed.
Whe she came back after her shower I told her to stop. And I saw in her face that she understood. I left the bed leaving him back alone stepping behind her. I asked him: "Do you want to see her naked?" He nodded. She nodde…


Raphael you are complicated. Today I invited him over night. He was so impressed by our flat. But he also had questions. And I was not ready to answer him every question. One was difficult: The board with the aids test. Of nearly a dozen people. But I took the override button ... a blowjob ... and moved fast forward ... sex ... to get rid of that thoughts. And he was impressed by Leandras beauty. Who would not.

Anyway... he is leaving the shower and soon I will be fucked by him ... again.

Welcome home .... bitch

Okay, what shall I say: Leandra is back. After just one-and-half month of isolation from the clique she came back home. Martin fucked me mid of January in my deepest post Mariane depression and told me that he did not like to see her fucking around (his penis was deep in my pussy at that time) and that he will keep her away from us. Then he cummed and we have not seen him again. Today, Leandra was at our door. She was beaten up by him after she told him that she was attracted by another boy. It was difficult to keep Aron back when he visited us later that night. It was Ceraphos cool mind which kept us back. He is smart ... and dastard. As she left her parents within the last month she asked us to let her sleep in the appartment at least as long as her face is such red.

I talked with Leandra later and she apologized and asked me if we can continue my game with her. I love that idea.

It did not work

Funny, really funny. Jessica and myself tried everything to seduce him to fuck us both. He told me, that she is hot and he like the black body color, he made her compliments, she had heavy body contact and even made some undoubtable expressions and sentences. But he did not get it. In the end I was in his bed and we had fun till 9 am in the morning. And Jessica, she was at home. In the morning ... or better the early afternoon we had breakfast. He asked me about her. It was funny. He could not express himself regarding the fact that she is hot. Not really. But I end this stupidy by one of my infamous sentences: You could have fucked her if you had asked her. Then it was silent around him for a few minutes.

I do not know .. how to manage

It is about 9pm. It is the second entry today. I spent the late afternoon in my bed with Cerapho. I thought all the time that this is wrong but I cannot deny myself. I love these different forms of sex. Having sex with an intimate friend, having sex with a stranger's dick or a group, having girls, or just fucking a loved man. Being a bisexual girl solved a lot of these questions till today, as my girlfriends themselves could not keep their panties on their bodies. Having a boyfriend complicates my life. Calling himself something else than my boyfriend is simply wrong. I will do anything to reach that state. So I have a problem. And a plan. He is just a man, and which man can deny a second girl in his bed. So I talked with Jessica and Aron and tonight I will introduce him to Jessica ... by accident.

Jessica just stepped out of the shower. It is time.

He is back ... he is back

Finally we fucked again. Three days of waiting and telephone sex then he returned to Munich. I waited for him at his door and when he saw me he took me on the floor of his living room. I have not been fucked for months like that. He was dominant. Very dominant. And I like it. It is fantastic to do it that way. It is intolerable how familar he is with my body. I have seen so many guys cumming when they saw my naked body. It was our second time together and he take me like Cerapho. Just that he is bigger and far more aggressive.

It is saturday morning and I am back home. It was difficult to climb the stairs but ... anyway ... I am in love


I am in love. ... Yesterday I searched for a one-night-stand but this time I ended up with a guy which was ... okay. Not abnormal.He ... let us call him Raphael ... did not disappoint me. He was well equipped. He is not Aron but he has his thickness and he has at least 19cm despite he is circumcized. A penis on a body I dream for. He is a little bit higher than I am with heels. He is as trained as Katsu was, every centimeter at his body is muscle meat. And the hell, what I saw of his ass ... I love this body. And the sex: Wow. When he took me doggy style it was too much for me. For a guy who fucked me the first time he stands an incredible time.

I left him early in the morning (damn I have to work) and wrote my mobile number across his breast. He called me during the day in my office. I was red like a tomato when he told me that he really enjoyed our last night and hoped that I enjoyed it as well. We met later in a cafe and he told me a little of his life. He is a 28 years old engineer…

Lesbian couple

Yesterday I visited - what shall I say - a club for girls. Just for girls. I searched for another homosexual experience and I got one. Or better two. A couple made their strike on me and we ended in a small room. I loved these young girls. They have been a couple beginning from a tender age of thirteen. Only the elder has fucked a guy when she was twelve but she never loved a guy. I am 25 (is this illegal ???), I have sex now for 12 years, I gave head now for 14 years, my only loves have been girls in the last three years. But I still cannot live without a dick.

