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Perhaps you do not know it, but in Germany there is much less problem with nudity than in many other countries in this world. At many of our lakes it is a common view that topless or nude women and men are bathing. I really enjoy that. Laying down for tanning half naked in the youth sector of a lake, attracting the horny views of the fifteen years old kids, hearing "nice" comments about my boobs or the rest of my body from the 17 years old, and being asked if they can assist me with the tanning cream by the 20 years old guys is always funny. I did these trips already three times this year.

Why I told you this? I want to somehow explain what I did yesterday: Nikki and me laid ourselves naked at the south of the English Garden near the Eisbach. You think: What's the problem? She told us before about her nudism. You have to understand. The south of the English Garden is in the center of Munich. In the center. It is not topless, it is nude. On the other side of the Eisbach (a…


Once again we have been at the sauna. Nikki and me we hit the place after Cerapho visited our flat and started to fuck Doris and Nadja. We picked up Ayaka and went straight to the place. She was very shy in this environment. She was not used to show off like myself and Nikki. She was very astonished about our freeness. Nikki's piercings and my big inner lips was a little bit too much for her. But I gave her a real drill. In the steam bath, which is too steamy to see your neighbour I got her off twice. I used my hand on her, even when another person was in the room. This visit was a little bit nasty in general. We have been the only real good looking group of young girls and every time we entered a sauna a group of men followed.
I can easily accept this. We are hot and no reason to deny that and it is normal to check the other gender. I do it all the time in the sauna. Butt, breast, stomach, face, hair and penis, that is my order of things I check in the sauna. Men are like this: Pu…

Short skirts have nasty properties

What an accident. I was out with Ayaka. She is fun and we had a fantastic afternoon. But we splitted up in the university because she had to work. I walked out of the building and the sun hit me. I searched my sunglasses in my bag and finally found them. Dirty. No tissue nothing in my bag. As I wore a top which was a little bit tight and short I used my skirt to clean it. It was just like: No tissues, nobody here, top not available so I clean it using the skirt. What a mistake. I put on the glasses and watched down the chairs and there are five or six guys. They smiled like in heaven on me. I have not seen them before because of the sun. I thought: What a smile for seeing a girl behaving some kind of unnormal. A few streets later I knew what really happened. I lifted the skirt and did not wear a slip like so often this summer. I smiled. One minute or so in the brightest light of the sun, in the center of Munich, on a public place I showed off my pussy. Accidently.

Japanese Sex

The two Japanese are in our gang. No unprotected sex for two month (to establish some trust in this time), an HIV test within a few weeks and the girl has to ensure us about her birth control.
Let me describe them a little bit: They are both not very big. He is 170 and she is 160cm high. He is very muscular, is shaved, has a nice haircut and a 14 cm cock. Not very long but enaugh for him. She is gorgeous. A beauntiful face, a slim, fragile and tender body, an hard butt, a small B cup of tits, shaved pussy lips and trimmed pubic hair. She is kind of this girl who fully satisfy any assumption you had about the asian people. She sometimes even use chop sticks to setup her hair.

I "tested" them together with Cerapho. They are fully approved. We both loved her. Lesbian sex with her was good (she is good in kissing) and when Cerapho fucked her she was in kind of an orgasm for a few minutes. I am pretty sure I will be part of her first sex with Aron. He was another topic. 14cm is not…

Hotel sex

The fashion guy was in the city this weekend. I love to fuck this guy. He's so experienced. His hands, everywhere. I think he fucks young girls like me since he was in his twenties. Now he is over 50, has gray hair and is still a gorgeous man. He cannot cum more than twice which is difficult for me because I am used to my young lovers. On the other hand, normally I cum first and he stands a much longer time than my boys.

Yesterday he showed me a map of his former girls. He kind of collected them. The first girls in this amazing collection showed some hippie girls. Naked, unshaved, bad hairstyle ... just ugly. But year by year his girls get better. There have been some older girls, but never over 40. Most of them have been models. In the last years he usually have two or three new girls every year. But most of the girls are not a one-time thing but have this affair with him over years. His newest girl was not me (I am nude in it as well) but an young black.

On our last fuck today, we…