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Got you

It is now a month past beyond my 24 birthday. And today I got one of my anonymus fuckers. He went so red when he saw me I immediatelly knew. This tomato behaviour is currently my behaviour. Our clique has an big outer circle. And a lot of guys are hitting on me because they knew I am single. They also knew, that they will not be happy with me, but try it anyway. That is okay. I already sucked many of them but naturally the mayority is still not intimate with me. But within the last month my natural superiority over them (due to my body) is lost. I lost track over my sexual activity among them. I have never fucked anyone of them but now I am not sure. One of them looks in my eyes and has this knowing smile. Is it just because I had oral with him or because he fucked me. It is so amazing. I recognize somebody, I get a red face and he is most of the times pretty confused. Two weeks ago it was public information what I did on my birthday. Now they are all smiling on me. Arrgh.

Anyhow, I su…

Two further ads

This weekend I had two appointments with couples. One on friday, one on sunday. Friday was a fake. A group of men and one woman awaited me. Luckily I left their small porno party without being touched by anybody. It was the most ugliest scene I made anyone. I was so angry I kicked somebodies balls so hard, I am pretty sure he is in the hospital. On Sunday it was better. A couple in the late twenties, both very hot (and trained), but here the wife was not very happy with me. She even placed the ad, but I think she did not expect a girl who can reach her beauty. We fucked her and afterwards each other. I forgot her during sex and just remembered her when she started to lick my cunt. For me it was perfect, a really hot couple, good sex, and a nice location. For her, during sex it was okay, but afterwards she acted like a bitch, which ended up with me calling a taxi an hour ago.

Nikki's birthday was on this weekend as well. We gave her a harem fantasy. A lot of nude girls and two (more…

Holy shit

I read the entries of January 2005 in my blog. What a fucky month. From New Year's day till Februar 8th, I had sex with 22 different persons, 8 friends, 1 old ONS, and 13 new boys or girls. I opened Outlook and verified my total number of sexual partners. Till today I had sex with at least 38 persons (at least because, perhaps I forgot somebody). Without Oral. 36 within three years. Ralph, the first of the 36 was in June or July and not on January. There have been 23 ONS in my life (ONS=First night sex, no relationship afterwards).

But the most ugliest count is this one: I would actively deny sex only to seven persons (Ralph, the twins, and four ONS with bad sex). Seven. ==> 32 are left.

I am pretty ashamed now. I talked with Cerapho about it. He was luckily here. He cooled me down a little bit. He said, due to the fact, that I tell everyone of my "adventures" and do not hide or protect my sexuality against anybody else. He told me, that it is widely accepted that I am …

Gay couple, The Ad, and a booty call

Gay couple
Joel my old flat mate gave a party because of his birthday. He is gay. And his party was gay. Everything was gay except of the four girls on the party (and at least one of them is bi) so I never thought of being fucked that night. Two of them picked me up for a Threesome. It was an amazing experience. I was treated like shit from them. They do not care about my presense (which is pretty abnormal), touched me like a piece of meat, and fucked me without any thought of me. I was literally jelousy on them. I am used to be the center of any attention during sex and they just fucked me without any care. For them I am replaceable. Perhaps they commit: Nice big tits.
But it was good and an experience. Never fucked with a gay couple. The funny thing is: There is always a dick left.

The Ad
I read a ad in a magazine for a missing female partner in a Threesome. The crazy bitch I am answered the ad and got invited yesterday. They are a couple in the late thirties, she was boring and he was …