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My daddy

Today was a crazy day. My daddy somehow fully accepted my last year. We chatted several hours about it. In the end he hugged me once again and told me to live my life, just with less drive. With less drive... how boring. We will see. Next year my lovely dad will ask me the same questions again.

I made Florian clear, that he will never touch me intimitately again. I hope he understand. Now I am back in Munich and in the apartment again.

Oral incest

I was woken up by the hands of my brother Florian. He massaged my pussy and played with one of my tits. I have slept in the living room and it was pretty early so we can do it. I returned him the favour, but than he tried to push his dick into my mouth I stopped it. He demanded equality with his older brother. The problem is: I sucked Dominik's dick at least ten times when I was younger. Much younger. I was thirteen and he was sixteen years old. At this time, oral was my favourite pleasure (despite I already had sex) so I did it on him a few times. I was easy on it and he had never had a girl on it before and in a few days his first girlfriend wanted to suck him the first time. I have no idea, how Florian knew this. It is a totally sisterly secret. Damn. But I rejected him and nearly kicked his balls.

... as I promised: The update

No I know the reason about my father's silence. He was suspicious. He asked me in his working room and then he asked me question after question. And I was honest. Do you have a partner? Do you have affairs? Are you lesbian (bisexual)? ONS? How many? Nikki and why I live in her appartment? All our friends? Group sex? Condoms? Aids? At this moment I start to cry. It was too much. I got angry, ran on the floor, picked up and emptied my bag on his working table. That's my life. At least ten condoms, my love-balls (in a small bag), a very small string, a digital camera (and I showed him the pictures), and lube for my ass. He was a little bit surprised. In the moment I explained him the love-balls he just hugged me for at least ten minutes. He said me, that he just want to know. It is my life, he told me and if I want to have that life, I can have it. I am still his little girl. The best little girl. He promised me to let me have my life, at least as long as I do not tell mom anythi…

Family christmas

It is getting crowdy at home. My older brother and his future wife, my younger brother Florian with his "new" girlfriend (nearly a year), Kathrin and her boyfriend, Sarah and her girlfriend and me without anything (damn). The dinner was fantastic but afterwards it is getting worse. My mom do not stop asking me about my partner and my father is silent to me. Not a good sign ... . Perhaps you hear later from me.


Okay, this is just a word game. In reality, it was a quicky with a family father in the locker room of a big shop. It was one of the worst things I did last year, but it was not my fault. His daughter is a sixteen years old bombshell who was searching for a slip. In the underwear department I met him (walking around a little bit lost) and when she left the shop ahead of him we used the time. I even gave him my number.

Anyhow. I will have the christmas eve together with Katsu and Ayaka because everyone else is away.

Nadja's Ex once again

Nearly a year ago I fucked Nadja's ex and her boyfriend the first time. They called me about ten times the year and we had our fun. We have never told Nadja or anyone else, that we met so it is still a kind of secret. I like them, they have great bodies so it was fun. And since Katsu I know how to fuck small dicks.

When I woke up this morning, laying side-by-side with the girl in my arms it was great. It is her beauty which kick me from time to time.

Just a good fuck

Fucking with Frank is amazing. Nobody knows my body as good as him. I am ten times more active, ten times more horny, ten times more experienced, and ten times more open then the years ago we have been a couple. Anyhow, all my "ten times" are useless against his intimacy. I love hard and rough sex, but he, it is like ... an orgasm which is set up over hours and then released in a big erruption. Indeed it is exactly that. And as a woman I cannot deny it. My body told me that this was one of the best fucks in my year. And he is currently still in the battle with Cerapho for the best lover award 2004. They are so different: Frank is like Home Sweet Home and Cerapho is still the forbidden city.

Home Sweet Home is a problem. How should I explain Frank that he is just a fuck despite our intimicy.

I will join him now in the bathroom, the last fuck in the tub with him is a long time ago.


