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Oh god ...

... what a night. First I licked a bit with her but soon enaugh he was fucking me. It was incredible. This huge cock sliding up and down my pussy was an incredible feeling. I am used to long cocks - the twins have 20cm cocks - but his 23cm are another story especially with his thickness. Wow. Jessica was watching us over an hour while we are fucking our brains out.

This morning I left them before they woke up. I am not sure if this was the best answer to her question.


Today Jessica was visiting me. To make it short: She invited me into her and Arons bed. She told me, that she always liked the idea to have sex with a girl. I do not believe this. I know Aron wants to fuck me from the first day on he saw me. I just believe that he talked Jessica into this.

But to be honest, the reason is not important. A fuck with Aron. Finally. I nearly fucked him once in a toilet. I said yes and in twenty minutes they will pick me up.



Mouth, Penis, Condom.

What is wrong in the headline? Yes, the Condom. I have never gave any guy a blowjob with a condom. Never. A lot of people told me to do because of STDs, but I do not like latex in my mouth. And to be honest in the last years I start to like the taste of cum and the feeling of an ejaculating penis in my mouth. During the first times I always use condoms during vaginal and (and in future) anal sex.

But this is not the story. I saw "Mädchen, Mädchen" yesterday night. A crazy film about three 15yo girls searching for their first orgasm. As a part of their preperation for the first time they train to roll a condom down a "shaft" just with their mouth. I trained this today as well, but on a real shaft. I tried it five times, but then Cerapho ended it and forced me to swallow. Afterwards I tried it another three times and the last two times I achieved my aim. I fought down my gag reflex years ago, but today with latex so deep in my mouth it came back. But I fought down it …

Oral sex

This afternoon I had oral sex with my buddy Cerapho. Nothing special you say? You are right. But the location was different. Outdoor? No, too boring. Cerapho invited me to one of his lectures. It was a business administration lecture and it was hold in the room 2300 of the old building of the Technical University of Munich. He guided me up to the gallery and showed me the room from above. Downstairs the the whole lecture hall was crowded. After a quarter of an hour the room was hot - about 40 degrees - the air was sultry and I in my light clothes was drenched. We talked a little bit but soon my braless sweaten tits do their job. Cerapho simple told me, that he wrote a test this morning and now he wants his reward. I know pretty well what his idea of this reward is, and I did not deny it to him. Between the benches in the last row of the gallery I gave him a blowjob he will never forgot. And I will not forgot either. I came during the blowjob. Normally this do not happen, but today due…


Today Nikki and I hang around our pool for hours. We were both topless and I watched her tits for hours. First time since I knew her, I was impressed by her nipple piercings. Very impressed. Currently I am thinking about letting my body in his innocent form - I do not even wear earrings - or start to add some attachements. Even a clitoris piercing crosses my mind.