Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Popped cherries

It's shortly before midnight on Sylvester and I am blogging. How depressing. But in reality I have to write down what I have heard after the superb dinner: We have talked about the lost of our virginities. Our means Nikki, Jessica, Nadja, Doris, Aron, Cerapho, and me. Do you want to hear it? ... What a rhetoric question. ;-)

Let us start with Nikki. She was not the first who talked but with a reason. We would have had problem with our stomaches. She was twelve and was drunken on a party. She was already tired when a 17 years old started to flirt with her and later picked her to the masters bedroom. She remembered how he stripped her but afterwards she felt to sleep. She woke up when he broke her but her delirium was to strong to build up a defense or to say more than a few times "No". When she woke up the sun was shining down on her body. She was still in the bed, on her body was dried sperm, the sheet was bloody and full of body fluids, two knotted condoms not far from her face and another open one between the sheets and her body, and to make it worse, it looked like she had unprotected sex. But the worst humilitation was her nudity and the wide open bedroom door. She was lost and left the house as fast as possible. Later a "friend" told her, that the whole party was for a few seconds in the masters bedroom. The 17yo was with her for two hours and left the party immediately afterwards. After the party has passed the bedroom a 15yo was caught unprotected over her. Two from her class touched her later in the night and jerked of on her. That is what she heared about "her" night. She could never get the information who the 15 yo has been. Nobody of the clique, nobody of their direct environment. We have been shocked but she just gave a shrug and said: "Past." But who should be astonished, we all know about her (circa) 60 sexual partners.

Nadja started with her story especially because she is proud of it and we started that way: She had her first sexual encounter on a sylvester night when she was 14. After a two years relationship her lover set up the perfect night for her. She orgasmned on her first time. I and most of the women I know could not claim that. They both made an HIV test before and she has taken the pill for a year so they had unprotected first love. Wow. Later she told us about her first lesbian encounter when she was 16.

You all know Doris story (bad boy on party) see my blog entry "Nice little girl" two weeks ago.

Jessica has already told me her story. Her first fuck was in 1991 when she was 9 years old. Nine. She lost her virginity w/o feeling anything than pain but her mother has told her all about sex and the first time and she knew it would get better with the time. She continues to fuck him for a year till she reaches her first orgasm. Till she was 17 in 1999 she have had only two boyfriends which fucked her all the times. What a youth, what an experience in relationships. From 1999 till shortly after her 18th birthday in April 2000 she had 13 one night stands before she met a cute boyfriend and after him Aron. Aron is Mr. 17. Why this is not normal, see for Aron's story. She is definitely (besides the abnormal Nikki) Mrs. Experience. This is more a story about her sexual life, but it is her life.

Aron. Mr. Super-Dick. Imagine: Boys in the locker room. Boys talking to each other. Girls hearing rumors ... . His dick was more famous than any other rumor in the history of his school here in Munich. It was a 16 year old girl who fucked him the first time with tender 12. At this time he was long, not thick, but very long. Thickness came later. They had sex in her bed four times in the first night. He had a lucky, lucky, lucky youth. Till his final year in the school he had sex with nearly half of the girls of his grade and the grade below him. I mean not to count the girls which fucked him from upper grades. In this age of 19 he had over 50 girls. This was in 1995. Now, puuh. I do not want to have the count.

Cerapho my sperm source Nr. 1 had his first time when he was 18 on train. He fucked this girl in public places for 1 and a half year before she dropped him. He has never had a girl between his first and Nikki. Cerapho was a surprise to me. We have talked about my virginity and so on before, but I always expected him to have a girl in his back since I have always made him the offer to fuck me anytime he wants. Where does he get his experience in licking pussies? He is still the best, but ... . Anyhow. Nikki is fucking him like a bitch and he is happy with it.

My story ... sorry, another time. It is shortly before midnight and I have to commit the post.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Horny little thing

God, I cannot stand it anymore. Since I left my family and returned to our empty apartment (Nadja and Doris at home, Nikki at Hamburg, Aron and Jessica in a vacation trip) I am so unsatisfied. Do you know the feeling of blue balls. Normally, this is a problem of men, but for me, there are some days in the months I cannot stand without intercourse. No masturbation, I need another body. Somebody who is driving me crazy.


All the day I hung around in the apartment, swimming in the pool, tanning in the sun, reading, surfing, ..., and ... oh god ... masturbating. Do not ask about the postman this morning. Nothing happened, but ...

But for days like these, god also gives us some toys ...


