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Showing posts from September, 2003

The sperm in our relationship

Today Nadja and I talked about Cerapho. Puuh. Not a simple topic. How to tell your lesbian love, that you are still love to have some sperm? I am really addicted to this liquid. As Nadja knows about me and Cerapho, this topic was to come up. She was easy about it. She "allowed" me to satisfy my demands. For Cerapho the result is not so good. She do not like the idea of him, just show up to get a blowjob. But that is exactly what I liked in our relationship. To give a blowjob whenever he likes it. I promised her to reduce the amount of blowjobs and she was happy with it. To import occassionally some sperm into our relationship is not the worst idea, she added. We also somehow agreed, that this relationship will not go forever.

Finally lesbian

Hereby, I commit: I am in a lesbian relationship. Since today, I call Nadja my girlfriend. I called my (lesbian) sister Sarah and she was so happy for me. I also talked with Nikki today. She was pretty jealous (not so long ago I said to her, that I am not in lesbian love) but she has seen us now for a month, so she gratulated me. Later she called Cerapho for a love night. I wonder if she is going to be straight. I hope this night will be as hot as my last night.