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She is pregnant

My lover is pregnant. No I am not a boy, I am a girl. She is in the second month. Marco told me today (he just arrived) that she dropped the pills for him and now they are expecting a baby. First it was a kind of discussion who is the daddy, because Cerapho fucked her more than once, but Mariane is pretty sure about it. She even thinks to know the exact date and location: In the snow on the roofdeck, on November 18th. I am lucky with her, but I know the consequences: No lesbian relationship with her in the future, her body will change (and I do not like this!!!) and this fucker Marco will be more and more important. And he told me, that they will leave on January 3rd, to a house of him in south of french. Unluckily I am the looser in this story. The big looser.

Currently my eyes are not dry. I am crying for hours now while the bad french cuties are eating for lunch in a nice restaurant. And Marco will be in a hotel with her. Shit I am loosing her.

Sexy times

Sex, sex, sex, sex. The best word in dictionary. Anal sex, vaginal sex, and oral sex. The best combinations. The house is "empty" (Nikki in Hamburg, Doris and Nadja at her parents) except of Cerapho and me. And the visiting Mariane, Aron, Katsu, and Martin. And there are two rules: No clothes and do not leave the flat. And Mariane is denying every vaginal and anal activity. So what is the result around one-and-a-half nude girl and four naked boys. There have been only two interuptions in the last four days: A call from Jessica that she is now upset sitting around home and is now visiting Ayaka. And Cerapho had to buy some groceries.

Mariane is currently giving blowjobs while the guys are watching tv. It is the last day. Tomorrow Doris and Nadja will return, and Jessica is demanding Aron to go home. Yesterday night I had sex with two dicks in my pussy. I did this the last time with the twins. Aron and Cerapho were the guys of the night. I tried it with Aron and Martin but that…


Marine arrived here at 9pm in the night. We had sex all night. The whole holy night. Now I understand how the holy Mary feeled when she was fucked by an angel (free interpretation). She was horny like hell. And now I am horny (my ovalation kicked in pretty heavy). Cerapho came in our empty flat in the afternoon and quickly fucked us both. I will join her in the bathtub in a few minutes.

Leandra's lessons: Doing it tidy

That is a lesson: After doing vaginal or oral sex clean up your partners dick. A lesson I told her before and she did everytime without problem. I asked Aron to fuck her and he happily did as I told him. Here I have to mention that we did a mass HIV test with all of us. It was really funny. The nurse was somehow irritated. But she know Aron and me personally by now so it was okay. She once again told me to have sex with less partners but as every time her text has no consequences. Anyway. Leandra was fucked first time without condom by Martin in her ass and afterwards Aron in her pussy. And what happens when Aron fucks a tight girl? His dick is afterwards more white than black. White by 30% sperm and 70% of pussy cream. And she did it: She licked him clean afterwards. She noticed her own liquids but did not complain. Very well.

By the way: Leandra and Martin are more and more a couple. First I thought, Martin would do it like every men: How much sex can I get from these girls. After th…

Leandra's lessons: Deep throat

Today Leandra did a mistake. She complained about the lack of progress. She is now anal fucking for three weeks. The last time Martin did it to her in my pressence they did not used any lube except of the condom and they fucked for ten minutes. And honestly: I do not know if I would stand it. He is very well equipped. As well as in length as in circumstance. She stand it in her back entrance. Let us see if she can stand it in her mouth. It is deep throat time.

I personally do not like this deep throat, face fucking, and gagging thing. Not because of the sucking itself - that is not the problem - but due to this degrading factor. Anyway, today Aron and Martin had their time on my face. Martin is very experienced in oral topics and face fucking me does not seemed to push him over the border but he cummed in my mouth. Then he started on Leandra and Aron pushed his dick into me. He used one of my cock rings so it takes half an hour. He fucked me on the border of my bed, my head hanging dow…


In Germany there are no student communties like in America with this Kappa Lambda Blah thing. But there are things like a Burschenschaft. They are a most male community with - most of the time - slightly right opinions. My Mr. 50 was in one of them. I met him in central Munich in a shopping center when he asked me if I would like to join him for a party. I said yes in my hope to fuck him again. What a mistake. Two hours later, shortly before ten I was drunk enough to let myself be convinced to give a striptease number on a bar. It was pretty easy for them, because the first girl gave a worse performance, they had a pole at one corner of the bar, and I really love to perform. The performance I gave was good despite my alcohol level but nude stagediving is stupid idea. Until Mr. 50 gave me back my skirt and my top I was touched and invaded by too many people. Today I am ashamed yesterday I even encouraged them.

