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Showing posts from November, 2003

Changes in relationships

Cerapho did his magic again. Nikki now calls him her boyfriend. WOW. My Cerapho, her boyfriend. It was amazing. When they start to fuck, Nikki still had several of her sex buddies, now she fucks him every night and as often as possible during the day. And since a month he nearly all the times sleeps over here and I really loved it. A near Cerapho is a good Cerapho. And somehow he managed, that we can continue our dick sucking tradition. She told me that I should continue "my kneeling in front of him" (her phrase). I really love this idea. Two of my best friends together. Unfortunately, she will soon know him better than me, and that is it with the best buddy relationship.
Another Cerapho action: He played his card on Doris. We had a small party around the pool on friday night. Aron, Jessica, Nikki, Cerapho, Nadja and me. And Doris, as our new flat mate. She was last and was shocked that we all have been nude. We know each other from our trips to the sauna, but she was never w…

Doris is moving in

Doris, my old flat mate has asked me two weeks ago if she can move in. I talked with Nikki and she agreed. She has to participate in the utilities like me, but for her it is an improvement. There is one big room left between my and Nikkis room. Nikki, somehow always liked Doris despite or perhaps because of their difference. She still fucking every walking man, Doris still a kind of virgin. She has not fucked for eight years. Eight. She was twelve then. Today, Doris is a black haired, thin, 55kg girl with an A-Cup. No guy ever looked at her. She has the wrong friends and is a very shy person.

Love Balls

I am so horny. Horny. Horny. Horny. Cerapho asked me to help him shopping some shirts. Beneath my pants and panties in my pussy I carry these love balls around. All the day. The shopping tour took hours. In the end we ended up in a changing room. Two employees pretty well know what I did inside. I never told Cerapho why I am so horny all this day, but he appreciate it anyway.

I slipped off my panties a few minutes ago. I have never wetten my panties so much by my own. Honestly, the feelings are not so incredible but at least constant, so in the end your imagination finally kills you. It kills me four times this day.

Nadja's toys

I asked for it and today she showed me the relicts of her former lesbian relationships: Sex tools. That we worked on each other with a Dildo or a Vib is normal as we did it from the first day on. Today she showed me her two strap-ons. She has a type of g-string harness with a vibrating pad in front of the clit. Fantastic tool. She tied me up tight with it and afterwards let me fuck her. Now I understand, why men are so dominant in sex. Who would not be with this tool between your legs. She was totally in it. She screamed, she cried, she moaned, she cursed on every movement with it. I have heard her never that loud since the twins stopped her last sandwich-fuck on her. Later she used it on me, but without the arousal of me fucking her it would have never worked. The second strap-on was different. You have to wear it around your thigh with a huge dildo vertical out of your thigh. This was sweet. We kissed a lot and she rode my thigh slowly. She told me, that there are far more aggressiv…