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Showing posts from November, 2005

Full orgy

I invited for an orgy yesterday night and they all came. Cerapho, Doris, Nikki, Nadja, Aron, Jessica, Katsu, Ayaka, Frank, and Martin (both with their first invitation). It was the first time, that we are nearly eqal in numbers. Just one girl more than boys (that is me). Oh, and Leandra was bound to a chair, forced to watch us. It was great. Due to the bisexuality of us girls, there have been lesbian groups all the times, so the guys had to share girls. Goooood.

I fucked Frank last. He had a smile on his face like he was in heaven. Still he has his girlfriend but in reality it is just because of us fuck buddies. Otherwise she would be too boring for him. He did not cum in his condom, but that was not important. Doing it with him, is like doing with Cerapho: To be with a friend. Doing it with somebody else, it is erotic or exciting, but with these two guys it is just friendship. ... On the other hand: Doing it with a friend is forbidden ;-).

Leandra's lessons: Anal sex

My two french cuties are gone for one month. Mariane will return for christmas and Marco in the New Year. Cry out loud ...

But instead of having good things in my bed, Leandra will have a bad time in bed: It is anal time. First, she did not like the idea. Now, after some time, she is very happy with it. I have to commit: Martin is doing an excellent job at this.

Leandra's lesson: Masturbation exam

Today she got her exam for masturbation by someone else. The exam was simple: Go into a small club, dance with somebody, let yourself be pleasured by his hand, and getting rid of him. But honestly I cannot approve it. I saw her letting somebody into her slip but the rest of the time I was on a toilet stall, let myself being fucked by a small guy. Two and a half month since my last ONS. That was Leandra's Ex. Part of my project. And before was Hung Mr. 50. I miss these foreign dicks. It is such a turn-on. Anyway: Leandra did it on her own, when I come back to our seats she was back there with a knowing smile on her face. Good girl.

First snow

Today is amazing. Hanging out with this french speaking couple is somehow fun, somehow annoying. They are speaking about me, but I do not understand very much. But I think most of the time they are planning, what they are doing next to me.

The other real beautifuf thing today is the first snow. In the late evening, around ten o'clock the first snow fall. Wearing nothing else than open winter coats we fucked each other silly or better chilly direct within the snowfall on my roofdeck.

Two drunken models

What just happened was somehow incredible. I was fucked by two drunken models. Mariane picked up a teen friend of her (he is a french supermodel) and invited him into my bed. It was awesome. The breast and stomach of this guy meets the perfection. It was like in a dream.

Is it wrong

I got trouble today with Jessica. She is not very happy with Leandra. She told me, that I cannot do this to a soon 17yo girl. She argued that she is not a slave and what I am doing to her is highly inmoral. Inmoral? Perhaps but that is a question of the viewpoint and the person who set up the moral. The catholic church does surely not agree with my sexual opinions. Inmoral in terms that she is too young? She is nearly 17. Too innocent? Pah. A slave? She is submessive by her own will. I do not force her.

Leandra did her pussy licking with honers and has now a new topic: Getting masturbated by someone else. I want her to be open for her sexuality in the public. It is funny because she is loosing her shyness drastically now.

Being the man or being the woman

I have never considered it so far but in my relationship with Mariane I am the woman. She is the aggressive player and I am always the receiving partner. It is totally uncommon that I start sex between us. And I have never used the harness first on her. And I loved the harness with Nadja long time ago. It is really funny. I bed I was always dominating my partner. I was always on top. But with her it is different. I love sex with her. And she is sometimes acting like a male. She comes in my room pushing up her mini, moving her slip and ordering me to lick her. She can easily stand two or three orgasm. Afterwards she simple push the clothes to their places and return to the kitchen, preparing a sandwich. It is like sucking a man.

Anyway. Leandra is getting better in the pussy licking thing. We had big trouble because of that. She did not like the idea but we convinced her. Pussy eating for beginners was her first lesson she did with Nikki and Nadja. Tonight is her fifth licking lesson. I…