Mr. 50 gave me one last task to do before he will fuck me: To fuck a virgin j…

Suck the Santa

I had sex with a Santa. Or better a Nikolaus. He was a young man who made money that way. He left our building when I entered and we fast agreed that I was a bad girl and deserves punishment. He was quick with his punishment and gave me a descent orgasm.

Full orgy

I invited for an orgy yesterday night and they all came. Cerapho, Doris, Nikki, Nadja, Aron, Jessica, Katsu, Ayaka, Frank, and Martin (both with their first invitation). It was the first time, that we are nearly eqal in numbers. Just one girl more than boys (that is me). Oh, and Leandra was bound to a chair, forced to watch us. It was great. Due to the bisexuality of us girls, there have been lesbian groups all the times, so the guys had to share girls. Goooood.

I fucked Frank last. He had a smile on his face like he was in heaven. Still he has his girlfriend but in reality it is just because of us fuck buddies. Otherwise she would be too boring for him. He did not cum in his condom, but that was not important. Doing it with him, is like doing with Cerapho: To be with a friend. Doing it with somebody else, it is erotic or exciting, but with these two guys it is just friendship. ... On the other hand: Doing it with a friend is forbidden ;-).

Leandra's lessons: Anal sex

My two french cuties are gone for one month. Mariane will return for christmas and Marco in the New Year. Cry out loud ...

But instead of having good things in my bed, Leandra will have a bad time in bed: It is anal time. First, she did not like the idea. Now, after some time, she is very happy with it. I have to commit: Martin is doing an excellent job at this.

Leandra's lesson: Masturbation exam

Today she got her exam for masturbation by someone else. The exam was simple: Go into a small club, dance with somebody, let yourself be pleasured by his hand, and getting rid of him. But honestly I cannot approve it. I saw her letting somebody into her slip but the rest of the time I was on a toilet stall, let myself being fucked by a small guy. Two and a half month since my last ONS. That was Leandra's Ex. Part of my project. And before was Hung Mr. 50. I miss these foreign dicks. It is such a turn-on. Anyway: Leandra did it on her own, when I come back to our seats she was back there with a knowing smile on her face. Good girl.

First snow

Today is amazing. Hanging out with this french speaking couple is somehow fun, somehow annoying. They are speaking about me, but I do not understand very much. But I think most of the time they are planning, what they are doing next to me.

The other real beautifuf thing today is the first snow. In the late evening, around ten o'clock the first snow fall. Wearing nothing else than open winter coats we fucked each other silly or better chilly direct within the snowfall on my roofdeck.

Two drunken models

What just happened was somehow incredible. I was fucked by two drunken models. Mariane picked up a teen friend of her (he is a french supermodel) and invited him into my bed. It was awesome. The breast and stomach of this guy meets the perfection. It was like in a dream.

Is it wrong

I got trouble today with Jessica. She is not very happy with Leandra. She told me, that I cannot do this to a soon 17yo girl. She argued that she is not a slave and what I am doing to her is highly inmoral. Inmoral? Perhaps but that is a question of the viewpoint and the person who set up the moral. The catholic church does surely not agree with my sexual opinions. Inmoral in terms that she is too young? She is nearly 17. Too innocent? Pah. A slave? She is submessive by her own will. I do not force her.

Leandra did her pussy licking with honers and has now a new topic: Getting masturbated by someone else. I want her to be open for her sexuality in the public. It is funny because she is loosing her shyness drastically now.

Being the man or being the woman

I have never considered it so far but in my relationship with Mariane I am the woman. She is the aggressive player and I am always the receiving partner. It is totally uncommon that I start sex between us. And I have never used the harness first on her. And I loved the harness with Nadja long time ago. It is really funny. I bed I was always dominating my partner. I was always on top. But with her it is different. I love sex with her. And she is sometimes acting like a male. She comes in my room pushing up her mini, moving her slip and ordering me to lick her. She can easily stand two or three orgasm. Afterwards she simple push the clothes to their places and return to the kitchen, preparing a sandwich. It is like sucking a man.

