Saturday, February 28, 2004

Elder man ... are good lovers

Tonight was crazy. I was in a nightclub and an elder man - about 50 years old - started to flirt with me. First it was an occupation for an hour, later I wanted him. So we ended up in his hotel room im "Bayrischen Hof". He was fantastic. Not energetic but experienced. He touched me everywhere and I exploded. The last time I reached this level of joy was between the twins in a sandwich fuck. I did not left him, we fucked this morning, we had brunch, we fucked and then he asked me, if I want to go shopping with him. He payed everything and he knew everyone. We entered a shop, he asked for the owner, they talked a little bit, he selected some dresses for me, I tried them, and if he liked it he bought it for me. For a much cheaper price than the label claims. Later he told me the secret in it: He visit customers of him. He is somehow in the fashion business and therefore well known. After dinner he asked me for my cell and if he can contact me again. I asked him literally: "To repeat this" and I saw it in his eyes, that normally the girls are just fucked the second time. But he said yes. He wrote down my fashion sizes after my cell and he was exactly right. In his small address book was a long list of girls. Really long. City name, first name, cell, sizes. Three pages long. He asked me, if I was humilitated, but honestly I was just horny. After lunch we went to his hotel room, fucked again and afterwards he ordered a taxi for me as he has an early flight.
In the taxi I felt like in heaven. This man was damn strong. He was the first man who do not care if or if not I would like to fuck him. The last sentence in the nightclub was: Stand up, I want to fuck you. Today he paid me off like a prostitute but always acted like being just generous.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Cerapho + Doris

I do not believe what I have seen this morning. I woke up Aron and Jessica and organized a brunch with them. Then Doris and Cerapho joined us. Doris and Cerapho out of Doris' room. Stop. Rewind. Cerapho had a threesome that night. But not with Doris. I was confused. He left them after the threesome and slept in Doris' bed. She told me, that she firstly saw him this morning when she regulary woke up and she also was instantly happy. And in her eyes I saw some other details. No, they said they have not fucked this morning, but I am pretty sure about oral. And I know his oral skills very well.

Nikki's birthday

Partytime in a house of broken hearts. But the party was planned and so ... . 40 people in the house but I enjoyed my tub. Since I moved in at Nikki's place my rooms have been a kind of dead zone. Nobody, except of Cerapho and Nadja had enaugh guts to enter the room. And this night it could only be Cerapho. He was pretty rude with me. He asked me once to leave the tub and enjoy the party, the second time he pulled me out and carried me over to the cabinet. He dried me and selected a dress for me. As I wanted back into the tub I tried to suck him but he even denied that to me. It was simple: He wanted me to stop punishing Nikki and Nadja. Both of them have apologied and begged me the last two days but I was in bitch mode. It do not really hurt me what happened, but I wanted them punished. And Cerapho was simple angry. He was "betrayed" as well but he did not care much about it as he excepted nothing else from Nikki. At the same time he was angry with me, as in reality I am Mrs. Fucked-Aron-and-one-night-stand-and-her-ex's-bf-a-2nd-time-and-sucked-Cerapho-and-Corrector-and-touched-my-bro-in-our-relationship. Half an hour later I was ready.
At four in the morning the core clique was sitting around and was discussing. I have forgiven the girls and enjoyed their closeness to each other. As I said before, Nadja is not really a loss. She was nice and a good fuck, but I have always knew that it is temporary. They declared us that they are now a pair. Fine with me. They also told us, that they are in a very open relationship - which means nothing else that they can fuck anyone they want - and they want us to know. That was a frontal attack on me and Cerapho.

Now I am typing on this early saturday morning. I expected Cerapho to join me in my bed but he decided to take the invitation and have a threesome. Bad luck. You cannot compete against a couple of girls. Never.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Nadja == Ex

The relationship with Nadja is over. I caught her in Nikki's arms. This morning I went for the university and met - accidentaly - Cerapho and we went back to the flat. After a quick oral intercourse we dropped into the tub. I have to talk with him about the foreign dicks in my life. A few hours later we left it and get clothed again. When we entered the main room we caught Nadja and Nikki in the main pool. I will never forget the two. I start to cry and I had a bad time for hours (luckily Cerapho was here) but now, later the day I am no longer sad. I betrayed her more than once, I sucked dicks, and was not very nice myself. But I just did not expected this from her, especially not with Nikki, a person I trust. But I can stand it.

Sunday, February 08, 2004


I do not know, but I have this feeling of being betrayed. I think Nadja is not very faithfully. I mean, I betrayed her with her ex's bf, but she should not know.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

One night stand

My damn first one night stand. God damn. I always thought I would never do that. But it was good. God damn. WHHHHYYY? I do not know why I had sex with this guy. He talked with him for ten minutes before we left and we fucked in his bed. I left him in the night.