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Showing posts from June, 2005

Vacation report

A croatian day: Waking up the other by licking her pussy, good morning fuck, organizing breakfast, having breakfast in bed, fucking, take on the bikinis, wear them to cross the complex, strip on the beach, tan and bath till 4 o'clock in the afternoon, go back to the hotel room, fuck each other, going out for having a snack, fuck again and then went out for the disco till three o'clock in the morning, having sex and sleeping till 11am. Back in Munich I fucked Cerapho for several hours. Lesbian sex: Fantastic, no dick for a week: not possible.


Funny thing: I just packed for my vacation trip with Mariane and therefore we promised each other that we have no use for condoms during the week. Just lesbian sex. So I dropped all my condoms of the three bags I plan to take with me. Three bags, 49 condoms ;-).

Nadja's birthday

Nadja gave a birthday party yesterday. It was a pretty ordinary party, nothing special (except that I had to argue with a couple who used my bed for sex). But the real thing was a foursome later the night. Mariane seduced Aron and Jessica in our bed (she was not very shy about it, despite she do not know them very well). It was a short but intense foursome. Mariane rode him for a minute or so and then told me to continue. I did him reverse cowgirl style and the girls start to lick my clit and his balls. We cummed together but luckily the girls wanted me to continue my orgasm so I rode a few minutes on this fantastic feelings. Jessica - despite normally a little bit disordered in group sex - was very active on my Mariane. After a descent second fuck we returned to the party.

Holiday & New bikinis

Mariane surprised me today. She invited me to a one week trip to Croatia over her upcoming birthday. I was lucky and in heaven. Then she urged me to give her my notebook and selected some suitable swimwear for me. She ordered on an internet site (she likes her credit card) and I was astonished about this online shop. Every single bikini in their portfolio is somehow ... transparent. I mean, I often wear transparent tops during a disco night and I enjoy and participate nudity on beaches and in a sauna, but when I wear bikinis I want to be covered. She ordered five pieces for me: Hot shorts , a top (, ), a pink sheer bikini ( ) and a tank top ( ). As I declined to wear the stuff she just laughed and told me that she had the same though