Anyway. Leandra is getting better in the pussy licking thing. We had big trouble because of that. She did not like the idea but we convinced her. Pussy eating for beginners was her first lesson she did with Nikki and Nadja. Tonight is her fifth licking lesson. I…

Leandra's lessons: phallus whorship

Today is her - I think tenth - dick sucking exercise unit. And she is learning to swallow. On the first day it was unthinkable for her. On the second day after the second load into her eyes (I am evil) she considered to spit it. But she never did. On the third day she took it into her mouth. I arrested her on my bed and stop her breath through her nose. Meanwhile I let Martin play with her pussy and kept an hand on her mouth. She shouted and cried a little bit, but she got a reward: A bottle of water (very necessary) and later a fuck from Martin. Nearly two month without sex. Nearly impossible for this sixteen year old.
Anyway. Today she got her blowjob exam. She did an excellent job first on Cerapho, then twice on Martin, and then twice on Cerapho again. She swallowed all five loads and took care of their balls. That was very important for me: There are a lot of girls who suck. Nearly every young girl. And they are all experienced when they are old enough. Experience was not my traini…

Leandra's lessons: Sucking dick I

I am pretty happy with the choice I made with Martin (Leandra's future lover). I tested him today in presence of Leandra. He did his duties pretty well. After he filled his condom, I sucked him in the second run. I involved Leandra in our play and ordered her to kiss his dick. And then she did it: She took the head of his dick into her mouth. Success. He blowed his second load on my tits and we finished with him for tonight.
In the bathtub she commited, that she liked the effects of her dick licking.

Leandra's waiting time is over

Leandra is pretty submissive. After four weeks she complained about not having sex. That's okay. After five weeks she stopped that. She declined the offers of at least 5 guys and even one girl. She is currently doing everything I am ordering her. Today I introduced her future lover to her. I found him two weeks ago during a party. He is 23 and quite a hung. He left his girlfriend three weeks ago and was the guy of the night. Today we all met at a club and I explained him my aims about making her a perfect fuck toy. I think, when he saw her he dropped his original target to lay me tonight. Anyway, I did not tell her about him. I asked her over and ordered her to undress her slip. She immediately did as I told her standing directly in front of him. After she gave him the slip without saying a word I sent her back to the dancing floor.

3 weeks w/o sex

It is now 3 weeks gone that Leandra left her boyfriend and nearly a week since our deal. I am pretty sure that she is honest to me and did not flirt with anyone from her school. I immediately forbit her any contact to any male. She is my toy and I love the imagination of her fantastic body be unused. Today I told her in presence of Cerapho that only he is allowed to do anything with her. But a few seconds later I whispered in his ear that when he touch her sex he will never touch my sex. That worked.
We went out and danced a lot. She really tried - as I ordered - to seduce Cerapho but she had no chance. Her last opportunity was in the entrance of our flat. But Doris was faster. I pushed her in the bath and stripped. I set up a tub and laid myself into it. She came over and sat herself on the border of the bathtub. I asked her if she likes my body and she agreed. My answer was simple: Strip and show me your piercing. She knew exactly which of her three piercing I had in my head. She imm…

The deal

The last fourteen days have been funny. Leandra cried two days, then her former boyfriend was the past. She was shocked when she heard that I am currently in relationship with a women but she had no problem to watch us during sex. She observed me and Aron and even take a look at Doris and Cerapho. Today I made her an offer and she accepted. The terms:
From now on, her sexual activity, regardless if it is only a smile or full blown sex, is under my control and supervision.It is my choice to select her a partner and my choice which kind of sexual activity is done.She is sexual inactive if I do not say otherwise.I do not think she will be active till next month ;-). I have to search a suitable practice partner for her.

