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Sandwich II

The best fuck in my life. I was still sat by the orgy on the weekend, but currently I have my ovulation so sex was an option. I was not randy like I am often in those days but I was ready. Cerapho arrived at 7pm and we immediately had oral sex. Doris and the girls (like I call my lesbians) went out to a party so I was alone at home. He gave me an oral pleasure which ended in multiple orgasms. Then he started to fuck my pussy and worked on my clit. I was in heaven and beyond. I cummed so often in these few minutes before the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and when I saw Aron outside I was drilled. I opened the door and he just lifted me using his big hands on my ass cheeks. I cummed when I kissed him. I was so ashamed. He even called Cerapho and asked him, what he did to me. It was a plan ... but in this moment I did not care. He was so gorgeous in his business suite. He followed my naked butt into my bedroom where I watched him stripping his suite. Have you an idea what a single …


What shall I say: Fantastic. The sex was incredible and the feelings even more. I still fear Aron's dick. His big monster. His machine. His ... . He is to big for me (for us all) and I fear about my pelvix. With Cerapho it is still the feeling, that this is not right. Whenever he fucks me, I want to escape. It is just not right, and because of this it is so exciting. In this Doris I see this innocense which is still there. Whenever you see her eyes you read from them: "Please do not touch my pussy" or "What is next". Jessica as my oldest friend is hot like nothing. We touch each other and I always think: What a female form. I was so randy before and now, afterwards I am not horny at all. The sandwich with Aron and Cerapho was fantastic. I liked it very much. But the girls complained about too less men. And I have to agree. Without Aron and Cerapho's super-attention it would have been boring for me as well.

Things changed

After I wrote the last blog entry I went to the tub. Half an hour late, Cerapho pulled me out of the tub and fucked me like an animal. From behind, instantly on the spot, and without any sweetness. It would be a rape, if it is not Cerapho who fucked me. It is not the first time and he know so well what he does. Since January I like rough sex, I like alien things, and I like be treated like a walking pussy. And I still tell Cerapho everything. EVERYTHING. On the other side, he is still be very cute, sweet, nice, and if he comes to exchange blowjobs, than he is lovely. But in the bed he fucks me like a rabbit. Bad influence from Nikki. Bad influence.

Orgy plan

Today was planning day. Tomorrow is our orgy and we are discussing. Aron brought up the topics about condoms. Cerapho, Doris, Jessica and Aron have sex in their relationships w/o rubber as well as with me. Cerapho and I even have a HIV test from February after they broke up with us. They also knew I always use condoms during intercourse. There was a discussion about oral transmission but in the end we arranged that we do not use condoms and treat us all like our immediate partners. I brought up the topic sandwich fuck. I explained them, how I love the two dicks pushed inside me, rubbing against each other, filling me up and how difficult it is. Jessica and Doris have never experienced that kind of joy and additionally they are both not willing to have a fuck in the backdoor. But Aron and Cerapho liked the idea very much. First Aron wants to push his dick into my ass but I can convience him to use the front door.
The end of that discussion was funny. Both Aron and Cerapho swear never to…

Threesome III

First I thought: Not possible. I thought: Could not be. The third threesome within a few days. And then my sexual partners: Doris .... and Cerapho. Mrs. Ex-Virgin und Mr. Blowjob. Cerapho woke me up in the middle of the night, hijacked me nude into Doris room, and lay me down under the sheets next to Doris. I was furious. I looked into two develish eyes of Doris and I get loud. Then she even invaded my pussy and I got angry. But then I was silenced. Cerapho has shoved his dick into my pussy and lay behind me in spoon position. He arrested my hips and laid a hand on my pussy. I was shocked. Cerapho's dick which I had in my mouth hundreds of time is in a place where it should not be. I heated up immediately and I was in a state: Wow, what's next. It was a second after his dick invaded me, for me an eternity, when Doris started to kiss me. It was hot. Her body, he daily life, her face, everything so innocent, but the french kiss and the feelings she gave me was so intense. I expl…

Threesome II

Today was Jessica's birthday. They organized a party. For three. I was the guest in their bed. It was fantastic. In the end of the night, they told me, that they have started to swing with another couple. I was shocked. I just had unprotected sex with both of them. I have never cared about Aron as I always thought and I was told so, that they never have sex with anybody else. I never thought, that Jessica is interested in another dick. I left them shortly after that.