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Showing posts from August, 2004

Love balls and work

Business and the rest of my life. I totally split this up. I am a sex crazy bitch when I am at home, but two days of a week I am a conservative business lady in a suit. Really conservative. You would not like to be my co-worker. I am good at my job and as I do normally about 80% of the team's work I am pretty brutal to my fellow team mates. They are not angry with me, they even like me, but I think there is nobody who is daydreaming of me. I am simply too fast in my life. Today was a little bit different. Firstly, I was horny. Secondly, I wore a skirt and decided not to wear any underwear. Thirdly, on a stopover at the restroom I inserted my love balls. I have never done any games at my working place. As a result of this my productivity rate was down. I really enjoyed myself later in the tube. Normally, I wear trousers to my suite but this time a short mini skirt just below the jacket. Heels, naked legs, no slip, love balls, and a nice cleavage. I just called Cerapho, hopefully

Booty Call

You know what a Booty Call is? A phone call to an ex-partner or a "friend" for the sole purpose of sex. I got a phone call last week. You will never expect from whom: From my last real boyfriend: Frank. Not the twinfucker Frank, the Frank before. We chatted for five minutes before he asked me if I have a boyfriend and after I denied that he immediately asked me for sex. And I said yes without thinking much. An hour later we had sex in my bed. I had better sex than ever before with him. Later that night we chatted a lot. He has a girlfriend, small and cute but unfortunately with no sexual spirit. He had four girls since the end of our relationship. He was a little bit upset when he heard of my number. We said goodbye and everything is fine so far. I am really looking forward to the next booty call of him or anybody else: Hello Josephine, can I fuck you?