Today is Nikolaus. And similiar to the last years, it is a good reason to have a party. A very good reason. We invited about twenty people to our core group (Cerapho, Aron, Katsu, Ayaka, Nikki, Nadja, Doris, Jessica, and myself). My lovcely friends "urged" me into a stripshow. They enjoyed it last year so they want me to repeat it. It took a time for me to accept it and afterwards prepare myself for it. Doing it in front of six or seven I know very well is one thing, in front of 30 half of them have never seen me naked is another thing. I shaved my legs and razored my strip atop of my pussy as I want to be as bare as possible. Luckily I found my old christmas costume and a few minutes later I entered the room. Oh my god. What an event. Stripdance is one of my favourite foreplays, and doing it in front of 30 is great turn-on. I danced on a table, I used Aron as a kind of pole, and none of my guests were missed during the strip. In the end of the show I sat naked on Frank'…

Doris parents

I went to straight to the bed early last night, so I was not up-to-date. Wearing just a skimpy semi-transparent string and an old short top I entered the kitchen this morning. There he was: Doris father. I totally forgot that she mentioned it a few days ago, and when I returned yesterday I straight went to my bedroom without talking to anybody. I did not care much but he was well astonished about my "clothing". "Good morning", he said to me with heavy voice. I smiled and started to make breakfast for me. I love to have a fixed set of eyes on my ass and my pussy. We chatted for an hour before I left him and get something more serious on my body.

I got mail from a online friend

Currently this blog is not in the google index. And I am glad for it. Only a few people are reading it and it is good that way. But I got a mail of a guy I do not know who asks me, why my sex life is that extreme.

There are some reason for that:
I am a sexual active girl. I do not care about the opinion of others, I do not care about historic role topics, and I do not care about rumors. I need a lot of sex, I need the bodies, and I need the occupation. What else my beauntiful body is for. I am simply a nymph.I do not hide and I do not respress my sexuality. I do not hide my sexual demands in front of others and especially not in front of my partners. As I not hide it, I freely can tell it to you on this blog.I am not shy about telling a group of men about the details of my sex life. I am an exhibitionist. For me, telling you about my last night is a guaranteed way to moisten my pussy. It is a way of masturbation. The more explicit I am the better it is. Because I am explicit, you think …

My boss ...

The last half year I worked within a software development project. I designed it and later keep track of the software programming. Now the project was over, I will return to my originally company and will continue to work on another topic in another company. So we made a final project over party with our bosses, our customers and the team. We partied in a conference room with pizza, a little music and around 20 people. At 10pm, the geeks (aka, my programmers) and the higher bosses left the party together with the customers. At 11pm my boss (project leader) and me (technical project leader) cleaned up the conference room alone. If work must be done, do it yourself ;-). Whatever we end up at his table with a glass of red whine and joked around. It was late and he was drunken when he started to make compliments to me. And it worked for him. He was always cute and has a nice rack so I appreciate it. He especially mentioned my tits and my ass. And as I told him that I do not own any suits …

A trip with ...

... shit he still has no name in this blog. Let us name him ... Francesco (F like Fashion guy and ...esco because of his italian heritage). Whatever, he invited me for a one-week trip to a resort on the Maldives. What a great idea at the begin of November. As you all should know by now, for me this is just a big opportunity for sexual activity. I have never been on an island (except of England and Ireland) and Bavaria is not really near to an ocean.

Sex adventure 1: Airplane sex. YES. Airplane restroom sex. I made him an hardon and told him to follow me. He pushed me into the bathroom and fucked me within five minutes. Not as good as the people say, but still an adventure. And Francesco did not do it the first time.

Nr. 2: Sex on the beach. In the first night. Great if you are quick. The second time we have been a little bit to lazy. Ouch.

Nr. 3: Nudity is not allowed on the Maldives. But white clothes and the monsoon ... ooops.

Nr. 4: Shocked a room boy with my full naked glory.

Nr. 5: Se…

Anal sex party

Cerapho had a good time today. I sucked him, I allowed him to use my tits and afterwards let him jerk off on my pussy. And as a reward he fucked me in my asshole. We did this before during threesomes but we never did it as an alternative to the vanilla way. Never. I was a little prude about this topic in the past. But it was good. Good, good, good, good. And it got better when Aron replaced Cerapho.

What a day.

