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3 weeks w/o sex

It is now 3 weeks gone that Leandra left her boyfriend and nearly a week since our deal. I am pretty sure that she is honest to me and did not flirt with anyone from her school. I immediately forbit her any contact to any male. She is my toy and I love the imagination of her fantastic body be unused. Today I told her in presence of Cerapho that only he is allowed to do anything with her. But a few seconds later I whispered in his ear that when he touch her sex he will never touch my sex. That worked.
We went out and danced a lot. She really tried - as I ordered - to seduce Cerapho but she had no chance. Her last opportunity was in the entrance of our flat. But Doris was faster. I pushed her in the bath and stripped. I set up a tub and laid myself into it. She came over and sat herself on the border of the bathtub. I asked her if she likes my body and she agreed. My answer was simple: Strip and show me your piercing. She knew exactly which of her three piercing I had in my head. She imm…

The deal

The last fourteen days have been funny. Leandra cried two days, then her former boyfriend was the past. She was shocked when she heard that I am currently in relationship with a women but she had no problem to watch us during sex. She observed me and Aron and even take a look at Doris and Cerapho. Today I made her an offer and she accepted. The terms:
From now on, her sexual activity, regardless if it is only a smile or full blown sex, is under my control and supervision.It is my choice to select her a partner and my choice which kind of sexual activity is done.She is sexual inactive if I do not say otherwise.I do not think she will be active till next month ;-). I have to search a suitable practice partner for her.

Removing a problem

Since a few days I am really interested in Leandra. Not in terms of sex (my girl is Mariane who is luckily back again) but in terms of a young fellow. When I told her that she can learn to such a dick she was shocked and then she told me that she cannot betray her boyfriend despite he acts like an asshole. I told her that he is surely betraying her. She did not believe me. But then I seduced and fucked him. It was simple and ordinary. She was in the bathroom during the quicky and when I was ready she took over and gave him his personal hell. In the end she was alone in my bedroom and I was laying in my tub. It was the meanest thing I ever did to anyone. It was my plan to get them apart to have this toy alone for me. It was my will and I reached it. I ordered her into the tub and gave her a long massage and we talked a little bit. Normally she should slap me and left the room but she was somehow convinced that it was his fault.