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'r u ready for rumble - Aron Rounds

Aron's birthday. One week after Doris orgy party. Jessica organized a present for him. We called it a row bang. He cuffed to the bed and us fucking him in a row. He stand more than an hour before he called us to stop. He cummed trice into Doris but nobody else. It is beauntiful to watch her ultra tight pussy on his cock. She only take a third of him and when she closes her legs, you think her pussy is pulled out with every stroke.

Doris birthday

Doris has her birthday today. She went 21 years. She was very lucky tonight. Over years she only was unkissed "virgin" with no friends and now she is in our clique, has sex and is just happy. We opened several bottles of Prosseco, watched a film and started to talk about sex. I was in my own thoughts. One year ago I have still fucked Frank or Robert and just started to lick Nadja. From the six peoples around me, a year ago I just have oral with Cerapho. Then within one year I fucked them all. Cerapho the same. Except of Nadja he fucked them all. And I think a threesome with Nadja and Nikki is in the air. Suddenly the topic was in discussion. Without a word from me.

Currently they are all in the living room. Fucking each other. Aron and Nikki, both our super-experience specialists, fucked each other as well as Nadja who waited for Cerapho for months I think. I like to watch them. With both of them I am so intimate. In the second round, Cerapho fucked Jessica, Aron was on Nadja…


I had another one-time encounter with a man. My parents invited me for a dinner so I took the Munich suburban train the S-Bahn and drove to them. Unluckily it was one of the days, when the system does not work. The train was only a third of its regular length and too many people urgently wanted to use this train to get home. In the beginning it was okay. I was between a group of women but then a second load of people pushed in (the car waited for 20 minutes or so). I was pushed against a young man in a business suite. Some kind of junior banker in education. First I tried to avoid any body contact but after five minutes of travel I was pushed against him. I thought he liked it. I was in nasty mood so after a minute I simulated another push and pressed my lower body against him. And then I knew that he liked it. I whispered into his ear, that he should grap my ass if he likes it. Slowly a hand touched my ass. Goddamn. Through his trousers he got an rubjob (I invited this word) during a…