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Yesterday we had the foursome Nadja wished. It was her ex girlfriend and her ex's boyfriend. (Difficult tow write?) We went to their apartment in our winter coats and nothing below except of a pair of pumps ;-). When we knocked at their door, we both had been pretty wet. Really wet. My pussy was open, was dripping wet and my left tigh was not dry ... . Anyhow. We executed our plan and fucked them senseless. In the week before I have not liked the idea of a dick I do not know to be shoved into me, but luckily he surprised me immediately after his girlfriend licked me. And I liked it. Really I did. I was so ashamed but I liked this small dick, his fucking style, the condom, everything. I look into his face and I do not like it. I just like the sex with this foreign body. The same with Nadja's ex. I was excited by every touch of her. I did it four times with the man in the night. And as long as I do not show into his (gorgeous) face, the sex was fantastic.


As I wrote last time, exhibitionism is currently a topic for me. I like our trips to the sauna, show my decollete, walking around without any underwear, wear too skimpy stuff in the discos or "accidentely" show some part of my body.I cannot deny it, so ... yes, I am an exhibitionist. Who else can write this kind of private stuff into a blog. I like to expose my sexy side. Another thing: Nadja told me last night, that "a heterosexual couple" is interested to have sex with us. It is some kind of revenge for my cocksucking adventures with Cerapho. I do not like the idea, because I am pretty sure who is this secret couple, but I owe Nadja.

Nadja's ex

I met Nadja's ex girlfriend today. Not my favourite date. We accidentely met at a bar in the southeast of Munich. She is a beauntiful girl. Really beauntiful. She dropped Nadja for her new boyfriend who is really gorgeous. I want to fuck them both. Really. I was wet. And Nadja was wet as well. We have danced for hours before we finally went home. She was so hot, she jumped me in the subway despite it was pretty crowdy inside. Our winter coats covered a lot, but I think the guy left of us saw our naked tits more than once. But who cares. I more and more love to show off my body. Even when I am active like today in the subway.