Anyway. Poor amateurs.

Cerapho got angry with me

Cerapho was very angry with me today. I begged him for sex and he said okay. But he got angry when he saw my pussy. I have not shaven my pussy for one and a half month now and Cerapho did not like it. I said him that I will not shave my pussy but he was other opinion. We had a fight in my bed and I ended up in a position where I was unable to move and he controlled both of my legs, my body, and one of my hands. And then he shaved me. First I disturbed him with the other hand but after an itch at my pubic area I stopped that. It was fun and I honestly promised him to shave myself in future. Regulary. Like before. Smooth like a baby. Word by Word I had to promise.
God. Afterwards he licked me.

Nikki's birthday

Second blog entry today. Today is Nikki's birthday. She wanted another harem fuck (lot of girls, idle boys) but she did not get it. It was my revenge for introducing my dad to my bathroom. Anyway, we had a long pool party (not orgy) and made heavy use of our alcohol.


Yesterday night was an experience. I was recommended to a swinger couple. I wanted to say no, but she was too cute. Both in their mid thirties they have traided sex partners for about 10 years. They had a lot of girls between them and now I had a good time. A really good time. I have never had a more experied couple.
Later I told them about my clique and our sexual relationships. I talked them in a dreamy state. They have been amazed and told me, that we are very lucky that this is working.
And the hell, we are lucky


I read my last blog entry. Wow. Bad english. But your english would be the same if you were having a tool between your legs which was heavily working on your clit. LAYAspot is a cool tool. I used it yesterday in the bathtub. I always used my hand on my pussy during a bath but having a tool below the surface is nice. I love the difference.

Yesterday happened another thing: My father visited me. It was funny. I was still in the tub when he entered. Nikki called me from my room door and guided him into the room. He was shocked when he realized that I was in the bathroom and especially in the tub. I pleased Nikki to leave us (she was smiling like a litte bitch ... she is). I was not sure about my nakedeness. But when my dad turned around and wanted to leave with a red face I immediately knew what to say: "Dad, come over here. I am just your naked daughter". He answered: "I do not know". I laughed and pressed my tits through the surface: "Do not be silly. Sit down&q…

New love balls

I opened my birthday presents. Cerapho urged me to do that. I was in such a bad mood that it was impossible to open them at that time. Luckily I did so. I would have thrown away the present of Cerapho and Aron immediately. They bought me sex toys. They replaced my love balls and bought me a vibrator. I once said the sentence: "A girl without a vib is no girl." That is still right but I have to commit, I am not a fan of dildos or vibs. For girls I have a double sided dildo and a harness but as a solo girl I am not very active with toys. There have been always enaugh cocks and I have great fun using my fingers. I have not used my dildo for about a year and my vib is surely unused since mid November. The only sex toy I really enjoyed have been the love balls. But to the present: They bought me two Funfactory tools: Smartballs and the so-called LAYAspot. I loved the Smartballs. They are much bigger than my old ones but it only take seconds to insert them. The LAYAspot is a clito…

Goodbye Katsu, Goodbye Ayaka

During January I missed a lot. Katsu and Ayaka our both Japanese cuties will leave the country to go back home. Ayaka found a great job opportunity in Tokyo and so they will leave us. I will not miss Katsu (he is talented but hey not the biggest) but Ayakas tender body.

She is still very shy and was never very interested in our orgies, but when Katsu or anybody else asked her for sex she immediately obeyed.
She told me once that Katsu is not able to give her an orgasm with his dick. She is as tight as I am but I always cummed several times when he fucked me. For me he is an orgasm garantee but not for her. She never told me but she prefered us girl instead of the guys in terms of sex. Surely she enjoyed their dicks (due to our tightness they are all big to us) but I have seen her cumming due to Arons dick and due to Nadja tongue in a close distance. On the other hand she was so shy about the topic lesbian love.

