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Showing posts from March, 2005

My model

Today I made my strike on a real beauty. A french model. I met her at a hotel bar of a famous Munich place. She was so bored. When she denied to chat with the fourth men in row I could not take it any more. I went over and said to her: "Let's go" She checked my body and directly touched me between my legs. She felt my heat immediately and smiled. "Yes, let's go." We kissed the first time before we left the room. In the elevator she was below my top and I was in her skirt. No slip, no pussy hair, just a blank pussy. I have never stripped that fast. She beat me in that discipline. No a question with a one-piece dress. Naked she was gorgeous. I was so ashamed. This girl was perfection and I wore just a my casual stuff, I have not shaved since days and my only sentence in french is "Voulez vous couche avec moi" (is that right). I spent the whole afternoon in her bed and did not understand a word. Anyhow. Her English is good enaugh for asking me to stay


Have you ever fucked in cold March? Outside? In the night? On a roofdeck? I tried it an hour ago and it was not so bad. Just do not sit down. And take care of his balls. Aron thanked me a lot for that. Jessica was a huge turn on for both of us. She first watched us and afterwards showered in my shower (which has a huge glass door ... my bath and my roofdeck are a little special). We later joined her under the hot water. What a cold sandwich for her.

Swinger Club

Yesterday I was in a swinger club. My wish was to be taken by one or two men with a lot of people watching. But it was aweful. Not a single men (or women) in this club was beauntiful. I am not a girl who selects her partners by the membership card of the fitness club (Cerapho, for example is not Mr. Perfect Body) but I expected someone in my age and not two dozen fat guys with really ugly 40years old women. Urgh. I drove 100 km for two simple blowjobs I gave. A disco in Munich would be more successful.

How I hate it

Tonight I had a pretty ugly accident. I met a guy in a club and he fucked me in his car. It was really cool (in more than one way ... anyhow) and we had fantastic sex. But I think he watched to much hardcore pornos in his life. After a nice long pussy fuck he put his dick into my mouth after he dropped the condom and started to fuck my face. Not that I like that, but I can live with that. What I can not live with is his massive ejaculation in my eyes and my hair. I sucked him hard to keep him in my mouth but he have to deface me. The only guy who is allowed to do so is Cerapho, but he only do it at home and not in my eyes. I hate it. I am writing you with to red eyes !!!!