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Nadja's secret

Nadja today told me a little detail of her sex life: I am her third lesbian relationship. From the first time, she went down on me, I have known it. She is still not very sure about her sexual orientation. In the end of her declaration, I pushed her between my legs and let her eat me out. Fantastic.

Good times ... for Cerapho

This morning Cerapho and I had some time for us. Nadja was in the university and Nikki was away. I showed him the movie of Nadja and me having sex. One and a half hour explicit material. It was a pretty "pinky" sex. No toys, no tools, no spanking, but for an heterosexual man this is enaugh. I teased him for half an hour and than sucked him in front of the TV. After a short time he shot me his protein smoothie in my mound. After two more smoothies the band stopped.

It was the best oral sex he ever had ... at least he told me so.


Let's talk about videos. Videos of me and my partners. Nadja came up with this idea two days ago. She is a kind of hobby filmer, and now she wanted a film with me. I already consider myself as a kind of porno star. With Frank we have filmed over 7 hours of sex in front of a cam. In the beginning he filmed me giving him a blowjob fully closed. In the end I set up the cam and fucked him including some close-ups. Aron filmed me once and Cerapho has a bunch of pictures of me sucking his dick or dancing in front of him. Pictures of me is a really worse story. I remember at least 8 times, where some guys (including girls) shot photos of me in a semi-dressed position.

Okay ... 3.2.1 Action

Lesbian ... Bisexual

I am not a full lesbian. Never thought so, but ... who knows. I fucked Aron today. I liked it. I liked it a lot. We fucked in a chair and later on a table of Aron's big flat.

But it was a little bit disappointing as well. Nadja do not know about my arrangement with Jessica and do not know as well, that Aron and I have sex. She thinks, that no penis touches me down there. I am cheating her. I have done it, I do it, and I will continue to do it.
Another story is Jessica. She arranged it, but somehow she just do it for Aron and not for herself. I mean, hey we fuck twice a week. Twice. She do not know how intense our affair is. She caught us once in action so she know we do it behind her. Do not misjudge me. He loves her, he fucks her four times a day and she is not unhappy about our relationship, but ...

During sex I cited today. I think I saw it once in a movie. We both know that Jessica came back from her sport at 4pm. At 3:50 I told that Jessica comes back in 5 minutes and that he sh…