Katsu had a great time on Jessica, Nadja, and myself (Nikki and Doris have no…

Joel brithday party and our after party party

Joel had his gay birthday party yesterday. I was horny during the party. Damn horny. I stayed long and had a lot of fun with the guys. The four other girls found each other and left the party and I was left. I talked with some of them and in the end I was so cheap that I said sentences like that: Hey, look at me I have a hole more than he has. I ended up with five of them. Five. I was picked as a fun addon on their orgy. It was far more successful then last year. I was a peace of meat as well but in difference they really enjoyed me. I was in best form. One of them denied sex to me, but in the end I orally satisfied him. When I looked up after his orgasm they all watched us in disbelief how hard he came. I asked somesomething like "what's up" and gave him a second blow.
This morning I wake up between five very well trained perfect guys. I stood up and laid myself in an armchair, start to play with myself, and continue to watch the show. A perfect view. When I cummed (with…

A proplem with my libido

24 hours. No, about 28 hours. It is horrible. I was at work when the itch came. 10 o'clock in the morning. I masturbated in the restrooms. No way out. In late afternoon I had a very bitchy mood. I gave Cerapho a call and he met me immediately after the work in the flat. He teased me about an hour before he fucked me. Unnecessary cruelty.


Cerapho fucked me today. No question, it was necessary. Three days in my bed and I am a horny bitch. Cerapho came after Doris left the flat. He entered my bed with the reason for warming me up. I do not know how he made it but he masturbated me to an orgasmn. Afterwards he jumped me and we fucked for hours. I cannot stand 3 weeks. Incredible. Anyway. I had a headache this morning ... gone, I was cold this morning ... gone, I was depressed this morning ... gone. Lucky girl. Next time I have a flu, I talk to Cerapho earlier.

Bad times

It still hurts. In more than one way. My heart is broken. It was never more broken than today. Life is not very important without her. Life sucks. The last time I had these feelings was when Frank left me, and that is years in the past. I hardly remember. But there was a big difference: With Frank I lost a status. I had been a girlfriend, I had had sex. Today, this is neither a question nor a real demand. What hurts today is love. Real love.

Another thing what hurts is crazy: Currently I am a workaholic. I stopped my studies for now and I have worked about 90 hours in the last week. About ten hours a day in the office and the rest of the time on the desk in my room. Cerapho once entered the room and even invaded my slip but I was dry like hell. Since my last post I have not fucked. That is good so far but according to Cerapho I lost some flair. No question to that as well. For Cerapho a fuck with me is a fuck with a gorgeous girl (his comment) but a gorgeous girl who do not care if she…

Positive and negative things

Positive: My HIV test seems to be negative. The girlfriend additionally told me, that she is negative as well. That is good because I very well understand that Cerapho and Aron prefer me without condom.

Negative: Sex is currently the easiest way to get rid of my depression. I had sex with five men within four days. For a few hours life seems to be good to me. But the next morning it is even worsier. But that's not all. Martin fucked me today and told me, that he will not allow Leandra to continue to be my fuck toy.


It is ten days in the past. I miss her. I miss her emotionally, my pussy misses her, and I miss her titts and pussy. She visited me on January 3rd in the morning and she gave me a goodbye fuck. It was so good. Her sweet clit on my tongue, suck her out of her hood, and make her crazy that way. What a fun. Relationship is a girl thing for me. My best partners have been Nadja and Mariane. Frank was long but not deep. I miss her ... damn.

I think it will take a few months.


Yesterday night was sylvester. I have drunken far too much. I do not remember how and where I celebrated New Year. I woke up in a flat share on a couch. My pussy told me that she was fucked, my face hurts, and head told me to do something against my headache. I went to the kitchen and which was sitting there was watching me carefully. The conversation was like that: "I am sorry bitch" I was confused. "Sorry for what?" "You do not remember?" "No" "You fucked my boyfriend, when I came home, I hit your face." I checked my face. "That is the reason why it hurts." She smiled. "Yes" "I fucked you boyfriend? I am sorry." "No panic, it is not the first time, neither for him nor for me. At least he used a condom." "I am not so sure about that", I answered her because of my dripping wet pussy. "Is your pussy wet?" "Yeah." "I have seen the condom. He is a sicko. In the beg…