Sexual partners

Today I had a discussion with my sister Kathrin. She is 17 years old. She still has a relationship with her second guy. We argued about the number of sexual partners a girl should have. She is one of the girls with two numbers: An official one of 2 and an inoffical one of 6. When I was 17, I had two, inofficial. But now with 24 I have had 22 sexual partners. Among them there are eight One-Night-Stands and eight active partners who do not border with asking me before they take me. We both knew the statistics. 22 is too much. I have doubled the number within a few months. And I am young. I have so much fun with new foreign bodies that this number is nothing else than the number of today. Kathrin was shocked of my latest life and even more shocked that this is no secret.

Italian guy

My short Dirndl seems to have a pretty sexual attraction to men. I visit the Oktoberfest three other times. Twice - wearing the Dirndl - I got laid and once wearing a jeans and a top I really tried but had no success. These guys from Australia have no sense for a girl who just wants to have sex.

But I had sex twice. The first time a normal guy. He fucked me in the entrance of a building against a wall. The sex was not good because I was drunken but the excitement was fantastic. But nobody saw us. Later the week I had sex with an italian guy. I did not understand a single word from him but that was not necessary. The only "discussion" was the condom. This macho asshole wants to fuck me unprotected.

I am not the girl who likes these southern types. I like sex where I get licked, where his attentionis not only his dick and I am more than a sex object. On the other hand: The sex was good despite he treated me like a whore.


We all went to the Oktoberfest today. We had a lot of fun. And I had a sexual encounter on it. Jessica managed that for me. A bavarian man of perhaps 30 huged me from behind and just asked: "Your friend told me you are horny?" He was this perfect bavarian guy. Big, strong, always a smile in his face, not complicated, and traditionally wore leather pants on the Oktoberfest. I have joked with Jessica about being fucked by somebody like this. And I am pretty sure how this arrangement happened:
"Hey Nigger. Stop wearing this Dirndl", one of the guys said to Jessica.As a result he was hit by her between his legs and she surely was telling him something like "Never call me Nigger again you asshole" in the brightest bavarian accent she especially reserved for day like these.As a result the guys are completely disorientated. Bavarians are not xenophobic. They do not hate black, or chinese, or japanese, they just do not like anybody who is not bavarian. As a result…

Cafe Sex

My continueing one-night-stand - the fashion guy - called me today and asked me out for a coffee. We met at the cafe, went to the restrooms, fucked and then ordered our coffee and desert. Quick, dirty, thrilling, and just goood. And I more and more get "used" to men restrooms.


Today I was called a whore. An asshole tried to strike on me during a party at the Studentenstadt. He has heard, that I fuck anyone who asks. Perhaps from his perspective (I fucked Katsu and sucked Cerapho in a bathroom earlier the night) this looks right but it is not okay. I mean I have no problem with bitch, slut, or hussy but whore is too much. I think sometime in the past I already told you this. I hate it. I am surely a kind of bitch (in terms of the german "Luder") but I am not a whore. I am ready when I am ready and not when the man wants to fuck me. Asshole. Katsu kicked his ass and we left the party.

Love balls and work

Business and the rest of my life. I totally split this up. I am a sex crazy bitch when I am at home, but two days of a week I am a conservative business lady in a suit. Really conservative. You would not like to be my co-worker. I am good at my job and as I do normally about 80% of the team's work I am pretty brutal to my fellow team mates. They are not angry with me, they even like me, but I think there is nobody who is daydreaming of me. I am simply too fast in my life.

Today was a little bit different. Firstly, I was horny. Secondly, I wore a skirt and decided not to wear any underwear. Thirdly, on a stopover at the restroom I inserted my love balls. I have never done any games at my working place. As a result of this my productivity rate was down.

I really enjoyed myself later in the tube. Normally, I wear trousers to my suite but this time a short mini skirt just below the jacket. Heels, naked legs, no slip, love balls, and a nice cleavage.

