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Preparing for Mr. 50

Today I checked my list of former lovers. Including the new fuck of last week I am now at 48 sexual partners. I talked with Nikki about it, and she urging me to celebrate Mr. 50. I agreed to her wish and now she is preparing a little party. She just demands to inform her, when I fucked Mr. 49 so she can arrange everything. Not that he is suddenly Mr. 51.


Today was a horror, I was somehow really horny. After lunch I did the naughtiest things to Cerapho but it did not help. I tried to place a booty call, but no one on my list was availiable or online, I went out bought some very expensive dessous, I stripped in the English garden and tanned for an quarter of an hour (then I cannot stand it any more), I visited Aron in his office, masturbated till it was ten o'clock. But all that did not help. Then I went out, picked up the first cute guy in the club next door and fucked my brain out. I cummed in the second time he pushed his dick into me. I exploded and returned to normality when he fucked me the third time. I had a time to think so I realized that in reality it is just his foreign dick that satisfying me. Nothing new that I like new dicks but it was a shock, that it was literally an addiction.

Condoms usage

Today I fucked my old lover Frank again. With a condom as necessary with him. Therefore I opened my seventh one-hundred package of condoms in my drawer. I looked at the first recipt (I keep them ...) and it is from the April 2004. Now we have July 2005. That are 16 month. That are about 68 weeks. Means, that I needed approximately 9 condoms a week. As I surely fuck of the week with my regular buddies - which do not use a condom - and some of my ONS are using own condoms, the reality is more: Four days with perhaps 12 condoms. It is a funny thought of 700 rubbers going up and down my pussy, being filled and afterwards distributed over the world by the toiled, the trash, or the floor of this beautiful earth.

Frank is one of these high count fuckers. I see him at least one time in the week in my bed. We are fucking for several hours and we use at least 5 condoms. Four filled with cum and one afterwards for just having fun. He certifies me excellent fucking capabilities. No wonder, as he w…