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Blind man

A few months ago I saw a movie about a blind couple. I was pretty interested in their sex life but the film do not show much of this. I just heard rumors of their hands. Their seeing hands. Anyway, today I saw a really cute blind guy. He is 26, very trained and currently between relationships (at least he said that). I took my chance and brought him home. He was an awesome fuck. I do not know why his last girlfriend left him, but I got an orgasm before he finished his inspection. I am used to be touched at my breasts, my hips, my tights, my pussy, or my ass, but not everywhere. His fucking and kissing skills are impressive. Currently, Nadja and Nikki are seducing him. Pretty funny everything.

Aron's birthday

I got an invitation Dear Friend, my 29th birthday is coming up at May, 19th 2005. You are invited. Make sure you are well dressed and prepared for a long night. Warning to all singles: If you are attending the party without partner you will have toleave the party with a girl or a man. We will ensure this. Aron I went to his party along with all my friends. Jessica asked me for the birthday strip and I gave him a great performance. Not the first time I stripped ahead of 30 people. But then they enforced the single rule. There was a short lottery and 5 couples plus a lesbian couple was made. The lesbian couple was a little problem, but after a quick exchange of two person everything went fine. I had - some kind of - bad luck. I got Arons assistant. Later, went the party was over and we left the party (it was strange, their rule worked), Aron told me not to kill him. He need him tomorrow morning. We entered his flat later and when he stripped I was a little bit astonished. He was - desp

Birthday party

It is Doris birthday. I expected her wish and she got it: A night with me. She got very natural with her sexuality. She is definitaly a heterosexual girl. She loves Cerapho. She loves men, not women. But she definately likes to touch women. She likes to have cunniculus. She likes to have another girl together with Cerapho and she likes to have a girl for herself. But all this makes her not bisexual like me. She do not love girls. She fucks girls, not love girls. Anyway, I am ready for both of them. Unluckily my model had to flight back to New York yesterday. Two weeks of intense sex are enaugh, even for her.