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Showing posts from January, 2005

Happy Birthday

I am 24 years old now. And the morning of my birthday (on last sunday) began with an orgy. I was woken by Cerapho shoving his dick into my mouth. Aron and Katsu entered my other holes and the girls attacked me from every side. I was literally in heaven. An hour later, Cerapho still in my mouth and hiding every sight of the room of me, Katsu left my pussy and a foreign dick with a condom entered my pussy. After the guy cummed on my belly another one penetrated me. Cerapho later told me, my looks have been priceless. It ended when the smell of a good dinner entered my room. Doris and Nikki left the party a little bit before. The foreign guys, four in count, have left the apartment and I was thrilled. All the first class Lunch I tried to get the names of them, but no chance. Nikki just told me, that three of them are persons I know but I never fucked with (one I even resisted actively) and one is a friend of one of the known guys. I got this nice present from them. And additionally a lot

Katsu's cousin

Katsu asked me a question a few days ago. His cousin - a 19 year old boy from Tokyo - is visiting him currently. This small guy has a big wish: Sex with a european girl. He got me. He introduced me the first day he arrived here and he never slept a night without me all the four days he visited Munich (Tomorrow he will have to catch his flight). We even had a Threesome with a girl of the hotel lobby I picked up and another one with Katsu.

Lesbian Party

It was the birthday party of my sister Sarah. A big party. 20 young girls, most of them pretty nice, flirting with each other and not a single man around. I was picked up by a couple and we ended a few hours later in their bed. I already had this kind of lesbian sex but it is more amazing if you did not know them. Good sex.

Worse sex

My last ONS called me earlier this day and asked me for sex. I wished a present for myself (dessous) and visited him. I got it, and we fucked for an hour. But that was enaugh. Alcohol is a worse influence when rating mens sexual attributes. It was so worse sex, I cannot describe it. The fuck two days ago was much better (at least I remember so).

Sylvester Party

Wow, it was good sex tonight. I have no idea how and when I selected him last night. I remember dancing with him, sucking him, and fucking him. I am writing this from his machine (he is still sleeping) in his flat. I searched his PC and found a huge collection of pictures of him and his several ex girlfriends. Nice girls. ... Oh, he is awaking ... and his Penis woke up as well. I have to stop here.