Friday, November 26, 2004

I got mail from a online friend

Currently this blog is not in the google index. And I am glad for it. Only a few people are reading it and it is good that way. But I got a mail of a guy I do not know who asks me, why my sex life is that extreme.

There are some reason for that:
  1. I am a sexual active girl. I do not care about the opinion of others, I do not care about historic role topics, and I do not care about rumors. I need a lot of sex, I need the bodies, and I need the occupation. What else my beauntiful body is for. I am simply a nymph.
  2. I do not hide and I do not respress my sexuality. I do not hide my sexual demands in front of others and especially not in front of my partners. As I not hide it, I freely can tell it to you on this blog.
  3. I am not shy about telling a group of men about the details of my sex life. I am an exhibitionist. For me, telling you about my last night is a guaranteed way to moisten my pussy. It is a way of masturbation. The more explicit I am the better it is. Because I am explicit, you think my sex life is crazy.
  4. My environment is kind of sex crazy.
  5. When I read or watch tv and I get a good idea of doing something, I do it. I am not shy with my partner. I just ask.

If you have an idea how I can improve my sex life, send a mail to me. If the idea is good, I will try it and report to the blog. Send me good ideas !!!

Friday, November 19, 2004

My boss ...

The last half year I worked within a software development project. I designed it and later keep track of the software programming. Now the project was over, I will return to my originally company and will continue to work on another topic in another company. So we made a final project over party with our bosses, our customers and the team. We partied in a conference room with pizza, a little music and around 20 people. At 10pm, the geeks (aka, my programmers) and the higher bosses left the party together with the customers. At 11pm my boss (project leader) and me (technical project leader) cleaned up the conference room alone. If work must be done, do it yourself ;-). Whatever we end up at his table with a glass of red whine and joked around. It was late and he was drunken when he started to make compliments to me. And it worked for him. He was always cute and has a nice rack so I appreciate it. He especially mentioned my tits and my ass. And as I told him that I do not own any suits whithout a huge cleavage and I wear this stuff intendently to "manage" my geeky group he start to laugh. He told me, that he always had an hardon on me. I went over to him and sat myself directly in front of him on his table and whispered: I know. He laid his hands on my legs and looked up into my eyes. This took an amazing time before I opened the zipper of my skirt and bare my naked pussy to him. I gave him a condom and a few seconds later he was in me. He squirted when I dropped my top. But this was just the first of a series of fucks. On his place, on my place, on the conference table, on the floor, in the restrooms, in front of a window and so on. It was four o'clock in the morning when I left the building. Goddamn, he was not good, but my imagination gave me several orgasm.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

A trip with ...

... shit he still has no name in this blog. Let us name him ... Francesco (F like Fashion guy and ...esco because of his italian heritage). Whatever, he invited me for a one-week trip to a resort on the Maldives. What a great idea at the begin of November. As you all should know by now, for me this is just a big opportunity for sexual activity. I have never been on an island (except of England and Ireland) and Bavaria is not really near to an ocean.

Sex adventure 1: Airplane sex. YES. Airplane restroom sex. I made him an hardon and told him to follow me. He pushed me into the bathroom and fucked me within five minutes. Not as good as the people say, but still an adventure. And Francesco did not do it the first time.

Nr. 2: Sex on the beach. In the first night. Great if you are quick. The second time we have been a little bit to lazy. Ouch.

Nr. 3: Nudity is not allowed on the Maldives. But white clothes and the monsoon ... ooops.

Nr. 4: Shocked a room boy with my full naked glory.

Nr. 5: Sex in the monsoon.

Nr. 6: Naked swim on a public as well as a private beach.

I had a few more plans. Sex in the water but Francesco declined. Expierence. I also originatelly intended to wear my bikini only off-beach not on the beach. Bad luck.

Back again it is November 7nd, and icy.