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Lesbian week

Last week I had some days off but just after one day Nadja arrived and left just this morning. Since last Tuesday I have not weared any underwear and have been naked all the time. It was a sunny week, and between the fucks and the time on the roof-deck I did a lot of work on my laptop and Nadja learned a lot for her university lectures (at least when I do not break her concentration). I start to love the idea to be with Nadja. She is so lovely to me and everyone would say: What a couple. And Nadja who is like me a bisexual as well would perhaps be the right choice for the next relationship. But I am a bit afraid to tell my environment, especially my family about that. Last friday, Cerapho rang at the door and since Nikki was not at home I opened the door in my naked glory and after a few seconds of smalltalk I gave head to him in the staircase. After he cummed I went back to my room (let the doors open, to allow him to spy a bit) and shared the cum with the shocked Nadja.

Are three too much ?

I give head to Cerapho, I lick Nadja and I fuck Aron. Is that right? Since start of this year I have acted like a bitch. But I have not picked up anyone from a party and have a one-night-stand. But this is more a lack of need than strength or lack of opportunities. Damn. I do not know if I should claim myself as a good girl or as a real bad girl. Some pro and cons that I am a good girl: Pro: I am always nice to my friends and to whole environment My body is still innocent (no piercing / tatoos) My family loves me The count of my sexual partners is still beneath 10 despite I am currently 22 All my business colleques like me, men as well as women I am a buddy type Cons: I am easy, especially at oral sex Like Clinton, Oral sex is no sex to me and therefore not worth to count There are not so many sexual practices I have not done till now I do it with women I show of my body My last real relationship is two years in the past Temporary in the last year I had four lovers (Frank, Robert, Cer

Jessica, Jessica

Jessica is dumb. Today she visited me once again. We had a cocktail on in the whirl pool on my roof-deck, when she asked me the next stupid question. She asked me if I want to have a continueing affair with Aron. If the girl continues that way, she will loose him for sure. Okay, sharing the experience once with another girl, that is an idea I could imagine myself for a partnership, but never on a regulary base. My answer was hard (to me): "No" But she insist on the topic. She want to have a girl, which is a friend of herself, so she can trust her. Trust and a 23cm dong. In the end she begged me and I agreed. What a mistake. But she started to kiss me to make sure I do not change my mind. I like her mouth. She has large lips like me and it is very hot to french kiss her. I invaded her pussy after a few minutes but she did not like it very much. She broke the kiss and told me, that she is - despite of the recent experience - is not in women. No shock for me, last time I had no