I just called Cerapho, hopefully he wi…

Booty Call

You know what a Booty Call is? A phone call to an ex-partner or a "friend" for the sole purpose of sex. I got a phone call last week. You will never expect from whom: From my last real boyfriend: Frank. Not the twinfucker Frank, the Frank before. We chatted for five minutes before he asked me if I have a boyfriend and after I denied that he immediately asked me for sex. And I said yes without thinking much. An hour later we had sex in my bed. I had better sex than ever before with him.
Later that night we chatted a lot. He has a girlfriend, small and cute but unfortunately with no sexual spirit. He had four girls since the end of our relationship. He was a little bit upset when he heard of my number. We said goodbye and everything is fine so far. I am really looking forward to the next booty call of him or anybody else:
Hello Josephine, can I fuck you?


Perhaps you do not know it, but in Germany there is much less problem with nudity than in many other countries in this world. At many of our lakes it is a common view that topless or nude women and men are bathing. I really enjoy that. Laying down for tanning half naked in the youth sector of a lake, attracting the horny views of the fifteen years old kids, hearing "nice" comments about my boobs or the rest of my body from the 17 years old, and being asked if they can assist me with the tanning cream by the 20 years old guys is always funny. I did these trips already three times this year.

Why I told you this? I want to somehow explain what I did yesterday: Nikki and me laid ourselves naked at the south of the English Garden near the Eisbach. You think: What's the problem? She told us before about her nudism. You have to understand. The south of the English Garden is in the center of Munich. In the center. It is not topless, it is nude. On the other side of the Eisbach (a…


Once again we have been at the sauna. Nikki and me we hit the place after Cerapho visited our flat and started to fuck Doris and Nadja. We picked up Ayaka and went straight to the place. She was very shy in this environment. She was not used to show off like myself and Nikki. She was very astonished about our freeness. Nikki's piercings and my big inner lips was a little bit too much for her. But I gave her a real drill. In the steam bath, which is too steamy to see your neighbour I got her off twice. I used my hand on her, even when another person was in the room. This visit was a little bit nasty in general. We have been the only real good looking group of young girls and every time we entered a sauna a group of men followed.
I can easily accept this. We are hot and no reason to deny that and it is normal to check the other gender. I do it all the time in the sauna. Butt, breast, stomach, face, hair and penis, that is my order of things I check in the sauna. Men are like this: Pu…

Short skirts have nasty properties

What an accident. I was out with Ayaka. She is fun and we had a fantastic afternoon. But we splitted up in the university because she had to work. I walked out of the building and the sun hit me. I searched my sunglasses in my bag and finally found them. Dirty. No tissue nothing in my bag. As I wore a top which was a little bit tight and short I used my skirt to clean it. It was just like: No tissues, nobody here, top not available so I clean it using the skirt. What a mistake. I put on the glasses and watched down the chairs and there are five or six guys. They smiled like in heaven on me. I have not seen them before because of the sun. I thought: What a smile for seeing a girl behaving some kind of unnormal. A few streets later I knew what really happened. I lifted the skirt and did not wear a slip like so often this summer. I smiled. One minute or so in the brightest light of the sun, in the center of Munich, on a public place I showed off my pussy. Accidently.

Japanese Sex

The two Japanese are in our gang. No unprotected sex for two month (to establish some trust in this time), an HIV test within a few weeks and the girl has to ensure us about her birth control.
Let me describe them a little bit: They are both not very big. He is 170 and she is 160cm high. He is very muscular, is shaved, has a nice haircut and a 14 cm cock. Not very long but enaugh for him. She is gorgeous. A beauntiful face, a slim, fragile and tender body, an hard butt, a small B cup of tits, shaved pussy lips and trimmed pubic hair. She is kind of this girl who fully satisfy any assumption you had about the asian people. She sometimes even use chop sticks to setup her hair.

I "tested" them together with Cerapho. They are fully approved. We both loved her. Lesbian sex with her was good (she is good in kissing) and when Cerapho fucked her she was in kind of an orgasm for a few minutes. I am pretty sure I will be part of her first sex with Aron. He was another topic. 14cm is not…

Hotel sex

The fashion guy was in the city this weekend. I love to fuck this guy. He's so experienced. His hands, everywhere. I think he fucks young girls like me since he was in his twenties. Now he is over 50, has gray hair and is still a gorgeous man. He cannot cum more than twice which is difficult for me because I am used to my young lovers. On the other hand, normally I cum first and he stands a much longer time than my boys.

