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My little project

Leandra my trainee. Despite she had a big confrontation with her boyfriend because of me she showed up and we visit the sauna. She was really nervous (the place at the Feringasee we usually use is not the perfect place for seeing nude male persons) but in the end she get used to it.

Later at the flat she see something about our promiscuity. Cerapho fucked Doris in her room (we saw them coming home) and Nikki and Nadja were passing the living room giggling and laughing and enter the other room. It was difficult to explain to her, that every girl here is bisexual (including me) and we all live some kind of open partnership. Cerapho left the room for a drink and went over to us naked girls. When he saw who she was, he got errected again. I told it her, that it is her fault and then I started to suck him. Shortly before he cummed he left us, told me that he had to ejaculate in Nadja, and entered the room. She asked me if I always gave him blowjobs. And I answered that I give every guy a bl…


Today I met Leandra, the girl from the sea a second time. What shall I say: What a difference. Her guy was with her. A 17 year old freak. She wore a one-piece suite which covered everything except her beautiful face. She act not shy around him, she act more suppressed. She begged me not to tell him that she was naked yesterday. It was a shock for me. This young lady, liberal at the first sight had to be strictly conservative with her guy. I and several other girls from her clique were topless, but she was just impossible. In the end I took her with me. It was no problem to get his allowance when I dropped my bikini bottom direct in front of him and pulling up my tight jeans. For me he is a toy, for her he seems to be a semi-god.

We ended up in the flat. She was very happy about our pool. We spent the afternoon on the general roofdeck, occasionally took a swim and talked about everything. Especially about her friend. They became a couple three years ago. She was an ugly 13 year old girl…


Today we have been at the Feringasee at the area near the surfclub. Luckily I gave Cerapho a final blowjob before we reached the see. Direct ahead of us laid a real young girl. I guessed her for 18, but later I found out she is 16. 16 and a clean shaved pussy. You need guts to be 16 and present your pussy to everyone. Even I wear a slip when I lay on my back. She was really perfect, so perfect that Cerapho, Aron and Katsu had an hardon. And especially Cerapho is normally a guy who is in total in control of his dick. Cerapho discussed her closed pussy and a possible clitoris piercing with Katsu about twenty minutes between us naked girls (except of Nadja .... she is sooooo shy .... despite that her tits are the best of all of us). I crawled up to her and I think during this it was the first time I and my pussy are getting some attention from the guys. Anyway, I chatted with her about an hour, picked up her number, and finally ask her to itch her pussy to get the guys a better look at h…

50 lovers

It is done. Mister 50 fucked me a few hours ago. God damn. I always thought we are a lucky clique having these unique Aron dick with us. Wrong. These guy was a little bit (I measured it) smaller than Aron but much more in the thickness. He is a "professional" fighter and is the most aggressive person I have ever seen. He is obviously a skinhead, he hates the female gender, successful business women (like me), students (like me), and foreign people (like Aron and Katsu). He literally fucked my brain out. There was no opportunity to direct the sex your way. Even if you do it cowgirl style to him, in reality he is moving you up and down using his arms. It was fantastic sex but in reality I knew, if I denied myself to him it would have been declared as rape. I did not know that Katsu and Aron waited outside to protect me if it is necessary. When he did me doggy style my screams have been loud enough to make Aron and Katsu such nervous that Nikki have to keep them back physically…

Nearly escaped

Cerapho had an eye on me this night. I think I will be fucked tonight by Mr. 50. Nikki did not say anything. And Cerapho takes care that I did not leave the house till then. I am writing this on my roofdeck, my laptop on Ceraphos breast and his dick still in me. He stayed the whole day with me. Beginning in my bed, in tub, and now on the roofdeck