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My beauty is back. I was learning for an exam next week when Doris entered my room and told me, that a young girl called Mariane is at the door. I literally jumped. I never expected her here in my flat. I thought we will met in a hotel and fuck her brain out, but not in my bed. She entered the room and stripped immediately. I am sure Doris got an excellent insight of her. We fucked for hours. It was shortly after lunchtime and we had fucked at least till 3am in the morning. After breakfast (imagine a model in a t-shirt) we directly went into the bathroom and had a quickie in the tub (with a little assistance of a double-ended dildo).
And then, for the first time, we talked about us, about her and so on.

She told me some amazing facts about the model business. She started the business with 13, and now with 18 and a well know model. Not a super model, but a model. She is doing business in New York, Paris, Rome and in Munich. With 15 her mother and father died at a car accident and she was…

Swinger Club II

Yesterday was my second day in a swinger club. It was a much better club. A lot of couples between 30 and 40 and even a couple of single women. I sucked two cocks through holes in a wall. It was amazing. Later I had sex with a young couple. He was 32 and she was 27. He was amazing for me. My first Prince Albert Piercing. It was really large, and additionally he wore a cock ring. I think I will buy my boys some of these rings. This guy was so hard. So damn hard. The piercing made a good impression to me but unluckily we had to wear a condom. It was difficult to blow him due to his ring and my teeth, but he cummed anyway. On the other hand, she was a hetero who wants to fuck a girl. Like the most unexperienced girl she was awful between my legs but teriffied by my tongue. But she was talented with her hands.

I spent the night and their place and drove this morning back to Munich.

Letter from the U.S.

Today I received a letter full of explicit words. The letter was from Mariane in New York. She wrote me, that she cannot stand it anymore before seeing me again. In New York she dropped her current girlfriend and now she is waiting for her next job in Europe. Crazy bitch. I understand her. Currently my only wish is, to have her between my legs. Nadja was a good experience, but Mariane is a league of her own. As the letter was so hot I used my vibrator on my clit to cool down. Luckily, Frank will pass by and fuck me, later this day.

Jessica's Birthday

Jessica made a birthday dinner for us. We all expected to end up in a orgy, but somehow nothing happened. The three horny boys and the horny single girl (that is me) just not fucked anybody.

Naughty girl

April 1st. I do not know if this tradition is a german thing or a generell thing. On April 1st, you traditionally kid somebody. First, I kidded some guys late in the night in a club. Making them hot, letting them touch me and when they want to fuck: Just kidding. Later I let somebody pick me up and we fucked till five in the morning. He has a thick penis so I was pretty happy. After two of my wonderful orgasms and a full condom he asked me if the sex was good. "It was the worst sex I have ever had", I claimed. He was literally shocked. Come on guys. You have to notice if her pussy is cumming or not. That is not so difficult. But I was just kidding.