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Showing posts from October, 2004

Anal sex party

Cerapho had a good time today. I sucked him, I allowed him to use my tits and afterwards let him jerk off on my pussy. And as a reward he fucked me in my asshole. We did this before during threesomes but we never did it as an alternative to the vanilla way. Never. I was a little prude about this topic in the past. But it was good. Good, good, good, good. And it got better when Aron replaced Cerapho.

What a day.

Sexual partners

Today I had a discussion with my sister Kathrin. She is 17 years old. She still has a relationship with her second guy. We argued about the number of sexual partners a girl should have. She is one of the girls with two numbers: An official one of 2 and an inoffical one of 6. When I was 17, I had two, inofficial. But now with 24 I have had 22 sexual partners. Among them there are eight One-Night-Stands and eight active partners who do not border with asking me before they take me. We both knew the statistics. 22 is too much. I have doubled the number within a few months. And I am young. I have so much fun with new foreign bodies that this number is nothing else than the number of today. Kathrin was shocked of my latest life and even more shocked that this is no secret.

Italian guy

My short Dirndl seems to have a pretty sexual attraction to men. I visit the Oktoberfest three other times. Twice - wearing the Dirndl - I got laid and once wearing a jeans and a top I really tried but had no success. These guys from Australia have no sense for a girl who just wants to have sex.

But I had sex twice. The first time a normal guy. He fucked me in the entrance of a building against a wall. The sex was not good because I was drunken but the excitement was fantastic. But nobody saw us. Later the week I had sex with an italian guy. I did not understand a single word from him but that was not necessary. The only "discussion" was the condom. This macho asshole wants to fuck me unprotected.

I am not the girl who likes these southern types. I like sex where I get licked, where his attentionis not only his dick and I am more than a sex object. On the other hand: The sex was good despite he treated me like a whore.