Yesterday he showed me a map of his former girls. He kind of collected them. The first girls in this amazing collection showed some hippie girls. Naked, unshaved, bad hairstyle ... just ugly. But year by year his girls get better. There have been some older girls, but never over 40. Most of them have been models. In the last years he usually have two or three new girls every year. But most of the girls are not a one-time thing but have this affair with him over years. His newest girl was not me (I am nude in it as well) but an young black.

On our last fuck today, we…

Love swing

They surprised me. They bought a love swing for my bedroom. There is no one except of Aron who currently dares to enter my rooms. I think it was his idea. I tooks a time to attach it to the ceiling over my bed but afterwards I tried it with Cerapho. Well, it was ... fantastic. You are being spread in some positions it is incredible. You are so open with it.

To make it worse I told Cerapho a week ago about a smaller fetish of me: hand cuffs and chains. I liked it with the twins but afterwards it was never again a topic. As he knew I do not have some, he bought some and tried them on me. Do you know what this bastard did: I expected a fuck, he gave me a fuck. A titfuck. He cummed in my hair, cleaned his dick in my hair and afterwards shoved it into my mouth and face fucked me. He even put two pillows below my head. I like this guy. He did the unexpected.

Later it went even worser: He found a way to cuff me against the love swing (my arms and feets) and blindfolded me. There I was hanging …


Remember the weekend with this fashion guy in february. Sometimes I argue with Doris why I have One-Night-Stands. Today I have a big plus. This guy closed a small fashion store in New York. The rest of the stock, or better the content of the store itself, he sent to me as a present. Four big heavy boxes full of dresses, skirts, tops, and so on. Shipped over the ocean otherwise it would be to expensive. One box was full of erotic underwear. I will never buy a slip in the next ten years so much is inside of this box ... in my size. He also wrote he always do this to his "girls". He expects nothing but a weekend of fun I would give him anyway. I spent two days in nothing else than a slip just testing if the dresses fits me. Pickup, dress, look in the mirror, checking the back, smiling, throwing on my stack or on the stack of the other girls. Unlike the underwear, most of the dresses fits to me. I think he sorted them before. Or better let them sorted before. I was never really …

Extending our circle

We had several discussions last week. Too less men. Especially our men's owners, Jessica and Doris are complaining. For the lesbians there is enaugh material and I have the attentions of the boys whenever I wants. Today we made an conclusion: The girls all voted for an extension of our swinging club. And guess who is responsible for that: Me. But there are rules:
No single women (Jessica and Doris rules)Couples are prefered instead of single men (Aron and Cerapho)Only heterosexuell men (Aron and Cerapho)Smart AND cute (Nikki)Have to be tested (Nikki)International Flair (Jessica)Sounds difficult but not in reality. Since beginning of April there are rumors about us. The usual clubs we visit know us all very well and the audience as well. Imagine five hot chicks, a super guy like Aron and Cerapho around a table on a club. Cerapho (he is not good in dancing) always with another girl on his lap, Aron always on the dance floor, girls kissing each other, touching each other and always th…

'r u ready for rumble - Aron Rounds

Aron's birthday. One week after Doris orgy party. Jessica organized a present for him. We called it a row bang. He cuffed to the bed and us fucking him in a row. He stand more than an hour before he called us to stop. He cummed trice into Doris but nobody else. It is beauntiful to watch her ultra tight pussy on his cock. She only take a third of him and when she closes her legs, you think her pussy is pulled out with every stroke.

Doris birthday

Doris has her birthday today. She went 21 years. She was very lucky tonight. Over years she only was unkissed "virgin" with no friends and now she is in our clique, has sex and is just happy. We opened several bottles of Prosseco, watched a film and started to talk about sex. I was in my own thoughts. One year ago I have still fucked Frank or Robert and just started to lick Nadja. From the six peoples around me, a year ago I just have oral with Cerapho. Then within one year I fucked them all. Cerapho the same. Except of Nadja he fucked them all. And I think a threesome with Nadja and Nikki is in the air. Suddenly the topic was in discussion. Without a word from me.

