Saturday, June 26, 2004

Love swing

They surprised me. They bought a love swing for my bedroom. There is no one except of Aron who currently dares to enter my rooms. I think it was his idea. I tooks a time to attach it to the ceiling over my bed but afterwards I tried it with Cerapho. Well, it was ... fantastic. You are being spread in some positions it is incredible. You are so open with it.

To make it worse I told Cerapho a week ago about a smaller fetish of me: hand cuffs and chains. I liked it with the twins but afterwards it was never again a topic. As he knew I do not have some, he bought some and tried them on me. Do you know what this bastard did: I expected a fuck, he gave me a fuck. A titfuck. He cummed in my hair, cleaned his dick in my hair and afterwards shoved it into my mouth and face fucked me. He even put two pillows below my head. I like this guy. He did the unexpected.

Later it went even worser: He found a way to cuff me against the love swing (my arms and feets) and blindfolded me. There I was hanging in the love chair, my tits hanging down, ten centimeter above my bed, naked, open and ready. And he left the room. For an hour. Then he come back touched my back and inserted himself. But it was not Cerapho it was Aron and his big one. He pushed him so far into me I thought he was in my womb. He never did this before and it was a pain like never before. And then I feeled his pumping of sperm into me.

Goddamn. What kind of friends I have.

Saturday, June 19, 2004


Remember the weekend with this fashion guy in february. Sometimes I argue with Doris why I have One-Night-Stands. Today I have a big plus. This guy closed a small fashion store in New York. The rest of the stock, or better the content of the store itself, he sent to me as a present. Four big heavy boxes full of dresses, skirts, tops, and so on. Shipped over the ocean otherwise it would be to expensive. One box was full of erotic underwear. I will never buy a slip in the next ten years so much is inside of this box ... in my size. He also wrote he always do this to his "girls". He expects nothing but a weekend of fun I would give him anyway. I spent two days in nothing else than a slip just testing if the dresses fits me. Pickup, dress, look in the mirror, checking the back, smiling, throwing on my stack or on the stack of the other girls. Unlike the underwear, most of the dresses fits to me. I think he sorted them before. Or better let them sorted before. I was never really deep in fashion but I know this present is worth several tenthousend of Euros. He wrote me, that he officially destroyed them and get the money back.

To the other topic: The search for new fuck buddies. I found a Japanese couple. He is a trained bodyguard and she is studying at the university. Both speak German fluent, are 22 yo, and are willing to have this kind of relationship. The next days, Cerapho and I will have an "interview" with them. Another possible couple, a spain man and a french woman are currently discussing about my offer.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Extending our circle

We had several discussions last week. Too less men. Especially our men's owners, Jessica and Doris are complaining. For the lesbians there is enaugh material and I have the attentions of the boys whenever I wants. Today we made an conclusion: The girls all voted for an extension of our swinging club. And guess who is responsible for that: Me. But there are rules:
  • No single women (Jessica and Doris rules)
  • Couples are prefered instead of single men (Aron and Cerapho)
  • Only heterosexuell men (Aron and Cerapho)
  • Smart AND cute (Nikki)
  • Have to be tested (Nikki)
  • International Flair (Jessica)
Sounds difficult but not in reality. Since beginning of April there are rumors about us. The usual clubs we visit know us all very well and the audience as well. Imagine five hot chicks, a super guy like Aron and Cerapho around a table on a club. Cerapho (he is not good in dancing) always with another girl on his lap, Aron always on the dance floor, girls kissing each other, touching each other and always this smile of a good fuck later the night. We get attention. We get a lot attention. But they know it is a closed group and I even was told so two weeks ago in a bathroom fuck. God. This guy was so proud to fuck me, that he forgot to fuck me well. Normally I gave them my cell so they can contact me, but this guy was too worse for that.