Removing a problem

Since a few days I am really interested in Leandra. Not in terms of sex (my girl is Mariane who is luckily back again) but in terms of a young fellow. When I told her that she can learn to such a dick she was shocked and then she told me that she cannot betray her boyfriend despite he acts like an asshole. I told her that he is surely betraying her. She did not believe me. But then I seduced and fucked him. It was simple and ordinary. She was in the bathroom during the quicky and when I was ready she took over and gave him his personal hell. In the end she was alone in my bedroom and I was laying in my tub. It was the meanest thing I ever did to anyone. It was my plan to get them apart to have this toy alone for me. It was my will and I reached it. I ordered her into the tub and gave her a long massage and we talked a little bit. Normally she should slap me and left the room but she was somehow convinced that it was his fault.

My little project

Leandra my trainee. Despite she had a big confrontation with her boyfriend because of me she showed up and we visit the sauna. She was really nervous (the place at the Feringasee we usually use is not the perfect place for seeing nude male persons) but in the end she get used to it.

Later at the flat she see something about our promiscuity. Cerapho fucked Doris in her room (we saw them coming home) and Nikki and Nadja were passing the living room giggling and laughing and enter the other room. It was difficult to explain to her, that every girl here is bisexual (including me) and we all live some kind of open partnership. Cerapho left the room for a drink and went over to us naked girls. When he saw who she was, he got errected again. I told it her, that it is her fault and then I started to suck him. Shortly before he cummed he left us, told me that he had to ejaculate in Nadja, and entered the room. She asked me if I always gave him blowjobs. And I answered that I give every guy a bl…


Today I met Leandra, the girl from the sea a second time. What shall I say: What a difference. Her guy was with her. A 17 year old freak. She wore a one-piece suite which covered everything except her beautiful face. She act not shy around him, she act more suppressed. She begged me not to tell him that she was naked yesterday. It was a shock for me. This young lady, liberal at the first sight had to be strictly conservative with her guy. I and several other girls from her clique were topless, but she was just impossible. In the end I took her with me. It was no problem to get his allowance when I dropped my bikini bottom direct in front of him and pulling up my tight jeans. For me he is a toy, for her he seems to be a semi-god.

We ended up in the flat. She was very happy about our pool. We spent the afternoon on the general roofdeck, occasionally took a swim and talked about everything. Especially about her friend. They became a couple three years ago. She was an ugly 13 year old girl…


Today we have been at the Feringasee at the area near the surfclub. Luckily I gave Cerapho a final blowjob before we reached the see. Direct ahead of us laid a real young girl. I guessed her for 18, but later I found out she is 16. 16 and a clean shaved pussy. You need guts to be 16 and present your pussy to everyone. Even I wear a slip when I lay on my back. She was really perfect, so perfect that Cerapho, Aron and Katsu had an hardon. And especially Cerapho is normally a guy who is in total in control of his dick. Cerapho discussed her closed pussy and a possible clitoris piercing with Katsu about twenty minutes between us naked girls (except of Nadja .... she is sooooo shy .... despite that her tits are the best of all of us). I crawled up to her and I think during this it was the first time I and my pussy are getting some attention from the guys. Anyway, I chatted with her about an hour, picked up her number, and finally ask her to itch her pussy to get the guys a better look at h…

50 lovers

It is done. Mister 50 fucked me a few hours ago. God damn. I always thought we are a lucky clique having these unique Aron dick with us. Wrong. These guy was a little bit (I measured it) smaller than Aron but much more in the thickness. He is a "professional" fighter and is the most aggressive person I have ever seen. He is obviously a skinhead, he hates the female gender, successful business women (like me), students (like me), and foreign people (like Aron and Katsu). He literally fucked my brain out. There was no opportunity to direct the sex your way. Even if you do it cowgirl style to him, in reality he is moving you up and down using his arms. It was fantastic sex but in reality I knew, if I denied myself to him it would have been declared as rape. I did not know that Katsu and Aron waited outside to protect me if it is necessary. When he did me doggy style my screams have been loud enough to make Aron and Katsu such nervous that Nikki have to keep them back physically…

Nearly escaped

Cerapho had an eye on me this night. I think I will be fucked tonight by Mr. 50. Nikki did not say anything. And Cerapho takes care that I did not leave the house till then. I am writing this on my roofdeck, my laptop on Ceraphos breast and his dick still in me. He stayed the whole day with me. Beginning in my bed, in tub, and now on the roofdeck

Preparing for Mr. 50

Today I checked my list of former lovers. Including the new fuck of last week I am now at 48 sexual partners. I talked with Nikki about it, and she urging me to celebrate Mr. 50. I agreed to her wish and now she is preparing a little party. She just demands to inform her, when I fucked Mr. 49 so she can arrange everything. Not that he is suddenly Mr. 51.


