Saturday, December 31, 2005

She is pregnant

My lover is pregnant. No I am not a boy, I am a girl. She is in the second month. Marco told me today (he just arrived) that she dropped the pills for him and now they are expecting a baby. First it was a kind of discussion who is the daddy, because Cerapho fucked her more than once, but Mariane is pretty sure about it. She even thinks to know the exact date and location: In the snow on the roofdeck, on November 18th. I am lucky with her, but I know the consequences: No lesbian relationship with her in the future, her body will change (and I do not like this!!!) and this fucker Marco will be more and more important. And he told me, that they will leave on January 3rd, to a house of him in south of french. Unluckily I am the looser in this story. The big looser.

Currently my eyes are not dry. I am crying for hours now while the bad french cuties are eating for lunch in a nice restaurant. And Marco will be in a hotel with her. Shit I am loosing her.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Sexy times

Sex, sex, sex, sex. The best word in dictionary. Anal sex, vaginal sex, and oral sex. The best combinations. The house is "empty" (Nikki in Hamburg, Doris and Nadja at her parents) except of Cerapho and me. And the visiting Mariane, Aron, Katsu, and Martin. And there are two rules: No clothes and do not leave the flat. And Mariane is denying every vaginal and anal activity. So what is the result around one-and-a-half nude girl and four naked boys. There have been only two interuptions in the last four days: A call from Jessica that she is now upset sitting around home and is now visiting Ayaka. And Cerapho had to buy some groceries.

Mariane is currently giving blowjobs while the guys are watching tv. It is the last day. Tomorrow Doris and Nadja will return, and Jessica is demanding Aron to go home. Yesterday night I had sex with two dicks in my pussy. I did this the last time with the twins. Aron and Cerapho were the guys of the night. I tried it with Aron and Martin but that was too big for me. Cerapho and Aron together are just the right size. Katsu dropped out anyway, because his dick is far too small to make such artistics things. I think he is half of the length and width of Aron. 13cm, Aron has 23cm. That is a difference. On the other size: I can deny an orgasm to Aron. Either I am not in the mood or he is too rough. Katsu never gave you a chance to deny the orgasm to him. Never. He always hits your g-spot. No way out. And god, he do not just have on dick but also two gorgeous hands. G-spot, clit, g-spot, clit, g-spot, you cum. But enaugh of Katsu. Cerapho is calling me from the living room. So I have to end here.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Marine arrived here at 9pm in the night. We had sex all night. The whole holy night. Now I understand how the holy Mary feeled when she was fucked by an angel (free interpretation). She was horny like hell. And now I am horny (my ovalation kicked in pretty heavy). Cerapho came in our empty flat in the afternoon and quickly fucked us both. I will join her in the bathtub in a few minutes.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Leandra's lessons: Doing it tidy

That is a lesson: After doing vaginal or oral sex clean up your partners dick. A lesson I told her before and she did everytime without problem. I asked Aron to fuck her and he happily did as I told him. Here I have to mention that we did a mass HIV test with all of us. It was really funny. The nurse was somehow irritated. But she know Aron and me personally by now so it was okay. She once again told me to have sex with less partners but as every time her text has no consequences. Anyway. Leandra was fucked first time without condom by Martin in her ass and afterwards Aron in her pussy. And what happens when Aron fucks a tight girl? His dick is afterwards more white than black. White by 30% sperm and 70% of pussy cream. And she did it: She licked him clean afterwards. She noticed her own liquids but did not complain. Very well.

By the way: Leandra and Martin are more and more a couple. First I thought, Martin would do it like every men: How much sex can I get from these girls. After the last orgy - when he fucked us all - I saw this naked girl sleeping on his cheast like an old couple. They meet each other without my knowledge - I am angry - and even start to have some dates. Alone. And they kiss each other, holding hands and so on in public. For me, that is partnership. But that is not important: As long as he did not fuck her pussy (he only fucked her once the front entry) and I will be able to continue to command her genitals.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Leandra's lessons: Deep throat

Today Leandra did a mistake. She complained about the lack of progress. She is now anal fucking for three weeks. The last time Martin did it to her in my pressence they did not used any lube except of the condom and they fucked for ten minutes. And honestly: I do not know if I would stand it. He is very well equipped. As well as in length as in circumstance. She stand it in her back entrance. Let us see if she can stand it in her mouth. It is deep throat time.

I personally do not like this deep throat, face fucking, and gagging thing. Not because of the sucking itself - that is not the problem - but due to this degrading factor. Anyway, today Aron and Martin had their time on my face. Martin is very experienced in oral topics and face fucking me does not seemed to push him over the border but he cummed in my mouth. Then he started on Leandra and Aron pushed his dick into me. He used one of my cock rings so it takes half an hour. He fucked me on the border of my bed, my head hanging down, and him kneeling aside of it and his hand supporting my neck. I hate this slapping of his balls against my forehead. I hate it. Leandra loves it.

I am more and more jeleaous to her. She loves everything. Everything degrading I did to her is no problem at all for her. What I have seen on her is amazing. She is getting aroused by sexual activity of others. After the late orgy she was so aroused that she cummed when we touched her. When she gave a blowjob to Martin she is so aroused that she cums as soon as Martin touches her tits. Her tits! She was multi-orgasmic on her vaginal sex with Cerapho at her birthday last friday.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


In Germany there are no student communties like in America with this Kappa Lambda Blah thing. But there are things like a Burschenschaft. They are a most male community with - most of the time - slightly right opinions. My Mr. 50 was in one of them. I met him in central Munich in a shopping center when he asked me if I would like to join him for a party. I said yes in my hope to fuck him again. What a mistake. Two hours later, shortly before ten I was drunk enough to let myself be convinced to give a striptease number on a bar. It was pretty easy for them, because the first girl gave a worse performance, they had a pole at one corner of the bar, and I really love to perform. The performance I gave was good despite my alcohol level but nude stagediving is stupid idea. Until Mr. 50 gave me back my skirt and my top I was touched and invaded by too many people. Today I am ashamed yesterday I even encouraged them.

Mr. 50 gave me one last task to do before he will fuck me: To fuck a virgin junior member. I can do this, was my answer. We have been pushed into a room and a few seconds later I rode him. He cummed within 30 seconds and I immediately stand up and left with Mr. 50 to his room. I woke up in his room this morning and had big trouble to reach my own bed which is just one kilometer up the street. God my pussy is bleeding again.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Suck the Santa

I had sex with a Santa. Or better a Nikolaus. He was a young man who made money that way. He left our building when I entered and we fast agreed that I was a bad girl and deserves punishment. He was quick with his punishment and gave me a descent orgasm.