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We all went to the Oktoberfest today. We had a lot of fun. And I had a sexual encounter on it. Jessica managed that for me. A bavarian man of perhaps 30 huged me from behind and just asked: "Your friend told me you are horny?" He was this perfect bavarian guy. Big, strong, always a smile in his face, not complicated, and traditionally wore leather pants on the Oktoberfest. I have joked with Jessica about being fucked by somebody like this. And I am pretty sure how this arrangement happened:
"Hey Nigger. Stop wearing this Dirndl", one of the guys said to Jessica.As a result he was hit by her between his legs and she surely was telling him something like "Never call me Nigger again you asshole" in the brightest bavarian accent she especially reserved for day like these.As a result the guys are completely disorientated. Bavarians are not xenophobic. They do not hate black, or chinese, or japanese, they just do not like anybody who is not bavarian. As a result…

Cafe Sex

My continueing one-night-stand - the fashion guy - called me today and asked me out for a coffee. We met at the cafe, went to the restrooms, fucked and then ordered our coffee and desert. Quick, dirty, thrilling, and just goood. And I more and more get "used" to men restrooms.


Today I was called a whore. An asshole tried to strike on me during a party at the Studentenstadt. He has heard, that I fuck anyone who asks. Perhaps from his perspective (I fucked Katsu and sucked Cerapho in a bathroom earlier the night) this looks right but it is not okay. I mean I have no problem with bitch, slut, or hussy but whore is too much. I think sometime in the past I already told you this. I hate it. I am surely a kind of bitch (in terms of the german "Luder") but I am not a whore. I am ready when I am ready and not when the man wants to fuck me. Asshole. Katsu kicked his ass and we left the party.