Today was a horror, I was somehow really horny. After lunch I did the naughtiest things to Cerapho but it did not help. I tried to place a booty call, but no one on my list was availiable or online, I went out bought some very expensive dessous, I stripped in the English garden and tanned for an quarter of an hour (then I cannot stand it any more), I visited Aron in his office, masturbated till it was ten o'clock. But all that did not help. Then I went out, picked up the first cute guy in the club next door and fucked my brain out. I cummed in the second time he pushed his dick into me. I exploded and returned to normality when he fucked me the third time. I had a time to think so I realized that in reality it is just his foreign dick that satisfying me. Nothing new that I like new dicks but it was a shock, that it was literally an addiction.

Condoms usage

Today I fucked my old lover Frank again. With a condom as necessary with him. Therefore I opened my seventh one-hundred package of condoms in my drawer. I looked at the first recipt (I keep them ...) and it is from the April 2004. Now we have July 2005. That are 16 month. That are about 68 weeks. Means, that I needed approximately 9 condoms a week. As I surely fuck of the week with my regular buddies - which do not use a condom - and some of my ONS are using own condoms, the reality is more: Four days with perhaps 12 condoms. It is a funny thought of 700 rubbers going up and down my pussy, being filled and afterwards distributed over the world by the toiled, the trash, or the floor of this beautiful earth.

Frank is one of these high count fuckers. I see him at least one time in the week in my bed. We are fucking for several hours and we use at least 5 condoms. Four filled with cum and one afterwards for just having fun. He certifies me excellent fucking capabilities. No wonder, as he w…

Vacation report

A croatian day: Waking up the other by licking her pussy, good morning fuck, organizing breakfast, having breakfast in bed, fucking, take on the bikinis, wear them to cross the complex, strip on the beach, tan and bath till 4 o'clock in the afternoon, go back to the hotel room, fuck each other, going out for having a snack, fuck again and then went out for the disco till three o'clock in the morning, having sex and sleeping till 11am.

Back in Munich I fucked Cerapho for several hours. Lesbian sex: Fantastic, no dick for a week: not possible.


Funny thing: I just packed for my vacation trip with Mariane and therefore we promised each other that we have no use for condoms during the week. Just lesbian sex. So I dropped all my condoms of the three bags I plan to take with me. Three bags, 49 condoms ;-).

Nadja's birthday

Nadja gave a birthday party yesterday. It was a pretty ordinary party, nothing special (except that I had to argue with a couple who used my bed for sex). But the real thing was a foursome later the night. Mariane seduced Aron and Jessica in our bed (she was not very shy about it, despite she do not know them very well). It was a short but intense foursome. Mariane rode him for a minute or so and then told me to continue. I did him reverse cowgirl style and the girls start to lick my clit and his balls. We cummed together but luckily the girls wanted me to continue my orgasm so I rode a few minutes on this fantastic feelings. Jessica - despite normally a little bit disordered in group sex - was very active on my Mariane. After a descent second fuck we returned to the party.

Holiday & New bikinis

Mariane surprised me today. She invited me to a one week trip to Croatia over her upcoming birthday. I was lucky and in heaven. Then she urged me to give her my notebook and selected some suitable swimwear for me. She ordered on an internet site (she likes her credit card) and I was astonished about this online shop. Every single bikini in their portfolio is somehow ... transparent. I mean, I often wear transparent tops during a disco night and I enjoy and participate nudity on beaches and in a sauna, but when I wear bikinis I want to be covered. She ordered five pieces for me: Hot shorts, a top (,, a pink sheer bikini ( and a tank top ( As I declined to wear the stuff she just laughed and told me that she had the same thoughts in t…

Blind man

A few months ago I saw a movie about a blind couple. I was pretty interested in their sex life but the film do not show much of this. I just heard rumors of their hands. Their seeing hands. Anyway, today I saw a really cute blind guy. He is 26, very trained and currently between relationships (at least he said that). I took my chance and brought him home. He was an awesome fuck. I do not know why his last girlfriend left him, but I got an orgasm before he finished his inspection. I am used to be touched at my breasts, my hips, my tights, my pussy, or my ass, but not everywhere. His fucking and kissing skills are impressive. Currently, Nadja and Nikki are seducing him. Pretty funny everything.

