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My daddy

Today was a crazy day. My daddy somehow fully accepted my last year. We chatted several hours about it. In the end he hugged me once again and told me to live my life, just with less drive. With less drive... how boring. We will see. Next year my lovely dad will ask me the same questions again.

I made Florian clear, that he will never touch me intimitately again. I hope he understand. Now I am back in Munich and in the apartment again.

Oral incest

I was woken up by the hands of my brother Florian. He massaged my pussy and played with one of my tits. I have slept in the living room and it was pretty early so we can do it. I returned him the favour, but than he tried to push his dick into my mouth I stopped it. He demanded equality with his older brother. The problem is: I sucked Dominik's dick at least ten times when I was younger. Much younger. I was thirteen and he was sixteen years old. At this time, oral was my favourite pleasure (despite I already had sex) so I did it on him a few times. I was easy on it and he had never had a girl on it before and in a few days his first girlfriend wanted to suck him the first time. I have no idea, how Florian knew this. It is a totally sisterly secret. Damn. But I rejected him and nearly kicked his balls.

... as I promised: The update

No I know the reason about my father's silence. He was suspicious. He asked me in his working room and then he asked me question after question. And I was honest. Do you have a partner? Do you have affairs? Are you lesbian (bisexual)? ONS? How many? Nikki and why I live in her appartment? All our friends? Group sex? Condoms? Aids? At this moment I start to cry. It was too much. I got angry, ran on the floor, picked up and emptied my bag on his working table. That's my life. At least ten condoms, my love-balls (in a small bag), a very small string, a digital camera (and I showed him the pictures), and lube for my ass. He was a little bit surprised. In the moment I explained him the love-balls he just hugged me for at least ten minutes. He said me, that he just want to know. It is my life, he told me and if I want to have that life, I can have it. I am still his little girl. The best little girl. He promised me to let me have my life, at least as long as I do not tell mom anythi…

Family christmas

It is getting crowdy at home. My older brother and his future wife, my younger brother Florian with his "new" girlfriend (nearly a year), Kathrin and her boyfriend, Sarah and her girlfriend and me without anything (damn). The dinner was fantastic but afterwards it is getting worse. My mom do not stop asking me about my partner and my father is silent to me. Not a good sign ... . Perhaps you hear later from me.


Okay, this is just a word game. In reality, it was a quicky with a family father in the locker room of a big shop. It was one of the worst things I did last year, but it was not my fault. His daughter is a sixteen years old bombshell who was searching for a slip. In the underwear department I met him (walking around a little bit lost) and when she left the shop ahead of him we used the time. I even gave him my number.

Anyhow. I will have the christmas eve together with Katsu and Ayaka because everyone else is away.

Nadja's Ex once again

Nearly a year ago I fucked Nadja's ex and her boyfriend the first time. They called me about ten times the year and we had our fun. We have never told Nadja or anyone else, that we met so it is still a kind of secret. I like them, they have great bodies so it was fun. And since Katsu I know how to fuck small dicks.

When I woke up this morning, laying side-by-side with the girl in my arms it was great. It is her beauty which kick me from time to time.

Just a good fuck

Fucking with Frank is amazing. Nobody knows my body as good as him. I am ten times more active, ten times more horny, ten times more experienced, and ten times more open then the years ago we have been a couple. Anyhow, all my "ten times" are useless against his intimacy. I love hard and rough sex, but he, it is like ... an orgasm which is set up over hours and then released in a big erruption. Indeed it is exactly that. And as a woman I cannot deny it. My body told me that this was one of the best fucks in my year. And he is currently still in the battle with Cerapho for the best lover award 2004. They are so different: Frank is like Home Sweet Home and Cerapho is still the forbidden city.

Home Sweet Home is a problem. How should I explain Frank that he is just a fuck despite our intimicy.

I will join him now in the bathroom, the last fuck in the tub with him is a long time ago.


Today is Nikolaus. And similiar to the last years, it is a good reason to have a party. A very good reason. We invited about twenty people to our core group (Cerapho, Aron, Katsu, Ayaka, Nikki, Nadja, Doris, Jessica, and myself). My lovcely friends "urged" me into a stripshow. They enjoyed it last year so they want me to repeat it. It took a time for me to accept it and afterwards prepare myself for it. Doing it in front of six or seven I know very well is one thing, in front of 30 half of them have never seen me naked is another thing. I shaved my legs and razored my strip atop of my pussy as I want to be as bare as possible. Luckily I found my old christmas costume and a few minutes later I entered the room. Oh my god. What an event. Stripdance is one of my favourite foreplays, and doing it in front of 30 is great turn-on. I danced on a table, I used Aron as a kind of pole, and none of my guests were missed during the strip. In the end of the show I sat naked on Frank'…

Doris parents

I went to straight to the bed early last night, so I was not up-to-date. Wearing just a skimpy semi-transparent string and an old short top I entered the kitchen this morning. There he was: Doris father. I totally forgot that she mentioned it a few days ago, and when I returned yesterday I straight went to my bedroom without talking to anybody. I did not care much but he was well astonished about my "clothing". "Good morning", he said to me with heavy voice. I smiled and started to make breakfast for me. I love to have a fixed set of eyes on my ass and my pussy. We chatted for an hour before I left him and get something more serious on my body.