Friday, December 26, 2003

Brotherly love

Since Kathrin, Dominik, and Sarah have their boy/girlfriends with them, we had a lack of rooms ==> I have to sleep with my 21 years old brother Florian in one bed. I am very close to him. Very close. Tonight was not the first night, we end up in a bed, kissing, petting, and cuddling each other. There is just one rule I set up years ago: No sex, no oral, no orgasms. We have this nights about once a year, in our teenage years we did it every months, in the summer even more often. I think because of my tits, he has his fixation on DDs. We are all close sisters, but due to our one year difference, we always have been closest. I like being his big sister, and he likes to have a big sister (with a nice body). I am pretty sure, that I have been his and many of his friends wet fantasy. And I always liked the idea of boys cumming on me.

You think this is incest. Damn, it is just petting.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Home sweet home

Today is family day. Since Sarah and Dominik moved out within the last year, we met the family on the second day of christmas. Sarah has introduced her girlfriend to our family earlier this year. My parents have not been very nice to them. Luckily, Dominik (finally) brought his girlfriend with him to christmas, so she is the center of my parents attention. We luckily somehow managed not to talk about my year, so the story with the twins and Nadja never comes up. My lesbian relationship would not be a good topic. But we all have a nice christmas (so far).

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Happy Christmas

What a christmas. I liked it. 3 sets of naughty dessous from Jessica, Aron, Nadja, Doris, and Cerapho and a double dildo from Nikki. I love my friends. My return gifts are pretty similiar: Underwear for Cerapho and Aron (naughty little things), a vib for Doris (a girl without a vibrator is no girl), sex toys for Nadja, and a wipe for Nikki (or better for Cerapho, as he will use it).

Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Done. Once again, before December 23th. I am so good.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Nasty, nasty little girl (me)

What I did today is so nasty, it is even criminal. I sucked a dick for getting a better mark. My marks are usually something like 1.0, 1.3, or 1.7. No 2.something. That is not my mark. Unfortunately, I forgot on my last exam a whole page. It was a 2.3 due to it. It was a serious mark. One which ends up in my diploma. I end up talking with the student who corrected it (I am well informed) and he allowed me to write the missing page. For a price. I have commited it to you more than once: I am easy with oral. And to suck somebody to get something is nothing new as well (remember the twins), so I ended up between his legs. It was really no fun. He grabbed my hair, my tits, invaded my pussy, and face-fucked me. Nothing new at all. Cerapho is doing this to me every time, but ... .

Luckily Cerapho was at home, and after I told him the story, hugged each other a little bit, I get used to it. At least I get my mark. Now a few hours later, the world is better. I mean, I have sucked so many in my childhood, why do not suck him, the asshole. I had a choice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Nice little girl

Doris and I talked again about her sexuality. She changed a lot since Nikolaus. We bought together some more sexy clothes and dessous, she shaved herself down there (not that she was really hairy), she got a new haircut, and we changed some of her room decoration. She also sleeps nude the whole time and is able to show her nipples through her clothes.

She is very upset about her sexual activity. I mean, there is no activity since her defloration. Her cherry was popped when she was twelve. The guy has not really cared about her. He had been fourteen and had just wanted to pop a cherry. She had been talked into it and not really ready for it. He had pushed his dick only twice in her and than cummed ... in her. He left her alone, in a basement in her bloody-cummy mess she had between her legs. No goodbye kiss, no orgasm, no good reason to fuck any guy in the rest of her life.

Let us talk about kissing. She has never french kissed anyone. I offered her to train with me, but after a few kisses she broked it. But at least she joins my kissing tradition I have with Nikki, Nadja and Jessica.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Table Dance

Today is Nikolaustag. That is german (perhaps european) tradition and the orign of the Santa Claus. It is special for kids but for adults it is a good reason to drink some "Gl├╝hwein" (mulled wine) and give some small presents (really small). I bought a naughty costume for tonight. You wonder if I have too much money? You are right. Since I live at Nikki's place, I save a lot of money because I still work as much as before. Back to the costume. It is a female Santa Claus costume. A short skirt, boots, an bonded top and a jelly bag cap (new word for me). And below ... another topic.
When it went ten in the night, they started to shout I should strip. What else should I expect from Cerapho, Aron, Jessica, Nadja (which know my body), Nikki (who wants to know it) and Doris (who joins the others in their shouts). And honestly: I have waited for it. Poor Doris. A strip is always for "somebody" and this time it was for Doris. She was red like a tomato during my strip. I kissed her, I pressed her face in my tits, pressed myself against her, and ended on her laps with one of her hands covering my pussy. They applouded me. Doris was uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

Later when the party was over, I talked with Doris. She cried a lot. She was unhappy with her life. She wants to be like me or Nikki, always free, always sexy (she said that), no problem with nudity, bisexuality, and so on. And she complained about her breasts, her shyness, her life as a single, ... . But I told her some truth: That her tits are bigger than these of Nikki, that her body is fantastic form (if you like the skinny type), and there is no good reason to be like me or Nikki. I give her some other hints (especially regarding her love Cerapho).

Now I am sitting in my armchair and typing my last words before I enter the bed of my love Nadja.

Kisses, happy advent.