Aron's birthday

I got an invitation
Dear Friend,

my 29th birthday is coming up at May, 19th 2005. You are invited. Make sure you are well dressed and prepared for a long night. Warning to all singles: If you are attending the party without partner you will have toleave the party with a girl or a man. We will ensure this.

AronI went to his party along with all my friends. Jessica asked me for the birthday strip and I gave him a great performance. Not the first time I stripped ahead of 30 people. But then they enforced the single rule. There was a short lottery and 5 couples plus a lesbian couple was made. The lesbian couple was a little problem, but after a quick exchange of two person everything went fine. I had - some kind of - bad luck. I got Arons assistant. Later, went the party was over and we left the party (it was strange, their rule worked), Aron told me not to kill him. He need him tomorrow morning. We entered his flat later and when he stripped I was a little bit astonished. He was - despite h…

Birthday party

It is Doris birthday. I expected her wish and she got it: A night with me. She got very natural with her sexuality. She is definitaly a heterosexual girl. She loves Cerapho. She loves men, not women. But she definately likes to touch women. She likes to have cunniculus. She likes to have another girl together with Cerapho and she likes to have a girl for herself. But all this makes her not bisexual like me. She do not love girls. She fucks girls, not love girls. Anyway, I am ready for both of them.

Unluckily my model had to flight back to New York yesterday. Two weeks of intense sex are enaugh, even for her.


My beauty is back. I was learning for an exam next week when Doris entered my room and told me, that a young girl called Mariane is at the door. I literally jumped. I never expected her here in my flat. I thought we will met in a hotel and fuck her brain out, but not in my bed. She entered the room and stripped immediately. I am sure Doris got an excellent insight of her. We fucked for hours. It was shortly after lunchtime and we had fucked at least till 3am in the morning. After breakfast (imagine a model in a t-shirt) we directly went into the bathroom and had a quickie in the tub (with a little assistance of a double-ended dildo).
And then, for the first time, we talked about us, about her and so on.

She told me some amazing facts about the model business. She started the business with 13, and now with 18 and a well know model. Not a super model, but a model. She is doing business in New York, Paris, Rome and in Munich. With 15 her mother and father died at a car accident and she was…

Swinger Club II

Yesterday was my second day in a swinger club. It was a much better club. A lot of couples between 30 and 40 and even a couple of single women. I sucked two cocks through holes in a wall. It was amazing. Later I had sex with a young couple. He was 32 and she was 27. He was amazing for me. My first Prince Albert Piercing. It was really large, and additionally he wore a cock ring. I think I will buy my boys some of these rings. This guy was so hard. So damn hard. The piercing made a good impression to me but unluckily we had to wear a condom. It was difficult to blow him due to his ring and my teeth, but he cummed anyway. On the other hand, she was a hetero who wants to fuck a girl. Like the most unexperienced girl she was awful between my legs but teriffied by my tongue. But she was talented with her hands.

I spent the night and their place and drove this morning back to Munich.

Letter from the U.S.

Today I received a letter full of explicit words. The letter was from Mariane in New York. She wrote me, that she cannot stand it anymore before seeing me again. In New York she dropped her current girlfriend and now she is waiting for her next job in Europe. Crazy bitch. I understand her. Currently my only wish is, to have her between my legs. Nadja was a good experience, but Mariane is a league of her own. As the letter was so hot I used my vibrator on my clit to cool down. Luckily, Frank will pass by and fuck me, later this day.

Jessica's Birthday

Jessica made a birthday dinner for us. We all expected to end up in a orgy, but somehow nothing happened. The three horny boys and the horny single girl (that is me) just not fucked anybody.