Currently they are all in the living room. Fucking each other. Aron and Nikki, both our super-experience specialists, fucked each other as well as Nadja who waited for Cerapho for months I think. I like to watch them. With both of them I am so intimate. In the second round, Cerapho fucked Jessica, Aron was on Nadja…


I had another one-time encounter with a man. My parents invited me for a dinner so I took the Munich suburban train the S-Bahn and drove to them. Unluckily it was one of the days, when the system does not work. The train was only a third of its regular length and too many people urgently wanted to use this train to get home. In the beginning it was okay. I was between a group of women but then a second load of people pushed in (the car waited for 20 minutes or so). I was pushed against a young man in a business suite. Some kind of junior banker in education. First I tried to avoid any body contact but after five minutes of travel I was pushed against him. I thought he liked it. I was in nasty mood so after a minute I simulated another push and pressed my lower body against him. And then I knew that he liked it. I whispered into his ear, that he should grap my ass if he likes it. Slowly a hand touched my ass. Goddamn. Through his trousers he got an rubjob (I invited this word) during a…

Sandwich II

The best fuck in my life. I was still sat by the orgy on the weekend, but currently I have my ovulation so sex was an option. I was not randy like I am often in those days but I was ready. Cerapho arrived at 7pm and we immediately had oral sex. Doris and the girls (like I call my lesbians) went out to a party so I was alone at home. He gave me an oral pleasure which ended in multiple orgasms. Then he started to fuck my pussy and worked on my clit. I was in heaven and beyond. I cummed so often in these few minutes before the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and when I saw Aron outside I was drilled. I opened the door and he just lifted me using his big hands on my ass cheeks. I cummed when I kissed him. I was so ashamed. He even called Cerapho and asked him, what he did to me. It was a plan ... but in this moment I did not care. He was so gorgeous in his business suite. He followed my naked butt into my bedroom where I watched him stripping his suite. Have you an idea what a single …


What shall I say: Fantastic. The sex was incredible and the feelings even more. I still fear Aron's dick. His big monster. His machine. His ... . He is to big for me (for us all) and I fear about my pelvix. With Cerapho it is still the feeling, that this is not right. Whenever he fucks me, I want to escape. It is just not right, and because of this it is so exciting. In this Doris I see this innocense which is still there. Whenever you see her eyes you read from them: "Please do not touch my pussy" or "What is next". Jessica as my oldest friend is hot like nothing. We touch each other and I always think: What a female form. I was so randy before and now, afterwards I am not horny at all. The sandwich with Aron and Cerapho was fantastic. I liked it very much. But the girls complained about too less men. And I have to agree. Without Aron and Cerapho's super-attention it would have been boring for me as well.

Things changed

After I wrote the last blog entry I went to the tub. Half an hour late, Cerapho pulled me out of the tub and fucked me like an animal. From behind, instantly on the spot, and without any sweetness. It would be a rape, if it is not Cerapho who fucked me. It is not the first time and he know so well what he does. Since January I like rough sex, I like alien things, and I like be treated like a walking pussy. And I still tell Cerapho everything. EVERYTHING. On the other side, he is still be very cute, sweet, nice, and if he comes to exchange blowjobs, than he is lovely. But in the bed he fucks me like a rabbit. Bad influence from Nikki. Bad influence.

Orgy plan

Today was planning day. Tomorrow is our orgy and we are discussing. Aron brought up the topics about condoms. Cerapho, Doris, Jessica and Aron have sex in their relationships w/o rubber as well as with me. Cerapho and I even have a HIV test from February after they broke up with us. They also knew I always use condoms during intercourse. There was a discussion about oral transmission but in the end we arranged that we do not use condoms and treat us all like our immediate partners. I brought up the topic sandwich fuck. I explained them, how I love the two dicks pushed inside me, rubbing against each other, filling me up and how difficult it is. Jessica and Doris have never experienced that kind of joy and additionally they are both not willing to have a fuck in the backdoor. But Aron and Cerapho liked the idea very much. First Aron wants to push his dick into my ass but I can convience him to use the front door.
The end of that discussion was funny. Both Aron and Cerapho swear never to…

