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Leandra's lessons: phallus whorship

Today is her - I think tenth - dick sucking exercise unit. And she is learning to swallow. On the first day it was unthinkable for her. On the second day after the second load into her eyes (I am evil) she considered to spit it. But she never did. On the third day she took it into her mouth. I arrested her on my bed and stop her breath through her nose. Meanwhile I let Martin play with her pussy and kept an hand on her mouth. She shouted and cried a little bit, but she got a reward: A bottle of water (very necessary) and later a fuck from Martin. Nearly two month without sex. Nearly impossible for this sixteen year old.
Anyway. Today she got her blowjob exam. She did an excellent job first on Cerapho, then twice on Martin, and then twice on Cerapho again. She swallowed all five loads and took care of their balls. That was very important for me: There are a lot of girls who suck. Nearly every young girl. And they are all experienced when they are old enough. Experience was not my traini…

Leandra's lessons: Sucking dick I

I am pretty happy with the choice I made with Martin (Leandra's future lover). I tested him today in presence of Leandra. He did his duties pretty well. After he filled his condom, I sucked him in the second run. I involved Leandra in our play and ordered her to kiss his dick. And then she did it: She took the head of his dick into her mouth. Success. He blowed his second load on my tits and we finished with him for tonight.
In the bathtub she commited, that she liked the effects of her dick licking.

Leandra's waiting time is over

Leandra is pretty submissive. After four weeks she complained about not having sex. That's okay. After five weeks she stopped that. She declined the offers of at least 5 guys and even one girl. She is currently doing everything I am ordering her. Today I introduced her future lover to her. I found him two weeks ago during a party. He is 23 and quite a hung. He left his girlfriend three weeks ago and was the guy of the night. Today we all met at a club and I explained him my aims about making her a perfect fuck toy. I think, when he saw her he dropped his original target to lay me tonight. Anyway, I did not tell her about him. I asked her over and ordered her to undress her slip. She immediately did as I told her standing directly in front of him. After she gave him the slip without saying a word I sent her back to the dancing floor.