Naughty girl

April 1st. I do not know if this tradition is a german thing or a generell thing. On April 1st, you traditionally kid somebody. First, I kidded some guys late in the night in a club. Making them hot, letting them touch me and when they want to fuck: Just kidding. Later I let somebody pick me up and we fucked till five in the morning. He has a thick penis so I was pretty happy. After two of my wonderful orgasms and a full condom he asked me if the sex was good. "It was the worst sex I have ever had", I claimed. He was literally shocked. Come on guys. You have to notice if her pussy is cumming or not. That is not so difficult. But I was just kidding.

My model

Today I made my strike on a real beauty. A french model. I met her at a hotel bar of a famous Munich place. She was so bored. When she denied to chat with the fourth men in row I could not take it any more. I went over and said to her: "Let's go" She checked my body and directly touched me between my legs. She felt my heat immediately and smiled. "Yes, let's go." We kissed the first time before we left the room. In the elevator she was below my top and I was in her skirt. No slip, no pussy hair, just a blank pussy. I have never stripped that fast. She beat me in that discipline. No a question with a one-piece dress. Naked she was gorgeous. I was so ashamed. This girl was perfection and I wore just a my casual stuff, I have not shaved since days and my only sentence in french is "Voulez vous couche avec moi" (is that right). I spent the whole afternoon in her bed and did not understand a word. Anyhow. Her English is good enaugh for asking me to sta…


Have you ever fucked in cold March? Outside? In the night? On a roofdeck? I tried it an hour ago and it was not so bad. Just do not sit down. And take care of his balls. Aron thanked me a lot for that. Jessica was a huge turn on for both of us. She first watched us and afterwards showered in my shower (which has a huge glass door ... my bath and my roofdeck are a little special). We later joined her under the hot water. What a cold sandwich for her.

Swinger Club

Yesterday I was in a swinger club. My wish was to be taken by one or two men with a lot of people watching. But it was aweful. Not a single men (or women) in this club was beauntiful. I am not a girl who selects her partners by the membership card of the fitness club (Cerapho, for example is not Mr. Perfect Body) but I expected someone in my age and not two dozen fat guys with really ugly 40years old women. Urgh.

I drove 100 km for two simple blowjobs I gave. A disco in Munich would be more successful.

How I hate it

Tonight I had a pretty ugly accident. I met a guy in a club and he fucked me in his car. It was really cool (in more than one way ... anyhow) and we had fantastic sex. But I think he watched to much hardcore pornos in his life. After a nice long pussy fuck he put his dick into my mouth after he dropped the condom and started to fuck my face. Not that I like that, but I can live with that. What I can not live with is his massive ejaculation in my eyes and my hair. I sucked him hard to keep him in my mouth but he have to deface me. The only guy who is allowed to do so is Cerapho, but he only do it at home and not in my eyes. I hate it.

I am writing you with to red eyes !!!!

Got you

It is now a month past beyond my 24 birthday. And today I got one of my anonymus fuckers. He went so red when he saw me I immediatelly knew. This tomato behaviour is currently my behaviour. Our clique has an big outer circle. And a lot of guys are hitting on me because they knew I am single. They also knew, that they will not be happy with me, but try it anyway. That is okay. I already sucked many of them but naturally the mayority is still not intimate with me. But within the last month my natural superiority over them (due to my body) is lost. I lost track over my sexual activity among them. I have never fucked anyone of them but now I am not sure. One of them looks in my eyes and has this knowing smile. Is it just because I had oral with him or because he fucked me. It is so amazing. I recognize somebody, I get a red face and he is most of the times pretty confused. Two weeks ago it was public information what I did on my birthday. Now they are all smiling on me. Arrgh.

Anyhow, I su…

Two further ads

This weekend I had two appointments with couples. One on friday, one on sunday. Friday was a fake. A group of men and one woman awaited me. Luckily I left their small porno party without being touched by anybody. It was the most ugliest scene I made anyone. I was so angry I kicked somebodies balls so hard, I am pretty sure he is in the hospital. On Sunday it was better. A couple in the late twenties, both very hot (and trained), but here the wife was not very happy with me. She even placed the ad, but I think she did not expect a girl who can reach her beauty. We fucked her and afterwards each other. I forgot her during sex and just remembered her when she started to lick my cunt. For me it was perfect, a really hot couple, good sex, and a nice location. For her, during sex it was okay, but afterwards she acted like a bitch, which ended up with me calling a taxi an hour ago.