Threesome III

First I thought: Not possible. I thought: Could not be. The third threesome within a few days. And then my sexual partners: Doris .... and Cerapho. Mrs. Ex-Virgin und Mr. Blowjob. Cerapho woke me up in the middle of the night, hijacked me nude into Doris room, and lay me down under the sheets next to Doris. I was furious. I looked into two develish eyes of Doris and I get loud. Then she even invaded my pussy and I got angry. But then I was silenced. Cerapho has shoved his dick into my pussy and lay behind me in spoon position. He arrested my hips and laid a hand on my pussy. I was shocked. Cerapho's dick which I had in my mouth hundreds of time is in a place where it should not be. I heated up immediately and I was in a state: Wow, what's next. It was a second after his dick invaded me, for me an eternity, when Doris started to kiss me. It was hot. Her body, he daily life, her face, everything so innocent, but the french kiss and the feelings she gave me was so intense. I expl…

Threesome II

Today was Jessica's birthday. They organized a party. For three. I was the guest in their bed. It was fantastic. In the end of the night, they told me, that they have started to swing with another couple. I was shocked. I just had unprotected sex with both of them. I have never cared about Aron as I always thought and I was told so, that they never have sex with anybody else. I never thought, that Jessica is interested in another dick. I left them shortly after that.


I had a threesome with Nadja and Nikki. Imagine a triangle. It was nice. We fucked in Nikkis room (my rooms are still forbidden zone for both of them) and in the pool.

I have to commit: Nice fuck. Sweet, cute, nice, very oral and in the end very intense.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, empty

It was crazy. This boy claimed that I cannot swallow his load. His load. He tried it, and honestly he had a lot of sperm, but be sucked by me is another story. He ejaculated nine loads into me. Nine. 9. IX. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. The first shot I thought it was not possible to swallow all, but I have experience with Aron. He laughed and I blow him a second time. He laughed. And so on. In the ninth round he ejaculated nothing. I sucked him two hours and in the end (his tenth round) I even rode him. He was flacid and did not cum. When I went home I had to puke. It was too much ejaculate. Till the fifth round I thought it would never end.

Damn boy

Today I want to get laid and I went for a nightclub. I fucked Aron and Jessica last weekend but currently it is not possible for me to stand a week without any satisfying adventure. And this weekend is worse again. Aron is not available, Cerapho occupied with Doris, and I think the girls are not able to sat me enaugh. I need a man. In the disco tonight, it was horrible. I find him, Mr. Fuck-me-crazy, we kissed, we touched each other, he got deep into my pants, and at 3am he was gone. He just left without saying a word. I turned towards somebody, and when I looked back two minutes later he was gone. I waited for half an hour but ... gone.

This should be forbidden.

God I am horny.

Elder man ... are good lovers

Tonight was crazy. I was in a nightclub and an elder man - about 50 years old - started to flirt with me. First it was an occupation for an hour, later I wanted him. So we ended up in his hotel room im "Bayrischen Hof". He was fantastic. Not energetic but experienced. He touched me everywhere and I exploded. The last time I reached this level of joy was between the twins in a sandwich fuck. I did not left him, we fucked this morning, we had brunch, we fucked and then he asked me, if I want to go shopping with him. He payed everything and he knew everyone. We entered a shop, he asked for the owner, they talked a little bit, he selected some dresses for me, I tried them, and if he liked it he bought it for me. For a much cheaper price than the label claims. Later he told me the secret in it: He visit customers of him. He is somehow in the fashion business and therefore well known. After dinner he asked me for my cell and if he can contact me again. I asked him literally: "…

Cerapho + Doris

I do not believe what I have seen this morning. I woke up Aron and Jessica and organized a brunch with them. Then Doris and Cerapho joined us. Doris and Cerapho out of Doris' room. Stop. Rewind. Cerapho had a threesome that night. But not with Doris. I was confused. He left them after the threesome and slept in Doris' bed. She told me, that she firstly saw him this morning when she regulary woke up and she also was instantly happy. And in her eyes I saw some other details. No, they said they have not fucked this morning, but I am pretty sure about oral. And I know his oral skills very well.

Nikki's birthday

Partytime in a house of broken hearts. But the party was planned and so ... . 40 people in the house but I enjoyed my tub. Since I moved in at Nikki's place my rooms have been a kind of dead zone. Nobody, except of Cerapho and Nadja had enaugh guts to enter the room. And this night it could only be Cerapho. He was pretty rude with me. He asked me once to leave the tub and enjoy the party, the second time he pulled me out and carried me over to the cabinet. He dried me and selected a dress for me. As I wanted back into the tub I tried to suck him but he even denied that to me. It was simple: He wanted me to stop punishing Nikki and Nadja. Both of them have apologied and begged me the last two days but I was in bitch mode. It do not really hurt me what happened, but I wanted them punished. And Cerapho was simple angry. He was "betrayed" as well but he did not care much about it as he excepted nothing else from Nikki. At the same time he was angry with me, as in reality I a…

Nadja == Ex

The relationship with Nadja is over. I caught her in Nikki's arms. This morning I went for the university and met - accidentaly - Cerapho and we went back to the flat. After a quick oral intercourse we dropped into the tub. I have to talk with him about the foreign dicks in my life. A few hours later we left it and get clothed again. When we entered the main room we caught Nadja and Nikki in the main pool. I will never forget the two. I start to cry and I had a bad time for hours (luckily Cerapho was here) but now, later the day I am no longer sad. I betrayed her more than once, I sucked dicks, and was not very nice myself. But I just did not expected this from her, especially not with Nikki, a person I trust. But I can stand it.


I do not know, but I have this feeling of being betrayed. I think Nadja is not very faithfully. I mean, I betrayed her with her ex's bf, but she should not know.

One night stand

My damn first one night stand. God damn. I always thought I would never do that. But it was good. God damn. WHHHHYYY? I do not know why I had sex with this guy. He talked with him for ten minutes before we left and we fucked in his bed. I left him in the night.



Yesterday we had the foursome Nadja wished. It was her ex girlfriend and her ex's boyfriend. (Difficult tow write?) We went to their apartment in our winter coats and nothing below except of a pair of pumps ;-). When we knocked at their door, we both had been pretty wet. Really wet. My pussy was open, was dripping wet and my left tigh was not dry ... . Anyhow. We executed our plan and fucked them senseless. In the week before I have not liked the idea of a dick I do not know to be shoved into me, but luckily he surprised me immediately after his girlfriend licked me. And I liked it. Really I did. I was so ashamed but I liked this small dick, his fucking style, the condom, everything. I look into his face and I do not like it. I just like the sex with this foreign body. The same with Nadja's ex. I was excited by every touch of her. I did it four times with the man in the night. And as long as I do not show into his (gorgeous) face, the sex was fantastic.


As I wrote last time, exhibitionism is currently a topic for me. I like our trips to the sauna, show my decollete, walking around without any underwear, wear too skimpy stuff in the discos or "accidentely" show some part of my body.I cannot deny it, so ... yes, I am an exhibitionist. Who else can write this kind of private stuff into a blog. I like to expose my sexy side.

Another thing: Nadja told me last night, that "a heterosexual couple" is interested to have sex with us. It is some kind of revenge for my cocksucking adventures with Cerapho. I do not like the idea, because I am pretty sure who is this secret couple, but I owe Nadja.

Nadja's ex

I met Nadja's ex girlfriend today. Not my favourite date. We accidentely met at a bar in the southeast of Munich. She is a beauntiful girl. Really beauntiful. She dropped Nadja for her new boyfriend who is really gorgeous. I want to fuck them both. Really. I was wet. And Nadja was wet as well. We have danced for hours before we finally went home. She was so hot, she jumped me in the subway despite it was pretty crowdy inside. Our winter coats covered a lot, but I think the guy left of us saw our naked tits more than once. But who cares. I more and more love to show off my body. Even when I am active like today in the subway.