Nikki's birthday was on this weekend as well. We gave her a harem fantasy. A lot of nude girls and two (more…

Holy shit

I read the entries of January 2005 in my blog. What a fucky month. From New Year's day till Februar 8th, I had sex with 22 different persons, 8 friends, 1 old ONS, and 13 new boys or girls. I opened Outlook and verified my total number of sexual partners. Till today I had sex with at least 38 persons (at least because, perhaps I forgot somebody). Without Oral. 36 within three years. Ralph, the first of the 36 was in June or July and not on January. There have been 23 ONS in my life (ONS=First night sex, no relationship afterwards).

But the most ugliest count is this one: I would actively deny sex only to seven persons (Ralph, the twins, and four ONS with bad sex). Seven. ==> 32 are left.

I am pretty ashamed now. I talked with Cerapho about it. He was luckily here. He cooled me down a little bit. He said, due to the fact, that I tell everyone of my "adventures" and do not hide or protect my sexuality against anybody else. He told me, that it is widely accepted that I am …

Gay couple, The Ad, and a booty call

Gay couple
Joel my old flat mate gave a party because of his birthday. He is gay. And his party was gay. Everything was gay except of the four girls on the party (and at least one of them is bi) so I never thought of being fucked that night. Two of them picked me up for a Threesome. It was an amazing experience. I was treated like shit from them. They do not care about my presense (which is pretty abnormal), touched me like a piece of meat, and fucked me without any thought of me. I was literally jelousy on them. I am used to be the center of any attention during sex and they just fucked me without any care. For them I am replaceable. Perhaps they commit: Nice big tits.
But it was good and an experience. Never fucked with a gay couple. The funny thing is: There is always a dick left.

The Ad
I read a ad in a magazine for a missing female partner in a Threesome. The crazy bitch I am answered the ad and got invited yesterday. They are a couple in the late thirties, she was boring and he was …

Happy Birthday

I am 24 years old now. And the morning of my birthday (on last sunday) began with an orgy. I was woken by Cerapho shoving his dick into my mouth. Aron and Katsu entered my other holes and the girls attacked me from every side. I was literally in heaven. An hour later, Cerapho still in my mouth and hiding every sight of the room of me, Katsu left my pussy and a foreign dick with a condom entered my pussy. After the guy cummed on my belly another one penetrated me. Cerapho later told me, my looks have been priceless. It ended when the smell of a good dinner entered my room. Doris and Nikki left the party a little bit before. The foreign guys, four in count, have left the apartment and I was thrilled. All the first class Lunch I tried to get the names of them, but no chance. Nikki just told me, that three of them are persons I know but I never fucked with (one I even resisted actively) and one is a friend of one of the known guys.

I got this nice present from them. And additionally a lot …

Katsu's cousin

Katsu asked me a question a few days ago. His cousin - a 19 year old boy from Tokyo - is visiting him currently. This small guy has a big wish: Sex with a european girl. He got me. He introduced me the first day he arrived here and he never slept a night without me all the four days he visited Munich (Tomorrow he will have to catch his flight). We even had a Threesome with a girl of the hotel lobby I picked up and another one with Katsu.

Lesbian Party

It was the birthday party of my sister Sarah. A big party. 20 young girls, most of them pretty nice, flirting with each other and not a single man around. I was picked up by a couple and we ended a few hours later in their bed. I already had this kind of lesbian sex but it is more amazing if you did not know them. Good sex.

Worse sex

My last ONS called me earlier this day and asked me for sex. I wished a present for myself (dessous) and visited him. I got it, and we fucked for an hour. But that was enaugh. Alcohol is a worse influence when rating mens sexual attributes. It was so worse sex, I cannot describe it. The fuck two days ago was much better (at least I remember so).

Sylvester Party

Wow, it was good sex tonight. I have no idea how and when I selected him last night. I remember dancing with him, sucking him, and fucking him. I am writing this from his machine (he is still sleeping) in his flat. I searched his PC and found a huge collection of pictures of him and his several ex girlfriends. Nice girls. ... Oh, he is awaking ... and his Penis woke up as well. I have to stop here.